Paying Taxes and Similar Scams is Dumb and Irrational.

It is an utter joke.

World Economic Forum Annus Swab’s Secretary- Listen to how he mocks you!

Every person, every business, every bit of work you do, every effort you make, every impulse from your life force to achieve wealth and prosperity, every single time you think of the money you make or will make out of your blood, sweat and tears, you don’t think first of your family, you don’t think first of the holidays you will enjoy, you don’t think first about your dream home and buying it, you don’t even think of the food you will allow yourself to enjoy. 

In your mind and heart, you set aside the first fruits of your labour to give to “the establishment”, which is something or someone apart from yourself, it has nothing to do with your children or your family, yet that’s all you want to do first and foremost, you want to pay all sorts of tax (scam), not voluntarily, but by force because you think you must. You believe you have to let others force their hand into your pocket. In that case, you must be a slave with no free will, correct? You dishonour your true self, and you bow down to slavery voluntarily. No one can force you into slavery. You are giving away your freedom out of fear of retribution from the scammers, the mafia posing as the government.

What a joke. It is pathetic.

The slave mentality in people it’s truly pathetic! Humanity is deep in the thick of it. Can you not tell by the sheer fear that arises in you at the mere thought of choosing not to pay any tax to anybody at all!

Can you not tell by the irrational and unjustified anger that arises in you against me when I’m telling you now that I will never again pay another cent in tax to anyone, even if I live another thousand years, even if I make billions out of my work, effort, sweat, blood and tears!

 Even if I was to make billions easily, out of my intrinsic ability, God has given me the to create anything I desire, everything I want for my benefit and my enjoyment. Still, I will never pay another cent in taxes. 

God didn’t give me the ability to create so that I could pay the Rothschilds, the humanity slavers, for my existence on my planet. No. I don’t think so! 

These mafia cartel institutions and agencies make all these rules for you to obey, such as the new zero-carbon rules to destroy humanity. These people making these rules on our planet for you to obey do not own the planet; they do not own you. 

Regarding their climate change hoax, they have ZERO evidence or proof of any of their claims. And they are destroying the planet in our faces. They do not care about the planet in the slightest. Did you know that? 

Of course, you didn’t know that; you don’t care about that; you only care about your part in the situation; your part is that in which you quickly go and OBEY.

They make you obey their rules, telling you that it is for your protection and the protection of the planet while they are just killing everything, everyone! Sucking the life out of everything that lives.

I find it revolting, for instance, to enrol on a new course to learn the ins and outs of setting up a new business for my prosperity and well-being. For me and my family to also taste wealth. Invariably, the first thing I’m told about is how to pay taxes on any money I make with making any money. I have yet to learn to make money and might or might not one day, yet the course instructor has already given me a tax figure to chew on, accept and assimilate. How ridiculous is that!

How ignorant is that! 

Before I even learn how to make money, I’m told much tax I’ll have to pay, what are the ways to pay less tax, and what are ways to take advantage of tax incentives. Also, paying taxes occupies most of the conversational space in the live training. Everyone in the course is worried and anxious about paying taxes from day one of the training. Mainly because the business we are learning about makes big money. 

Some people would quit before completing the course because of their fear of being forced to pay taxes and having to ensure they set aside up to 53% of the fruits of their hard labour and effort to the bullies, scammers, slavers, and thieves in the system, the treacherous governments (scammers) across the world.

Why would I want to work to then give them my money?

Not me, thanks. I’m not a slave! I will keep to myself all of it, every last cent I earn. I will do with the fruits of my labour precisely what I deem fit with all of it. No part of it will go towards tax or any other scams. 

Taxation and the debt banking system are scams designed to ensure we, the people, never come close to anything similar to wealth or prosperity. All our efforts to build wealth, bliss and true well-being will always be frustratingly frustrated as we have been volunteering to theft for aeons; the thievery continues to increase, and most believe this thievery is legitimate. 

Taxation money, and similar scams, such as bank fees, interest rates, licenses, insurance, mortgages and credit products, have never been used for and were never put in place for the benefit of “We the People of Planet Earth. All the money goes to the slavers, the Rothschilds.

