The Whole of Humanity

The Whole of Humanity

Is deeply wounded, hurt and lost because of lies. Because their inbuilt inner knowing has been systematically removed from their awareness, and knowledge has been purposely hidden from humankind to enslave the human Soul. That’s the reason why the Truth will set you Free.

When you are made to believe that you are powerless and you believe that you are powerless, restricted and limited, then your thoughts, actions, your behaviours reflect what you believe. You create what you believe, and that’s the world we have created based on what we believe… many lies.

What Happened to Her? A Big Fat Lie.

My spiritual guide has mentioned a few times that we all have deeply engraved childhood trauma to uncover and release.  I don’t remember precisely any specific childhood trauma; yes, I had an unhappy childhood, I have to say. But deep feelings of unworthiness and being unworthy of Love? Possibly, lots of specifics in my childhood,…

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