So that you may have Eternal Life

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭ ‭ That’s what the Bible says. That’s God’s plan. Correct?  I don’t only believe this, I know this. I’ve always known it. It is who I…

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Do you think your children…

Do you think your children will forgive you if you usher them onto slavery, dictatorship, medical tyranny and removal of all their freedoms, when you have ALL the power to stop it? Do you think they will forgive you when they learn that the only reason you why don’t stop it is because you are AFRAID?

I don’t think so.

Stop complying. You are afraid of nothing. Nothing. There is nothing to be afraid of. We are One.

You’d Better Save Yourself. God is not Going to.

You’d Better Save Yourself. God is not Going to. He already did save you! Remember? God is not going to knock on your door and say: it’s ok, you can take your life back and live a happy and fulfilled ever after life. God already did that . If you are acting like an obedient…

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Romantic Love Starts as a Vibrational Desire

When it’s born it magically becomes eternal as if it had always existed. “I wished that our souls be bound for all eternity from the beginning of time. I was a converted lover and a believer my wish was merely true” Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell aka The Love Theory She fell in love and her wish…

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Compilers you are Destroying Society

Compilers you are destroying society, civilisation, life and Humanity with your cowardly obedience to all this illegal bull-shite! Get a grip! Stop Complying! Do not consent! Stop destroying everything you look at with your unwarranted, unjustified, stupid FEAR.

What are you so afraid of? Think! Oh you can’t. Fear will block you from your capacity to think and solve problems. Stop being afraid.

Your Fear is destroying humanity. For the love of God. Stop being afraid and Stand Up. Rise. Resist the devil and we will……. You know what will happen when you resist.

Look with the Eyes of the Soul

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Only When you Look with the Eyes of the Soul You Learn to Truly See

It takes practice but it’s not hard. The psychologist and shamanic teacher, Christa Mackinnon, says: “… it is our soul that provides us with a kind of inner voice, a moral compass and direction. It is our soul that we hear as this ‘little voice inside’ reminding us that there is more we can become, and…

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I Do Not Consent

I had someone at the door Today, for the third time, actually for the sixth time. If we count the two times, they came in the form of letters. He missed me; I didn’t hear him knock. He did leave a piece of paper through the letterbox. The same piece of writing he left behind…

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How Much Faith?

The measure of your faith is determined by how much you love yourself.

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What is the #1 Ingredient for Success?

It’s Easier than you think. Think of something or someone you are grateful for. Do this with me. Close your eyes and think of that one thing or person, or pet you feel thankful about. Now imagine that thing or person or pet disappears. It suddenly doesn’t exist in your life. How does that make you…

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I Am – No need to Justify my Desire to Be

You are here to please you to be the centre of the Universe, your Universe. You are here to arrange every detail of your happiness. Consciously, masterfully. You are here to treasure every step in the path of your masterpiece

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