The Creative’s Inspiration E- Journal


This is the only tool you need to unleash your creativity and source of inspiration from within.  A tool created to inspire creatives in their creations.

Actor’s Audition Mastery Kit
Creatives Inspiration Journal
Artists Source Inspiration Accelerator
Writer’s Block Reversal
Unlimited Creative Motivation Unleashed
Deep Inner Creative Source Connection

If you’d like to start transforming into a soul-driven creativity powerhouse, then you’re going to want to get the Creative’s Inspiration Source right away.



I came face to face with my soul. That’s how I felt after reading this authors book. The first time I read it I felt like there it is, the words are on the page, and they’re speaking to you. My inner self was shaking me; it’s right there on the page. I went to the journal again to read it and do the exercises and write down my truth.

I meditated on the words, and then I heard my soul. ‘What about you. Can you do this? The journal says I can. I started writing about why I felt the way I did about myself, my talent. Why did I stop? I thought I wasn’t good enough, but by reading and journaling, I realized I had to share my talent, not isolate and think I’m not good enough. My soul sounded in me, ‘yes, it’s time’.

This journal is fantastic. I feel reborn, and if I start feeling like I can’t, I read this journal and my writings, and I know that yes I can. It’s wonderful. We should all love and be passionate about what we’re doing. I am the only person that can do what I do. I can do whatever my soul urges me to do. My creativity, as a result, has increased, and I’m 100% confident that I can do my art like no one else. Sylvia Love Johnson has written a very helpful journal. I recommend whoever you are or whatever you do, this journal will help you develop a stronger you. Then listen to your soul. It’s easy.

Pamela Hester Jackson

The Creatives Inspiration Source E Journal


Uniqueness is your Superpower- The Audition Mastery Kit in the Actors’ Inspiration Journal helps you Harness your Power.



Inspirational, very much worth it, time well spent! Thank you to Sylvia for her hard work and for sharing this journal with us. Great tools highly recommend! 

Dagmar Colon


The Only tool you need to get Inspired.
The Actor's Inspiration Journal


 The Key is  Mind Mastery. When you Achieve Mind Mastery 

✔️ You feel 100% confident with your craft Mastery

✔️ You can succeed at every audition and with every step towards a fulfilling career.

✔️ You get your dreams becoming a reality.




The information touches all bases for anyone inspiring to be in the acting profession. This presentation was carefully laid out, very professional.I was inspired by video presentations..She has so much to offer in regards to some one who has the dream of becoming a success.

Excellent!!I was very inspired..

Catz Tamara

✔️Provides Immediate Transformation
✔️ Is a Source of Potent Inspiration
✔️Promotes Unwavering Confidence and Reassurance
✔️ Teaches Short, Powerful and effective Acting prepping warm-ups.
✔️Helps Actors with Definitive Focus and Guidance.



Caro Zam

Lo recomiendo. Es una gran herramienta para las personas que aman el teatro, que buscan una mejor visión de su trabajo actoral. Puedes descargar la app para que sea más fácil acceder a todas las cosas hermosas que trae. Recomendado.

Your Mindset the Key to your Success

Use this companion to prepare you for every audition, rehearsal or performance and for day to day Dose of Love and Inspiration

Live life Feeling supported by the Universe and Knowing that you are supported by powerful forces be Inspired and confident in your life path.

Get your Editable Digital Audition Mastery Kit Journal to use on all your devices.

Mental health problems are very common in the Entertainment Industry, with 63% of women and 48% of men surveyed struggling with anxiety and 59% of women and 61% of men suffer from stress, while 37% of women and 36% of men say they have had depression.


The Audition Mastery Kit is fabulous support to open your mind and soul to the best performing arts. Finally, a world opens for your eyes with the great suggestions of the magic and unique Sylvia Love Johnson to help you out. You will fulfil your soul of energy and your mind with imagination. Thank you so much, Sylvia.

Raffaella Ribotta

Treasure and Harness Your Uniqueness with the Guidance of your Soul.

Diarists become more in tune with their health by connecting with inner needs and desires. Journaling evokes mindfulness and helps writers remain present while keeping perspective. It presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis and helps the brain regulate your emotions.


Photo 09-10-2019, 17 10 10.png

Access your higher self regularly to stay confident feel supported and be inspired. Know your Power comes from within.



