The Love Theory

Understand The Law of Attraction

Connect with your Higher Self

Manifest Your Every Dream

100 Secrets Short Stories Volume I: The Love Theory


The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetel

The Nameless

Invisible Colours


In Stillness

The Love Theory

The stories within this book dive into the simplicity of having all you desire, extraordinary souls living in ordinary bodies, the treasure that is found in stillness, the knowledge that every emotion is energy, and your intrinsic power to Create like God.

Imagine a life in which you have harnessed and mastered your inbuilt ability to create your life.

Download 100 Secrets Volume 1: The Love Theory.  

These stories will bring you closer to living from the Core of your Divinity

The Love Theory

 Power lies in understanding, in grasping knowledge, making Truth a part of you.

Our emotions play an important role in this. Our emotions are our guiding system. What we  learn while we are emotionally involved sticks.

What’s your favourite book, your most loved hero? Stories have a way of helping us grasp knowledge at deeper levels. 




There is no feeling sweeter and more delightful than the absolute knowing with unwavering confidence that your dream is on its way to you now. That ‘knowing’ is the beginning of getting everything you can imagine and beyond. Understanding Reality is key.

The type of power that can turn your life around and transform you into a manifesting magician in a split second is within your reach.




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