All the money, every cent, all the money humans pay goes to the humanity slavers, the Rothschilds & other murderous criminal bloodlines.

Each cent you pay in tax perpetuates your enslavement and crimes against humanity; each cent you pay funds your demise. Each cent pays for the killing off of humankind, and each cent you pay ensures the suffering of your fellow human being and your own.

Now you know it, you have no excuse. 

Do you want to keep doing that? 

Do you want to keep paying taxes, we’ll do so! 

You are self-righteous judgemental ignorant!

 Do so, pay taxes, fees, fines, licenses, energy, and water, credit, interest, give it all to the mafia cartel ruling our world. And look how well you do. 

The slavers, primarily represented in the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and other humanity enslavement genocidal and enslavement agencies, are drunk with power and filth! Watch them decide how you will keep paying; you will become less human, be merged with technology, and be fully controlled by them; all aspects of your life will be controlled by the mafia, from what you think to what you poo and eat bugs! 

They laugh at your faces while killing you with your own money. For instance, look at how they laugh at you in the film “White Noise “2022. Look at it! Funny! Hah!

Look at the Rothschild-created monster: inflation, which is the degradation and demise of human living. The monster Rothchild created for you to be enslaved. Your quality of life will keep going down and down until there’s nothing left of you, to you, or for you, great! 

Do so, pay taxes all you want, but don’t you ever dare tell me what to do with my money, effort, expertise, sweat, blood and tears, work, and labour; the fruit of my labour is mine and mine alone. 

No king, president, or pope has any claim to anything that’s mine, let alone claim to my own life force and the results of my life force effort. I’m not a slave. 

We are not supposed to slave away, working all our lives, having no joy, freedom, wealth, or prosperity. This is not the way it is supposed to be. We are supposed to enjoy every single day. Mother Earth gives us FREELY everything we need: land and nourishment, energy, water, gold, precious stones, great wealth in vegetation and more, all FREE. Plus, God has given us the freedom to create whatever we want while having all we need for FREE. What are these scammers charging you for? Have you ever bothered asking that question, or you’d rather just pay.

Why isn’t life free for you? 

Because the Rothschild is charging you for what is God’s and Yours and Free and not theirs! You are paying the Rothschilds for what’s already yours and has always been yours since you were created. Why are you paying these monsters for your existence on Gaia? Did they create you? Do they own you? Do they own your life? Do they own the planet? 

Inflation is how 300 years ago, I could have bought a vast home, a large state and land while working only 14 days a year and going on 200 holidays a year; you, too.

The difference between now and then is how your rulers have hoarded the difference. The difference lies in how human slavers have built scam systems that systematically keep your wealth and prosperity and deprive you of your right to a fulfilling life.

They (the rulers) have done that throughout generations past for 6000 years, and they intend to keep at it for generations to come.

I warn you, my family and I will no longer participate in the scam, and I will pay Z E R O. The figure I’ll be paying to kings, presidents, and popes is very precise, and the figure comprises a Z, an E, an R and an O. 

The fact that you want to continue to be a slave to volunteer for your enslavement and pay for your own killing in Taxes doesn’t mean that you can force me to ignorantly do the same as you do.

I shall pay zero money to the crooks ruling you. Those criminals are not my rulers. I rule myself. Thanks! God gave me the full capability to do so. Thanks. I’ll be doing things God’s way, not the slavers’ way. 

I do not pay any tax on business or personal none whatsoever. Enough is enough. I’m not a slave, full stop. Anyone got a problem with that? Guess what? I can’t help you.

If you want to stay in your ignorance, do so. I choose not to. And whatever I do with my life, it’s my choice is not the Rothschilds’ choice, is not Annus Swab’s choice, it’s not Trump’s choice, is not the council’s choice, it’s not the British Gas thieving company’s choice, is not the queen’s choice, is not the cabinet office’s choice, is not the corporate police body you are so afraid of, which has no jurisdiction over me, none whatsoever! My choice is my choice alone; I decide who gets what money out of me; whoever disagrees with me in this will have to deal with it. Suck it up and stuff it! I do whatever I want with my money with all of it!. Period!

It’s my choice, and it will always be my choice for all eternity! 

My God-given free will is mine! 

We are One