I have read the journal and I can only say, this Audition Mastery Kit journal is AMAZING!! It helps me a lot to keep me focus, and explain everything one by one, step by step.

It helps me to understand more and make it easier to learn every character, in a simple way. Also, the quotes keep me motivated.

I really love this journal, highly recommend!!!

Clarissa Tan

  • 100 Journal entry pages 
  • 50 – 3 minutes Acting warm-ups to keep you alert and sharp.
  • 100 Mantras to develop an A-Game mindset.
  • 100 Acting lessons and Acting Success Tips and Advice
  • 100 Acting and Art quotes by the greatest 
  • 6 Volumes



Rarely have I seen a tool that completely embraces the spark for ingenuity. It feeds the soul and imagination and leaves room for uniqueness. Every day held a thought-provoking triumph. Thank you, Sylvia and kudos for your innovative journal the Audition Mastery Kit! I recommend it highly!

Lori Solamente


The Audition Mastery Kit and  Actors Inspiration Journal is a great tool for Actors, Artists, Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, Writers, Film and Theatre Production Teams and anyone who would like to have or would like to gift a loved one with a daily supercharged dose of inspiration, support and creativity that promotes positive change, while learning about Acting and the Acting Career and while Prepping for your Next Acting Session



The Audition Mastery Kit is a Very helpful tool. Well constructed and easy to follow. I would highly recommend.

Marie Boivin

This beautiful Life Resource Tool is for you to fill it in with your thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams and work in progress, while you learn the Master the Craft, Harness your Uniqueness and  Align with your Career Goals and Dreams.

✔️ The ONLY Tool for Actors and Creatives that helps you Eliminate Procrastination, Stress and Lack of Focus before Auditions and Performances or other Creative moments.

✔️ Providing you with the 5 elements you need to Maximise your Creativity and Crush your goals

Confidence, Inspiration, Preparation, Knowledge, Unweavering Support

Photo 09-10-2019, 16 47 44.png

Develop Mindset Mastery with over 100 Powerful Mantras that you can make your own.  Mantras are partly prayers and partly positive affirmations. The mission of a mantra is to become a part of you.


The Audition Mastery Kit is fabulous. The second one is better than the first this tool is magic. 

Patricia Vernia


The Creative’s Inspiration Source E Journal

For Actors and Creatives

100 Journal  Entry Pages

Journaling is an amazing, powerful and effective stress management tool. Improves Immune Function, expressive writing can strengthen your immunity. Keeps Memory Sharp, helps keep your brain in tip-top shape, boost memory and comprehension and increases working memory capacity. Boosts Mood, and gives you a greater sense of all, helping you see the bigger picture journaling benefits your overall emotional health.


This is what you get…
Success in Acting Tips, Advice and Strategies 

Learn everything about success in this career with bite-size daily doses of straight to point of core knowledge. No more feeling there is too much information and not knowing where to start. Get straight to the point. Focus on Mastering the Craft and on being successful.

My Acting Mantra of Today for deep focused positivity and inspiration 

Feel supported and Inspired at any time instantly. Program your subconscious mind to manifest your desires. Take your well-being guide with you to your auditions, rehearsals and performances and in your daily life.

Acting and Artistic Quotes from the Greatest

Get to know the nitty-gritty basics and the depth of Acting. Getting the work done. Rising to the highest levels of mastery and reaching beyond your expectations.

Bite-Size Acting Lessons 

100 x 30 seconds acting lessons that can get you on top of your acting skills right now. When you are passionate about your craft, and your craft is acting, there is always time to learn more. My short, concise yet intensive acting lessons will put you on top of your acting world. Enhancing your talent and increasing your creativity.

3 Minutes Warm-ups 

Can you imagine feeling at full potential, character ready, voice tuned, body fit and mind focused, ready to act at a high level of Mastery in 3 minutes? This is what you get with my 3 minutes warm-ups. You get 50 variations of my 3 minutes potent and highly effective warm-ups.  It is not so much about the time you spend but more about the focus, concentration and intensity with you perform the warm-up. Before discovering these secret combinations of warm-ups, I always felt forced into the scene, not ready yet for a few (eternal) seconds needing to ( get into it). Never again miss out on the momentum right there within the first second of the scene.