The Love Theory

“Life is not a glass of water we merely drink. Life is the freshness and the repeated quenching of thirst” 

We are all one. All parts can be exhilarating. All can benefit from your

“The world is you as much as is every one of us. Stop thinking you are a separate individual” 

“You don’t need a strategy. You are it. You are there; you have everything you need” 

The Love Theory

The simplicity of having all that you desire and seeing all your dreams come true. Extraordinary souls live in Ordinary bodies. Treasure is Found in Stillness. Every emotion is Energy, and it can be Transmuted. Learn more about your intrinsic power to create like God.

Imagine a life in which you have harnessed and mastered your inbuilt ability to create your life exactly as you wish it to be. Download 100 Secrets Volume 1: The Love Theory.  The stories will bring you closer to living from the Core of your Divinity.

The Love Theory

100 Secrets

Story Series


When I decided to start with this project it was because I felt I was about to explode with inspiration. I so much needed to record it all and then let it go.

What if one concept or idea can finally impact your subconscious mind and turn your life around. You are the only person who you need to convince that all is well and all your dreams and desires are withing reach.

 However, it takes knowing. You need to understand and know reality as God created it. Know the inseparability between your Inner Self and the Source Creation.

Your connection with Source is Eternal and Everlasting. It always is. It is impossible to be apart from the Mind of God. God created us lovingly holding each one of us individually in his thoughts.

There is no feeling sweeter and more delightful than the absolute knowing with unwavering confidence that your dream is on its way to you now. That ‘knowing’ is the beginning of getting everything you can imagine and beyond. Understanding Reality is key.

100 Secrets