Receive and Experience All of Love’s Unique Expressions

Feel the Love others around you are sharing. Do this: Think of a person and then ask yourself, your angels or the Universe to feel their Love, then focus on your body and how this person’s Love feels on your body. Stay there for as long as you like, feeling this person’s Love; notice if…

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Giving is the Same as Receiving

I’m a giver; I’ve always truly believed that. I give everything I can… Until recently, I understood that giving and receiving are one and the same, and I cannot give or be a giver without receiving and being a receiver.

I didn’t often allowed myself to receive other people’s Love, appreciation, good words, compliments etc.

When someone gives to me and I don’t receive, I’m simply not a giver at all. I’m not giving because I’m not accepting their Love, I’m not allowing them to give as they want. I’m depriving them of their wish to give to me. How is that being a giver of me? No matter how much I give if I’m not able or willing to accept and receive just as much, I’m not “giving” and I’m not a giver.

My Ways into Being

Raise Your Vibration. Ways into Being: Journey within into the heart, into the Soul’s Loving Consciousness. A journey with no distance. Sometimes I find it hard to start meditating because I feel agitated. My memory identifies this feeling of agitation sometimes as fear, other times as dissatisfaction. Even though I know, it’s not fear.  I…

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What Happened to Her? A Big Fat Lie.

My spiritual guide has mentioned a few times that we all have deeply engraved childhood trauma to uncover and release.  I don’t remember precisely any specific childhood trauma; yes, I had an unhappy childhood, I have to say. But deep feelings of unworthiness and being unworthy of Love? Possibly, lots of specifics in my childhood,…

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Everything is Light

I’m very grateful. This interview is a most inspirational listening. Thank you, Nikola Tesla, for helping me to understand the cosmic processes of the Universe.

Your words inspire me far and beyond what I thought possible. I had been eagerly waiting for the surfacing of this interview with good reason. My Soul knew about the awakening it would bring. The empowerment of my Soul, the remembering of the wholeness of what I am, the Divinity in me. My unbreakable link with Source.

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Effortlessly Manifest Whatever You Desire

Flow with natural laws. Let your intuition guide you. Align with your innermost desires, by focusing your energy; your thoughts and feelings on that which you wish to see materialise in your life. Align with the better version of you by feeling gratitude about everything that’s in your life that you love.

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Dios Desea El Paraíso Para Ti

Nadie, nada lo puede oponer el deseo de Díos que es aqui, ahora, siempre. Eterno. “Es hora de despertar del sueño del dolor y la separación, y la humanidad ahora está colectivamente comprometida en hacerlo. ¡No puedes dejar de despertar, porque tu estado despierto es TODO lo que existe!” Nuestro amoroso hermano Yeshúa, también conocido…

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Love is Oneness

“Love is oneness. Those who have attained conscious awareness of oneness and know that the true identity of every life is in and of that ONE, lift and serve by virtue of their understanding that love is the interconnecting energy existing between all expressions of that ONE Divine Consciousness manifesting as many. “ The Acturian…

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It’s Happening Here and Now Don’t Miss it!

Your next moment of Power “Your next moment of Power, of light, of love, of inspiration, of marvellous wonder! Magic, thrill, excitement, joy happens here and now.” Don’t miss it! Stay here, stay in the now, for this is the door to unlimited possibilities of creation, cooperation, unity, strength, inspiration. Creation happens here and now.…

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Practice Breathing Diving into Meditation to Achieve Heightened States of Awareness

Breathing Exercises to get you started Making proper breathing a habit can make us feel and be more prepared should a microscopic enemy try to invade your respiratory system but also it has multiple added benefits. I use breathing exercises always during my acting coaching session to achieve deep relaxation and focus. Breathing techniques were…

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I’m taking this Non-Doctor to Court

Formal Complaint- Notice of Legal Action Taken Against WA for attempted MURDER enough is enough when it’s enough! My Email sent to The Boots Store Manager and the Optician’s Complaint Center: Fluorescein Safety Oral and intravenous use of fluorescein can cause adverse reactions, including nausea, vomiting, hives, acute hypotension, anaphylaxis and related anaphylactoid reaction,[10][11] causing cardiac arrest[12] and sudden death due to anaphylactic shock.[13][1 Anaphylactic shock…

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I Choose Love Over Fear

The Mainstream Media wants you afraid. They are maliciously deceptive and manipulative. Most people are addicted to fear and negativity. Turn on the fear = Lower your vibration. Which makes the perfect scenario for manipulation and mind control to have you doing as you are told! Full stop. Paralysed and afraid to think for yourself.…

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Where is your Favourite Imaginary Place?

Where do you go to be in the presence of your soul? “In the centre of the temple, there was a beautiful gleaming violet velvet throne. It had amethyst and rose quartz gemstones embedded around the edges” —Invisible Colours As a young teenager, I became acquainted with all things turning Dreams into Reality. I was deepening…

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Instant Inspiration and Insight: Take a Nap

Rejuvenate, Restore and Reset, Take a Nap to Enhance Your Intuition and Promote Mental Health The urge for a short nap during the day is due to the body needing to rejuvenate while our minds take a break. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34%…

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