I Choose Love Over Fear

The Mainstream Media wants you afraid. They are maliciously deceptive and manipulative.

Most people are addicted to fear and negativity.

Turn on the fear = Lower your vibration.

Which makes the perfect scenario for manipulation and mind control to have you doing as you are told! Full stop. Paralysed and afraid to think for yourself.

You need to quit your addiction to fear and negativity so you can raise your vibration. A high frequency means “happy”. Peace and Joy. When you vibrate high, you connect with the part of you that is God, and then you can access all the information you want and plug into the abundant Universe that is inherently yours. 

You know very well that you can be happy without anyone’s or anything’s help or permission. You know it is your choice and that you have the power to make that choice. Take your power back. 

They want you miserable, powerless, helpless, on your knees, begging to be saved and terrified. 

Don’t you believe me? 

Turn on your TV and see it for yourself. It’s obvious. Still don’t believe me? Read the nasty inventions in the mainstream media papers. Make no mistake, you are reading carefully crafted inventions, made-up stories designed to trigger your deep conditioning to respond with fear, followed by anger, severe dissatisfaction etc.

Chose Love over fear

The Crystal Mind Presents. YouTube Channel.

You must do this now. If ever was the time it is now. You must do “Happy” now.

The Government’s Campaign is FEAR

Fear is the source of all other negative emotions. Guess who wants to keep you nice and negative? 

Fear keeps you afraid, obedient, chained, hopeless; it turns you into a beggar who is not in control of their life w begging for whoever else is available to 

Solve their problem = take away their “fear.”

Love is your key to Freedom

The opposite of fear is Love. Where there is Love, fear cannot exist. Choose Love to free yourself from the prison of fear. 

Love begins with you, in you, for you. Love of Self. Love who you are, know who you are. As brother Yeshua (the One you knew as Jesus) has said many times, you are a perfect divine being.

You are Love

You are Free

Go within you for direction

The Crystal Mind Presents. YouTube Channel.

Learn the truth. Learn the truth from within your all-knowing Soul. Spend time with your inner self. Ask questions and listen to the answers that you will find when you go within yourself in silence.

The part of you that is God is everlasting and ever-present. Put your trust in yourself You are God. It’s scary because you have been conditioned not to trust yourself for knowledge and correct judgment. But all the answers you need are within you.

You will not find the truth on your TV! Forget that!

All that’s a farce at the moment, a big farcical joke! What you endure daily on your TV and mainstream media papers as “the news” is a big fat joke! Can’t you see that yet?

The “person/s” producing it is undoubtedly having a hysterical laugh at your cost.

If you haven’t noticed, please pay a little more attention.

Lies, manipulation. Over the top ridiculousness! Confrontation, provocation, cringe-worthy idioms and paraphrases such as “highly functional anxiety”.Cruel sensationalist propaganda. Conflict stimulation, victimisation, discrimination, hatred incubation. The constant pushing you to mistrust your friends, neighbours, and family. Ridiculing, naming and shaming anyone who is not with the “program.”


They paint you and me, human beings, as the most deplorable creatures at every chance they get. They put us as monsters that would literary kill each other for parking space? Who would go around bombing mothers and babies? Nah! That’s not us! Those are the “stories” they are telling you, and you believe them.

These psychopaths are experts at promoting discord. Divide and conquer rules! Throwing blame to one side, then to the other, then to the next, then back to you.

Exploiting our humanity; mercilessly taking advantage of our compassion and love for each other to fill us with guilt and bend us into submission.

Dizzying you with multiple contradictions within the same paragraph in any given article!

And how about the language they use? Do you think the often illegible mumble-jumble on print is unintentional? Well, no it is not unintentional. It’s entirely crafted to fit the purpose of mind control.

Made so that you don’t understand half the sentence half the time so that the process of making you stupid ( which started at school) can proceed as desired and progress satisfactorily. They want you to feel that there is no need to understand their illegible pile of nonsense as long as none notices that you don’t get it. And as long as you obey it!

