Energy is Free Yet British Gas and the Like are Killing Humans by Freezing them to death.

Human beings in the UK and worldwide have to choose between missing meals, volunteering for theft by the companies above or dying by freezing.

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Everything is Light

I’m very grateful. This interview is a most inspirational listening. Thank you, Nikola Tesla, for helping me to understand the cosmic processes of the Universe.

Your words inspire me far and beyond what I thought possible. I had been eagerly waiting for the surfacing of this interview with good reason. My Soul knew about the awakening it would bring. The empowerment of my Soul, the remembering of the wholeness of what I am, the Divinity in me. My unbreakable link with Source.

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Division is Not Real

It’s an illusion deliberately created to manipulate and control you. Men against womenMuslim against Christianblacks against whitesand on and on and on. It’s all an illusion.You see it in the news, you watch it in Hollywood, and you read it in the papers. That’s it! They have created “your perception” of the reality, your perception.…

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