Putin’s Version of the Truth is the Truth

No other politician currently alive on this planet has expressed the Truth as clearly, simply and truthfully as Putin puts it in his video below.

The Truth about the war

I have watched proof-packed documentaries, read documents, and heard professionals from all walks of life, completely independent from each other, speak in detail about each of the themes Putin touches on in his less than two minutes massage posted below. 

By the way, all those I speak about above are human beings, they deserve to have their voice heard and their knowledge shared. They are human beings and deserve the honour and respect that entails.

They do not deserve to be bullied into silence by the compulsive, lying, loud, aggressive, fear-mongering, deceptive, tyrannical, genocidal scammers that play rulers over us without our consent. 

They have been walking over our free Will for thousands of years, breaking Universal Laws. Keeping us enslaved by deception, manipulation and the brutal application of highly detrimental mind-control methods. Methods that aim at destroying our minds and Soul.

I will not shut up. I’ll speak the Truth; in this case, I’ll share Vladimir Putin’s message and other Truth telling videos. I’m not afraid of lying bullies on TV, no. 10s, whitehuses or any self-proclaimed “leaders”. Those people have stolen everything from us over a long time.

We, the people, have the God-given right and duty to stand up to and speak out against these repressive forces who think they own us: governments, big tech, big pharma, the banking system, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and NATO. All are run by the same club of depraved psychopaths. They are humanity’s slavers! They are anti-Life, anti-Human, and anti-Planet.

We have the God-given right to utterly ignore them and remove these depraved Globalists from our existence!

There will be no war! These war-hungry delusional rulers want the blood of our children. They want human pain and suffering, and they want to end Planet Earth. 

They want to break God’s heart. 

I saying NO! I DO NOT CONSENT! I AM not silent.

The globalists do not have my permission to rule over my life! I have Free Will, and I’m not giving it away! I will not participate in any of it! Any of the controlling, enslaving and degrading suggestions globalists propose and think forcing forward onto humanity.

I do not want any part in their disgusting version of the world that they believe will have us create for our enslavement and degradation.

The Truth about the war

Everyone taking part in the insanity pushed forward by the nazi criminals at World Economic Forum is doing so voluntarily. No one can force you to do anything. You have free Will, and that’s why they force you by deceiving you into believing that “you have to obey”.

You don’t have to obey nobody in this world or this Universe unless you are a minor obeying your parents.

Not even God demands your obedience like governments have done as if they had any rights or authority over you. They don’t have either. 

They are delusional idiotic clowns – UN, NATO, WEF etc., a bunch of criminal, depraved cons! They are in the business of disease and death, war and famine. 

They are pushing for a larger war than they are getting at the moment. It will not happen. Full stop! It will not happen. No bigger war for you globalists! Your time is up long ago! 

The globalists believe that we, the people, are dumb, and they show us that, tell us that to our faces in Netflix, their current most brutally aggressive mind-control tool. They laugh at us to our faces with films like White Noise 2022.

They need to stop thinking they can forever brainwash us, putting the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and fears they want in our brains. They fill our heads with sheer insanity! And now they are taking it to the next level!

As mentioned above, I’ve heard Researchers, Truthers, Investigative Journalists, Whistleblowers, Historians, and first-hand witnesses. I’ve read it in Spiritual texts and heard it from Spiritual Beings; I’ve heard it repeatedly from the everyday man and woman who knows what’s happening in this world.

And honestly, I do not care for what the brainwashing mainstream media has to say. I do not care for what the World Economic Forum’s puppet politician on the podium today has to say. I care for the Truth.

The Truth about the war

Putin puts the Truth clearly in his message bellow


More Truth from Putin, Russian’s Prime Minister! Thank God that we can on one or two politicians on this planet telling us the Truth! Putin is number 1 in this. Thank you Putin!



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