They are happy to defile language (with vomit-worthy prose) while brainwashing you, keeping you emotional and thinking whatever they want you to think, nothing more than that, understood!

We get the most horrific negative images we could “never” think of craftily implanted on their “beyond idiotic” headlines.

Have you noticed how emotional it is all, nowadays? No professionalism whatsoever. What happened to “report the facts” “backed by irrefutable evidence”. That went out the window long ago, mate!

They are manipulative and deceitful. They don’t report the truth.

FOX has started to reporting the Truth

They much prefer to change the meaning of the words. For instance, A “fact” is now anything your emotions or opinions say is a fact, and evidence is anything shown on TV. In fact, being on TV makes whatever is on TV factual evidence in itself only because it’s on TV. That’s the new definition of evidence.

Every single mainstream media piece you read or watch it’s heavenly loaded with negative emotional content.

Why are they so keen on emotions? Why not report factually, showing EVIDENCE as professionals are expected to do? Because they know something you don’t know: Your emotions are powerful.

The combination of thought-feeling creates worlds.

The Crystal Mind Presents. YouTube Channel.

You are a super-powerful being when you are in full command of your POSITIVE EMOTIONS. You are powerful beyond your knowing.

Negativity keeps your power out of your reach.

That’s easy enough with practice. We have been conditioned to be addicted to negativity, to feelings of despair, inadequacy and unworthiness. Those feelings need to go. They are false. No time to explain right now; they just need to go. Let them go.

Your intention is vital. Start with intent; the rest will follow.

Claim your power back.

They don’t want you to turn on your power: Love.

Positivity envelope in Love, joy and peace is your power, and it leads to unstoppable Joy, Abundance and Freedom. This means the end of the slavery of humanity, which also means that all the richest of the rich in will stop being rich. Their time is up! How is that for a “motive” in this case of crimes against humanity?

All darkness and all evil will evaporate the second you connect with the God You Are. With Love. With Source.

They will be crushed with Love and Light. Darkness cannot exist in the Light.

When I say “they”, I mean the enemies of humanity. They are very easily recognisable. They are all of those who make a living out of promoting fear, they do it with the sole purpose to disempower you and gain out of your misery.

They are those who don’t respect the laws of the Universe and have kid themselves into believing they can defy God. But God means everything for good. God is using them to help you wake up so that you begin to create the world you want to see with your superpowers.

Don’t Be Afraid

Fear makes a lot of money. That money has been landing in the lap of but a few families on Earth. Those families are easily guessed and highly documented. Do your research.

But they are over; their time is up.

Now is your time to turn on the Light. Go within and connect with the Light connect with God. Choose Love over Fear to be Free. You will know you have chosen Love when you are no longer afraid. Love beings with you the love of Self. You chose Love because you want that for you. You deserve the amazing life that awaits you and you will not let little stupid fear get on the way. You love you. Thus you are going to have it all.

That fear feeling doesn’t exist inside your being when you choose Love. You might have echoes of fear, residue, tethers of fear for a little while during the process of removing negative feelings. But the residue of fear has no power over you. Just know that and let it go. Let fear go.

It takes the intention to be filled with Love. Intend to be filled with Love at all times. We are not perfect. I know, but fear vanishes when you choose Love. 

Love takes practice at first. Practice makes perfect. Then you realise that Love is what you are.

The Crystal Mind Presents. YouTube Channel.

Practice this

Every time you notice yourself feeling afraid, work on enveloping that feeling with Love. Do the same even if you are not feeling afraid, if course! It’s a great practice.

First, acknowledge whatever feelings you have, then visualise love energy all around those feelings inside of you, and visualise the feelings turning into Love.

How does Love feel in your body? Feel your body envelope in Love. Enjoy it, stay there for as long as you like. Go back there whenever you feel. Take the feeling with you, here and there or everywhere. 

Practice feeling Love. Being Love. Practice, practice, practice.

Understand, the ridiculous farcical fuss they are pulling on your TV to disempower you is because they don’t want you to know that you have got God Power; You Create Worlds.

There is only One. 

We are One.