How will I help you Manifest your Dreams Starting Today?

The fastest way to manifest is Laughter


I advise you to laugh. Laugh all the time as much as possible, all day, every day!

For Manifesting Laugh

Laughter cancels fear. Laughing strengthens your immune system. Joy sets your Vibrations up to nearly the top. It instantly connects you with divinity and the divine power of creation within you. It lets the energy that creates worlds flowing through you at full speed.

I spend my days looking for things to laugh about. This is an easy task for me considering my two exceptional teen boys who spend the day laughing as it is.

Therefore, laugh and then go ahead and manifest anything you want. It might not look as simple, but I will help you along the way. I promise.

The Universe has been orderly created. It exists in perfect harmony, wisely channelled towards success and well-being. To take part in the universal flow of energy, all that’s needed is for you is to tune in.

Tune in = Enjoy the pleasurable delight of non-resistant thought.

Feel good about all that you desire. Feel worth it. Know it is your birthright to have anything you want. That’s what you came here to do in the first place.

My Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” ~ Richard Bach

Align with your innermost desires by focusing your energy, your thoughts and feelings on that which you wish to see manifest in your life. Align with the better version of you by feeling gratitude about everything you love in your life.

You can effortlessly achieve the highest levels of bliss by simply letting go, trusting your Inner-self and focusing on all the good you have and all the good you are manifesting already.

Start with Appreciation 

“We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes.” ~ Rhonda Byrne

What has stopped me from manifesting my desires in the past is a mixture of internal battles, the constant chatter of self-doubt. The endless distractions and the noise of a fast-moving existence. The lack of flow. The sense of isolation and disconnection from all that surrounds me. That imaginary race which I never chose to run. The loss of identity to my “self-made” society and media demands. The restlessness and the fear. Oh, fear! Yes, the fear!

Our biggest enemy of all time has always been fear. Fear mixed in with guilt for being fearful, guilty about what I fear.

Let me break to you: You are guilty of nothing; the bondage is in your head. You owe nothing to no one. Free yourself. Please do it now.

You don’t owe anything to anyone. We live by Grace. Not by works, not by deserving. So has God set it, and so we have accepted with faith. We don’t need to earn freedom. We are free. This is God’s law. Anyone who is attempting to strip you of your liberty is breaking God’s Law. Which is the Law of the Land. Common-Law. Ask a judge. Check the scriptures. I am is the wisdom and power of God.

When we become aware of this, then we turn around and notice that if that’s so, if that’s true that we are free, then there is a lot wrong with the world; Restrictions, mandates, oppression, coercion, slavery,

We live in extraordinary times, and it’s all going to change for the better it might not look like it, but it is because you have all the power. Absolutely all the power. Click To Tweet

If you don’t know you have the power, then you won’t go and exercise the power.

Well. There you go. Know you know.
Come with me to the fifth and take a look at how well this plays out in the end.

We are here to be happy and to shine your light force for humanity. You owe no obedience to no person or institution. We are a free sovereign being. You are Free. Nowadays, freedom is a choice, as opposed to an innate and a given condition of existence. Unfortunately, most people choose to be slaves in their minds.

We ought to consciously choose to be Free. Once we do we are on your way to manifesting a life blessed beyond your wildest dreams. My wish is to help you by sharing my experience, my methods for reminding me and the bliss that is constantly shining in my life. 

The key to transformation is becoming someone else, the person you were born to be.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, & your intentions create your reality.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Fear is a Habit. How do you kick a bad habit? By replacing it with a good one.

Here is your quick guide manifesting instant joy:

  1. Rest
  2. Flow
  3. Let go and
  4. Focus Only on What you Love

The Love Spell Poem …

Persistence is Magic.

I practice rest, flowing and letting go. Then I focus on what I love daily.

Try this for effortless manifesting. Feel joy. Joy is all the evidence you need to know that the fulfilment of your every dream is underway. Click To Tweet

We are conditioned to feel guilt, fear and unworthy. I know. All those feelings perpetually block the life we desire that’s ours and ready to manifest if we only allow it. This is the reason why I’m here committed to helping you break through these barriers. It’s easier than you think. Start smiling. See? You are halfway there.

Take a few seconds or minutes of bliss for yourself daily by stopping and becoming conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Treasure all the good ones and hold on to those long and tender.

Allow yourself the gift of peace, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Allowing means relaxing, believing, expecting with joy, with unwavering trust, and faith, knowing that everything you want is yours and on its way to you. Offering no resistance in the form of negative thinking, doubt or fear.

My Guide to Become a Master at Manifesting Series.

“A grateful mind is a great mind which will eventually attract to itself great things.” ~ Plato

The following is the step by step guide in my manifesting journey. I’ve met with many masters who taught me their secrets in this adventure, and then I created my formula. This guide helps me remember what I have learnt, and I continue to learn about manifesting.

My journey is helping me deepen my understanding of how the natural laws of the universe work. I experience stunning results daily. Join my “Become a Master at Manifesting” email list, where I will deliver each lesson on this series.

My Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

  1. Meditation for transformation
  2. Connect with your higher self
  3. Heal your Heart to remove blockages.
  4. Feed your desires with positive emotions
  5. Pick your Elevated Emotions triggers.
  6. Be happy and thankful for it all; you dream now to be in receiving mode.
  7. Raise your vibration: There are so many ways.
  8. Train your mind to affect your subconscious.
  9. Write down what you want. Be specific.
  10. Know that the moment you desire it, you have created it
  11. Don’t forget your supernatural aid—people who will give you help and support. Your celestial team is reachable onDemand. Invoke the angels.
  12. Know that the minute you believe you are there, you are there. It’s done. Feel it coming.
  13. Your subconscious mind has the job to communicate whatever is in your conscious mind to the universal flow, which in turn, delivers.
  14. Trick your subconscious into knowing that you already have all you want, and she/will bring it about
  15. How by genuinely feeling in your body that you have all this.
  16. How: visualise, feel, ask yourself how does it feel to have this? And your subconscious will answer. Go to the invisible to dream of where you have all you want in meditation, observe yourself there, feel yourself there, stay there for as long as possible, feeling how it feels to have it all.
  17. You have this now. You access it by allowing it to come to you.

Resting, Flowing, Letting go and Focussing on what you love will make manifesting easy. Would you like to get a detailed explanation of each one of the steps in my journey? Join my become a Master at Manifesting list to my complete step by step guide to manifesting.

More about how to manifest your desires …

Raise your Vibrations

The key to maintaining a high frequency that matches your every desire is to work at raising your vibrations and keeping them high. How do you increase your Vibrations? In two words: Be Happy.

Smell the flowers. Think of your dearest baby. Listen to your most cherished music playlist. Dance like there is no one watching. Sing your soul out. Laugh and laugh and then laugh some more. Spend time with your favourite people. Take a magic-infused bath. You name it. Anything that makes you happy keeps your vibrations on the rise.

I will be posting more about ways to raise your vibrations as I learn them in my journey.

Manifesting Posts

I post about the Law of Attraction and learning how to harness it and use it to your advantage. 

Meditation and Visualisation

Ray Caesar

Connecting with your inner-self is crucial for manifesting. I will bring force all the hacks I know for guiding your subconscious mind, your direct line to the source of all creation at your service, to manifest the life you want, which is already yours vibrationally. 

100 Secrets Short Stories

Premium Content

Imagine a life in which you have mastered your inbuilt ability to create your present and future exactly as you want it to be—using The Law of Attraction to manifest all your dreams.

What if one concept or idea can finally impact your subconscious mind and turn your life around. You are the only person who you need to convince that all you desire is coming right away. However, it takes a confident and powerful belief to make that connection between your inner self and the source of energy that brings to you everything you dreamwork in your favour and not against, and you require a firm knowledge of how The Law of Attraction works. The connection is there by default; the Law of Attraction is continuously working for you; the secret resides in learning to make it work to manifest your dreams.

Imagine that you suddenly have total clarity, you know what you want, and most of all, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you will get it.

There is no feeling sweeter and more delightful than the absolute knowing with unwavering confidence that your dream is on its way to you now. That ‘knowing’ is the beginning of getting everything you can imagine and beyond. The truth is that whatever you imagine, supposed or will imagine is on its way to you, yet manifestation needs the power of intent at its peak. One inspirational word, one sentence, one story can awaken the power within you and set you right on the path in the direction of your every desire.

‘Knowledge is Power, or so they say, where the power lies is in understanding, in grasping the knowledge you acquire and making it part of you by embedding in your subconscious. Our emotions play a crucial role in this. The things we learn intellectually have a way of shaking off quickly, ending up in the back of our minds occupying space in our brain but not serving us, occasionally remembered briefly by chance or wholly forgotten without making an impact.

However, the things that we learn while we are emotionally involved stick with us for good. Think of your favourite film, why is it your favourite film? How does it make you feel? You can feel it right now, and it doesn’t matter how long ago you watched it last; the feelings that it evokes are with you forever. They have become a part of you. They are embedded in your subconscious. Your favourite book, your most loved hero, all of this is now part of who you are. Stories have a way of helping us learn while we are emotionally involved; this is the kind of knowledge sticks with us.

We grasp it, we understand it, we feel it. This knowledge is power. The type of power that can turn your life around and transform you into a manifesting magician in a split second.

Have you ever heard the words: “Feel your way to your dreams.”

The fact is that many people are missing the primary factor in the fulfilment of their desires. They are missing the most crucial thing to manifest all the good things you want to see in your life.

It is not enough to think good thoughts and to visualise; you need to feel them. Your thoughts need to be impregnated with emotion. Believing something means that you can feel it happening. This feeling is the first sign of manifestation, soon more and more signs pop up from everywhere, and before you know it, your dream is right there staring at you.

100 Secrets is a collection of short stories that tell you how the law of attraction works, but they show you through compelling characters who you can relate to and learn from the Secret’s lessons, the Law of Attraction.

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