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Sylvia Love Johnson is a Filmmaker, Writer, Actress, Producer,Passionate Method Acting Tutor. She completed a BA in Acting at Middlesex University, London in 1999. She studied Film Production and Creative Writing. Sylvia has worked as an Editor and Journalist in the Film, Arts and Education Industries.

She worked in Theatre and Film as and Actress/Writer. She collaborated in several Independent Film projects as a co-producer. In 2008, Sylvia Founded School of Theatre in Barcelona, the dramatic arts school, soon opened in Las Palmas. In 2010 Sylvia published her first novel ‘Mystic Dream’ a second edition of this literary work is in the works.

In 2013 she completed a Master Degree in Filmmaking at Kingston University, London. Ever since she has produced 8 short films, winning the San Diego International Kids Film Festival Best Produced Kids Film Awards with her Short “Art’s Eyes’ 2013. She was featured in the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2014 with her short Film ‘She Moon Experimental” 2013. Her short film “Forgotten Paradise” 2015, featured in Palms Spring ShortFest Market and in Depth of Field International Film Festival Official Selection and Kenya International Film Festival. Sylvia is presently working in the development of her next short film ‘METHOD’. After this she will set up to produce her first feature film, ‘Montana Mischief’, the modern story of Joan of Arc, Janelle Montana,14, receives a calling beyond her age but not beyond her capacity. This project will be followed by two of her feature films in development including ‘Annika’s Shoes’ an 8 year old Albanian girl takes us through the horrors of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. ‘Mystic Dream’, a magic parallel world awaits in our dreams for the redemption of human soul; five ordinary women will lead us in this extraordinary journey.

Background and Early life,

Spanish Sylvia Love Johnson was born in Valencia and  raised in the Canary Islands. Sylvia’s father Fernando Carlos Johnson Johnson, an Expert in International Relations, and Teacher and her mother Leonarda Maria Nepi Batapa, Human Rights Activist and a Nurse.

MA in Film Making London, 2013– BA in Acting, 1999 BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts 1996 Founder and Director of the Dramatic Arts Academy School of Theatre in Spain. Author of the Novel Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream. Journalist in the Arts and Education Sectors during 1996 and 2011. Actress with credits in Theatre and Cinema. Drama and English Teacher 2001- 2010. Filmmaker and Producer at film Production Company  HEKATE Film Works Eco fashion Entrepreneur 2013.

Sylvia Love Johnson: Bio (The She Moon Song)

Sylvia Love Johnson: Bio (The She MOon Song) from Sylvia Johnson on Vimeo.

The She mOon Song by Tim Bond and Sylvia Johnson. Original music from the Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson “She Moon, Love Spell” Music by Tim Bond, Lyrics by Sylvia Love Johnson, Voices: Rebecca Lacey, Athena LeFay, Masha Warning, Isabella Speight, Sylvia Love Johnson.

Sylvia Love Johnson 

AWARDS:  BARCELONA ACTIVA Business Enterprise Award 2008

BEST PRODUCED KIDS FILM  at San Diego International Kids Films Festival 2013

FOUNDER of  the Dramatic Arts Academy, “School of Theatre” Las Palmas and Barcelona 2009



“Her strong leadership teams’ performance and management qualities, while being  head of marketing and communications as well as director and producer, make her a determined, forceful and forward thinking business Entrepreneur. Amy White

Over the years, Sylvia Love Johnson has learnt to put to good use her interpersonal influence abilities transferring them to problem solving and customer/pupil solution;  while aiming to enhance the maximum potential of her creative works, always having as a main goal to inspire others and to spur people on towards finding their own creative gifts. Terry Olson

 She has worked in the film industry for the last 13 years, mostly in a voluntary and collaboration basis, learning about all areas of pre-production, production and postproduction, from the early age of 15. Lance Nielsen

 Alongside with her filmmaking career she has developed her writing career, working as a Journalist for the arts and education sectors and in press and publicity for the film industry; collaborating with industry and educational publications in London, Las Palmas and Barcelona. She has acquired web content editorial skills by running several blogs related to her main  interests such as health, beauty,  love, theatre and the arts, cinema and writing, and Eco Fashion” Grupo Nemis


 Producer/ Writer/Actress 

HEKATE Film Works 2011 – 2014

“ Mystic Dream”. 2016 Feature Film( in development )

“Method” 2015 Short film, (Pre-production)

“Montana Mischief” 2015 Short film (Pre- Production)

“Forgotten Paradise”  2014 Completed

“The Making of Method” 2013 short, completed

“Art’s Eyes” 2013  short film, completed

“Ethical Fashion” 2013  Short Documentary film, Completed

“She Moon Love Spell” 2013  Short Film Completed

“Lance & Lucy The Short Movie” 2011 . Short Film. Completed

” The Explorers” 2011 Short Film. Completed


2015 Forgotten Paradise. Short Film

2013 Art’s Eyes. Short Film

2013 Ethical Fashion Short Documentary

2012 She Moon The Short Film

2011 Lance & Lucy The Short Movie. Short Film

2011 The Explorers. Short Film


2011 Selene Hekate. A mystic Dream. Short Novel. Available in E-Stores

2011 Montana Mischief. Short Film. Pre-Production

2009  Las Hijas de Isis. Isis’s Daughters. Novel. In Development.

2011 Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream. Screenplay. Feature Film. Fantasy/Thriller Feature. Pre-Production.

