Inner Vision Pictures

Some creative works are pre-destined to show us our undeniable and intrinsic human superpowers. Amongst those superpowers, the greatest is our ability to dream and turn our dreams into reality.

Sylvia Love Johnson

Inner Vision Pictures‘ creations aim to be your constant reminder of the power of the Human Soul. We want to inspire you with what inspires us: Fundamental and Universal Truth.

Entertainment that erupts from Inner Vision Pictures seeks to transcend indoctrination, surpassing limiting beliefs and undesired influences. Influences that for many aeons have shaped our society and our consciousness.

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Montana Mischief

Action & Adventure. Feature Film. Screenplay.


It’s her 13th birthday; while coping with the loss of her father to murder the Joan of Arc in a Futuristic post Apocalyptic Era, Jannelle Montana, must assume leadership to protect humankind against a diabolical mind-control plan, an infectious, deadly disease and apparent alien monsters living on 3030 Planet Earth.” 

Inner Vision Pictures Founder

Sylvia Love Johnson

Winner of the Best Produced Kid’s Short Film Award at San Diego International Kids Film Festival forArt’s Eyes” 2013.

Her short film “Forgotten Paradise” 2015 was selected in the Official Selection of Depth of Film International Film Festival in 2015, the official selection of the Nairobi International Film Festival in 2016 and featured in Palms Springs Short Film Market in 2015.

Her short film “She Moon Experimental” was selected in the Official Selection of A Film for Peace International Film Festival 2014 and featured at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2014.

Sylvia received the Kingston University New Enterprise Award in 2011 for the self-publishing and self-distribution of her first novel “Mystic Dream”.