Women do not have a Penis

Never before was misogyny any more blatant on our faces!

I’m not having this! I’m saying no to this overly tired nonsense! and by the way, in case people don’t this: Anyone with a penis or who has had his penis chopped of is a man and not a woman.

All these men with penises saying they are women and aggressively forcing us all to say they are women, violently claiming womanhood over women…

Why are these men so violent and aggressive about their womanhood? Women are not violent and aggressive. Women do not have to prove to anyone that we are a woman.

There’s a huge difference between women and these people with penises who say they are women.

Men shine their manhood with aggression, violence and power over. This behaviours are ingrained in men, and that’s how they operate and lead our world, as they have most if not all the power.

Not all men, as they are evolving. You will see that they have fully evolved when no man feels compelled to go and kill other men in wars because some other men orders them to do so.

The men violently and distastefully forcing their ideologies on adults and children. Trying to force our children to be like them. Trying to get young boys out there to wear dresses and grow boobs because they want to take over womanhood? How ridiculous is that!

Now, these particular men are being violent and aggressive about wanting to be women, saying they are women and about FORCING all of us to say they are women. When women are not violent and aggressive.

Using their inherent violence and aggressiveness to claim their “womanhood” power-over about being women clearly demonstrates that theses beings, with penises, are men.

Oh Please! Come off it! When does INSANITY end!

And before you men jump at me with your violence and aggression, about how much of a woman you are, and how much you are more of a woman than me, note the following:

I know full well what a woman is. That knowledge, that knowing, that Truth is not going to change at all, regardless of how many aggressive and violent tantrums you throw at us, in our society. You will not force your insanity on me. No in a million years! I will not exchange my Truth for yours, not now not ever.

On a more serious note: the way this agenda is used to confuse our little ones is CRIMINAL! Yet their is up. We are aware of what they are trying to do. Game Over!

Adult Female Human

UK Column News – 3rd April 2023