2007 Unconscious Therapy. Psychological Thriller. Feature Film. In Development.

2006 As Iron Sharpens Iron. Screenplay. Feature film. Drama. In Development

2005 The Secrets of Divinity. Monologue. Theatre. Comedy.

2004 Amor, lujuria, Pasión. Theatre Play. Comedy.

2003 Corazones Perdidos en una Realidad. Short Film. Poetic

2003 Secretos en el Camino. TV Series. Thriller.

2002 Strawberries. Theatre Play. Comedy.

2002 Tears of Mariposa Lily. Screenplay Romantic /Thriller.

“Be bold and brave, be truly daring, dare to live”

 Sylvia Love Johnson



Teaching Experience

2010  Irish Yeats Academy.  English Teacher. Las Palmas

Asociacion de Vecinos Nordtramuntana San Andres: Paseo Torras I Baiges 101-103. 08030 .Barcelona.

2009 Teacher of Theatre in English for children ages 3 to 12.

2009 Drama in English all ages

CIEF ACCION, C/ Francesc Tarrega 14, 3º, 1Barcelona.

Business English Teacher.

2004 – 2009 Drama teacher School of Theater and Dance SOCART Palmas de GC.

Teaching children ages 3 to 16 years old.
Drama teacher WORKSHOPS for  adults, Las P
almas de GC.
Private English teacher .  Teaching up to 11 children ages 9 to  16 years old during a period of 5 years. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Off Stage  Theatre Experience. London.

1996  All Things Nice. Lisa Watson. Set designer

1996  Mobidick .John Wright. Stage Manager

1997   Lorca Triologia. David Peacock.       Press and Publicity

1997 The Crucible. Sarah Hill. Press and Publicity

1999   Danton’s Death. Katie London.       DSM

1999   The Fool. Will Jon.    DSM

2009 The Secrets of Divinity Sylvia Love Johnson Director

TV. Film. Short Film. Acting Credits. 

Film / Short Film / TV

2009 Noa’s Ark  Various Theor

2008 Conectacts   Sylvia                 Diego Salazar

2003 Má Mere   Secretary           Christopher Honore

2001 Hearts lost Ana Lance Nilsen

2001 30, s   Beatrice  Lance Nilsen

Theatre Acting Credits
2008   La tentación de los Espiritus YAKIBATO Marc Pujol

2003  History of the Tablets                   Variuos Profetas de Mueble bar

2001  Strawberries                           LUCY Dannie Carr

1999 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  INMATE John Wright

1999  Aladín  JASMINE David Thomas

1999  Ring round the moon   DIANA Will James1997  A night out (Harold Pinter)          GIRL John Abbott

1996 Uncle Vanya (Anton Checkov) SONYA Jane Harrison

1996  Othello (William Shakespeare)   DESDEMONA Jane Harrison

1996 Without  Punishment (Lope de Vega)  CASANDRA Brian Ingram

1995  The scoffer of Seville (Lope de Vega)  TISBEA Brian Ingram

1995 The Tempest (William Shakespeare)  GONZALO Brian Ingram

Short Stories  



1996- 1999 North Circular. Middlesex University. London.

2002- 2011 Savanah. Grupo Nemis. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2011 Student Film Festival London.


2007- 2011  School of Theatre. Acting coach. Drama and theatre Teacher.

2009- 2011 The Irish Yeats Academy. English Teacher

2007- 2009 CIEF Accio.  Business English Teacher

2003- 2004  SOCART .  Theatre, Drama and dance teacher

TEACHING programs, modules and courses developed and taught

by Sylvia Johnson:

Theatre and English

Shakespeare’s Theatre

Artistic Bilingual education for children.

Exploring Samuel Beckett and other contemporaries

Courses  (Advance acting training)

Casting Call For Professional Actors

Acting for Camera

Intensive Theatre Course

Modules (Advance acting training)

The life and works of William Shakespeare

Physical Theatre

Method Acting

Education and Training

Kingston University   Masters of Arts in Film Making

 The Film School Barcelona,  Film Production Course

 Middlesex University, Bachelor of Arts in Acting

 Turnpike Lane Writing School Creative Writing/ Journalism  Course

Ealing Terteary College BTEC – National Diploma in Performing Arts

Instituto Mesa y Lopez BTEC- 1rst in Business Management



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  1. I have applied for the part if Iris Montana. I would like to be involved with this project because it looks really interesting and I think that this part would be very interesting to play

  2. Hi Sylvia, I have applied for the part of Mcmcy in Montana Mischief.This looks like a very exciting project and i think i would fit well with this character.
    I applied via Starnow and i hope you got time to look at my page.
    Im loving your resume by the way….very impressive.

  3. hi Sylvia
    i have applied for you project of Montana Mischief through starnow, and would greatly appreciae it if i was considered for a part
    i hope you like my profile on starnow.

    many thanks, Paula Navarro

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    I want to apply for one of your project which you spoke about.
    I will fit in any character you want me into .

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