Mystic Dream

Revelations of an Eternal Soul


When this vision ended, we all looked to Selene as she joined us in the circle. 
Her lips didn’t move, nor did I hear with my ears, she spoke into our minds.
Welcome, princesses on Earth, I am your queen, she said.
At this, the wind blew and whipped my hair, my skin jumped, almost leaving me behind with a silent cry.

Selene was in absolute control of the manifestation of her every desire. At times the world seemed to revolve solely at her leisure. On a hot day, Selene would scream: ‘Rain!’ And at her command, thunder and lightning struck, and we were dancing under a warm rain shower. Some days seemed endless, the sunlight shining forever as if time had stopped so we could continue to play for as long as we wanted.

Most days, we didn’t do anything abnormal. The majority of our games were typical children’s games. Running in the flower fields, playing hide and seek in the forest with the creatures or by ourselves. Bathing on the sea, swimming in the lake, yet, even us, little children, not fussy about timekeeping, we wondered how could a day be so long. Selene, usually, answered our questions before we thought of asking.
“It is a day so long because I want it so. As soon as we are tired I will call in the night.” She said once with her bright eyes staring at us as if we were an exciting book she was reading, and the mischievous smile that always made me doubt whether she was serious or teasing. Then she laughed, laughter so loud and deep and wide that I strongly believe it echoed across the universe. She laughed at our astonishment, shock, disbelief and thrill which we flashed with very expressive facial gestures, almost, every time Selene spoke or every time she did anything for that matter

She always spoke with the moon; she said that the Moon was her true mother. 
One afternoon, Selene told us what happened on the night she was born. “I was three weeks premature” She began.

Selene’s mother, Iria, heard whispers of lovers in the middle of the night while in her sleep. She woke up, got out of bed and walked through the dark corridor of her mansion house, following the sound of the love making whispers. She was carrying a lit candle. At the end of the hallway, she reached Paloma’s bedroom, Paloma was the house maid. Iria saw Selene’s father, her husband Acorán, making love with the maid. The woman screamed so loudly that Acorán and Paloma covered their ears with their hands to stop their eardrums from exploding . Selene says that she remembers the deafening howl Iria uttered forth, while fully pregnant with her.

Her mother’s fury drowned Selene in pain and distress in the womb; it was the only day, in her infinite existence, that the ruby redhead felt fear. Iria threw the candle against the lovers, and the bedroom went up in flames. Then, full of rage, she left the house, went to the barn and mounting a horse, she rode away in the middle of the night, galloping into the thick of the forest and into the darkness of her broken soul. Her fury matched the fury of the summer storm that turned the sky black. Iria didn’t notice the rain. She would have galloped until the end of the world but she stopped when she noticed that she was delivering her baby. She began to give birth, alone in the woods, under the full moon. Sometime later, Acorán found mother and baby. Baby Selene was yelling her head off as if she had just arrived in hell. The newborn was covered in blood, lying next to her mother. Acorán wept. His wife had died in childbirth. Selene cried non-stop and didn’t let her father take her away from her mother’s bosom when Acorán tried to take the baby away from the corpse the wailing of the infant was unbearable. Hours past. The husband watched the wife turn white and cold. Yet he did nothing but hold the hand of the dead woman. Hoping the unconsolable baby would eventually loose her voice.
They say that the crying of her baby snatched the mother from the clutches of death, because Iria, rose again.

That night, a white crow came to perch next to the baby. The bird would remain close to Selene always and forever. The flying creature was not of this world, but a divine being, a faithful, eternal servant and guide to the goddess Selene Hecate, Queen of the Ether, there where lies the subconscious human mind, where the key to all mysteries is kept. The realm of dreams, the kingdom of darkness, the place of the unknown.

“I have the key to unlock all secrets” and like so, Selene concluded the story of her birth.