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The She Moon Song
A beautiful and blissful, oneness awareness,  the great awakening, a song that speaks of the power of all humanity as one. Our Oneness and the Reality that all beat with the same heart as our mother Earth and how the spirit realm supports us because ultimately it is us. We are One. One Consciousness. We are a divine and powerful Creation and the Creators of this Universe. We are one is the message that Sylvia Love Johnson started expressing in 2013 with her enchanting and enigmatic song.  

Original Song from the short film She Moon Love Spell aka She Moon, Experimental.

She Moon Love Spell 2013 Short Film


A writer recalls an encounter with her love interest. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chapter in her childhood when she was cast a love spell. Meanwhile, she writes a new story about the magical bond of five chosen girls with a higher purpose. The girls will cast a spell during a full moon night to affect humanity’s heart while we dream.

This Experimental short film uses narrative, poetry, music, lyrics, thought, and passion with the creative freedom to recreate a day in the writer’s life.

The five girls, characters from my novel Mystic Dream share a past, a story with a happy beginning tragic middle and a magical end. The five women carried a burden from their childhood and were crippled emotionally, each in different ways.

The Love Spell Poem Audio and Video formats
Music, chanting, Love, Nature and Power all together a blissful experience for the senses, the heart, mind and spirit.


    • Very cool! Keep up the great work. I would love to share with you in regards to our practice, poetry. I do prose and putting something like that background video and melody; it would be amazingly brought to life. It’s very personal to me. I would love to see it come to life. ( I am a writer and we have similar interests. I can see the art, the beauty in your work. I am so happy to know that you have blossomed. Blessed Be. Shelli Buhr

    • “Good artwork. Like it very much. Music, lyrics and pictures are in one mood, one wave. The feeling of innocence flows through the whole film…”

    • “As per my message, a lovely moment of Zen to start the day. Thank you!”

    • “A wonderful moment of Zen with which to start my day- thank you, Sylvia, for this intriguing short film. All the best”, John B. Gately

    • wow! Fantastic, magnificent, splendid. I liked it very much, congratulations. Hugs. Greetings from Brazil. José Pompeu

    • “Very profound. Chant of spiritual unknown awaken. Beautifully made. Although Pageant like worship.”

    • “I like this piece/peace….the metaphor and vocalizations are very nice. I love the militant cadence, like women marching to the beat of a new world. Thanks.” Amy

    • “I’m genuinely impressed. This short film is magic. It lives from camera positions, the cut and the music. Made alive by the actresses. Thanks for that, Sylvia. I will share this film with my friends. A beautiful piece of film art. When I started to watch the movie, it impacted me in after seconds and released me with the last word and fading music. I love music with your lyrics. MAGIC! My vote: 11 points of 10 Martin Kwabena Schulz

    • It truly a beautiful and very inspirational short film Sylvia; I am genuinely very impressed; keep up the excellent work

    • xx. God Bless you with my very best wishes to you for always. Neill Chisel

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True Love – The She Moon Song – A Love Revolution

She Moon Experimental, aka She Moon Love Spell Short Film

She Moon Love Spell

She Moon Love Spell Poem x  2  Audio and Video files.

by Inner Vision Pictures