Rothschild has Stolen Centuries of Prosperity, Progress, Advancement and Enlightenment from Humankind!

First, he destroyed any trace or evidence of the Golden Age we reached.  We had already learnt to harness free energy through the ethers in the 1800s; we knew the secrets of antigravity and magnetism. We had invented what looks like a “flying scooter”, which operated freely with free energy harnessed from the air.  Rothschild…

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Rothschild’s Geo engineering Weather Manipulation: Rothschild is blocking the Sun so that you cannot Enjoy Summer time ever again.

And you are letting it happen. Allowing it to thrive with your denial of its existence and how it directly affects your life. This is acceptance; it’s “consent” by the deceptive Rothschild’s mafia dictionary: to say nothing means consent. That’s how they have idiotically convicted themselves that you Consent to be a Rothschild slave. Great!…

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The Last Rothschild War Ever to Be Waged on Planet Earth is Ending

Let’s start with a brief example of the many Rothschild’s wars, that he created to kill as many of us as possible and enslave the rest…. watch HITLER VS. ROTHSCHILD All War Activity on Planet Earth is a Rothschild Fraud Plot All the wars we have died at, all the wars that have destroyed us.…

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Why is a man who was the best friend of the most disgusting paedophile in the history of humankind being crowned king?

Why is a man who was the best friend of the most disgusting paedophile in the history of humankind being crowned king?

King how? King who? King of What? Disgusting!

Why is no one saying anything about this? What’s the matter, people? Don’t you have blood running through your veins?! Are you making Jimmy Savile’s friend king? Who is running the show here? A crackhead?

You do love your world corrupt and immoral, by the looks of it!

Please, let’s come off the nonsense! You shouldn’t be ‘fine’ about it. You should angry! What do they take us for? Why would someone who asked advise of paedophiles be king on this our Planet?

You shouldn’t just leave it… just leave them to it. That’s what we’ve been doing all along and look at the estate of our world. Look at how our children are being targeted, abused, attacked, harmed, indoctrinated, made robotic slaves. They are after our children just like in the times Jimmy Savile singlehandedly took upon his evil self to destroy thousands the innocence and life of thousands of children.

Under what authority is he being crowned? 

God? If so, where is the Jacob Stone?

Free Will is the Power to do What I Choose

Free will is the power to do what I choose. God has given Free Will to me and She will never take it away from me

There’s absolutely Z E R O way some government, Pope, king, puppet president/prime minister, WEF, WHO, UN, AI human degradation scheme, king, queen, Rothschild slaver or any of their multiple taxation money thieving extortion and coercion agencies; there is no way in Heaven or Earth that any of the above mentioned genocidal scammers will ever take my Free Will away from me!

We are One

Paying Taxes and Similar Scams is Dumb and Irrational.

It is an utter joke. He is a Historian! They are telling you what I’m saying themselves. WEF Klaus Swab right hand man. Listen how he mocks you! Every person, every business, every bit of work you do, every effort you make, every impulse from your life force to achieve wealth and prosperity, every single…

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Debt is an Illusion it Doesn’t Exist

Inflation is a privately owned problem. Let the owners of the problem, the mob who are the Rothschilds and their monstrous creation: the criminal, fraudulent humanity, enslavement, privately-owned -banking system, solve the problem themselves.

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Let’s Get Organised and Arrest All these Anti-Human Agents, Starting with everyone with a Mention on the WEF Website.

They want to kill, dehumanise, remove our Souls, remove our connection to our power and to God, and merge whatever is left of us with machines for their absolute, unquestioned control and our total demise.

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Energy is Free Yet British Gas and the Like are Killing Humans by Freezing them to death.

Human beings in the UK and worldwide have to choose between missing meals, volunteering for theft by the companies above or dying by freezing.

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No One Has Authority over Me

No One Not a Goverment , not a King or a Queen not a President or Prime Minister, let alone a Policeman or a Religious Satanic Clown, namely a Pope! I reserve my God given birthright: Free Will I do not give away my Free Will to any person or institution, and I govern me…

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