Freedom is Your Only Option

Freedom is Your Only Option

You must awaken to the knowledge that you are Free. You must live your life fully exercising your Free Will.

If you don’t, rest assured, the lair, mobster slaver, Rothschild has plans for you. Plans which are fully documented, and have been thought out, and developed over hundreds of years. You can read all about these plans online … (Agenda this and Agenda that!).

But know this: Rothschild’s plans leave with no option but to obey.

These plans go against your God-given inherent Freedom and undermine your inquebrantable Free Will; to keep you in slavery as you are now. You are deceptively “consenting” to be Rothschild’s slave with your fear and refusal to awaken to Truth.


You owe no obedience, energy or labour to no one, no establishment or institution.

On that note: energy, water, food and Human land, housing on Planet Earth are Free. If you paying, you are paying Rothschild the lair – all the money you pay goes to his pocket and to advance his plans- the mobster slaver. You are paying the Khazarian Mafia, in perpetuity, for what God gave you for Free at the dawn of Creation.

Is the Occupation god? No.

Rothschild, the Ashkenazis, have the Face of the Earth, that is Human Consciousness, Occupied.

The occupation is the viral plague of fear that inhabits your mind eg: you become fearful at the thought of stopping paying Rothschild the billion long list of Tax you are pay. eg: you are afraid of Rothschild’s crime enforcement guard: the police.

You must awaken to the knowledge that you are Free

You are Life, you are Love, you are Light, you are Truth. You are Free. You have All the Power when you choose Freedom.

Ancient Wisdom: How to activate ‘The third Eye’ the Pineal Gland, The Brain.

“The eye through which I see God is the eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love” Meister Eckhart The human body houses a complex system of organs each with its own unique functions. Among these the pineal gland, located deep within the…

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The Whole of Humanity

The Whole of Humanity

Is deeply wounded, hurt and lost because of lies. Because their inbuilt inner knowing has been systematically removed from their awareness, and knowledge has been purposely hidden from humankind to enslave the human Soul. That’s the reason why the Truth will set you Free.

When you are made to believe that you are powerless and you believe that you are powerless, restricted and limited, then your thoughts, actions, your behaviours reflect what you believe. You create what you believe, and that’s the world we have created based on what we believe… many lies.

Giving is the Same as Receiving

I’m a giver; I’ve always truly believed that. I give everything I can… Until recently, I understood that giving and receiving are one and the same, and I cannot give or be a giver without receiving and being a receiver.

I didn’t often allowed myself to receive other people’s Love, appreciation, good words, compliments etc.

When someone gives to me and I don’t receive, I’m simply not a giver at all. I’m not giving because I’m not accepting their Love, I’m not allowing them to give as they want. I’m depriving them of their wish to give to me. How is that being a giver of me? No matter how much I give if I’m not able or willing to accept and receive just as much, I’m not “giving” and I’m not a giver.

Everything is Light

I’m very grateful. This interview is a most inspirational listening. Thank you, Nikola Tesla, for helping me to understand the cosmic processes of the Universe.

Your words inspire me far and beyond what I thought possible. I had been eagerly waiting for the surfacing of this interview with good reason. My Soul knew about the awakening it would bring. The empowerment of my Soul, the remembering of the wholeness of what I am, the Divinity in me. My unbreakable link with Source.

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Self-Love is the Greatest and Most Powerful Love

“The Love that makes you believe in yourself. When you believe, you see the beauty of life, and you know the road to your dreams” —Invisible Colours I remember the first time I heard Gabrielle Bernstein say “choose love over fear”; I had recently learnt that there only exist two core emotions: love and fear. The…

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Do this Journaling Exercise to Abolish Limiting Beliefs

How to Shift your Consciousness to Match the Energy of Your Desired Experiences. In this life mindsets is everything. The right mindset will lead you on to places beautiful beyond imagination and your dreams. For Mind Mastery it’s imperative to abolish limiting beliefs. We are not Limited. Limitation is not real. In short, the sum…

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It’s Happening Here and Now Don’t Miss it!

Your next moment of Power “Your next moment of Power, of light, of love, of inspiration, of marvellous wonder! Magic, thrill, excitement, joy happens here and now.” Don’t miss it! Stay here, stay in the now, for this is the door to unlimited possibilities of creation, cooperation, unity, strength, inspiration. Creation happens here and now.…

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Became Wealthy in an Instant

This principle helps you understand Law of Attraction  “The change begins within oneself with willingness, belief and knowing. From within all manners of wealth and well-being manifest” — The Love Theory It’s is all about your inner being. How do you feel? You can choose your feelings. You can feel whatever you want. Feelings are as…

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Find the Truth in Stillness

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A Guide to the 7 Archangels

Learn how these extraordinary and powerful beings will help you live your best life. Angels are divine beings of light, extensions of God and our higher selves. Archangels protect us, guide us and carry our messages to God. Each of these extraordinary beings has an area of expertise, and they want to assist you. Archangels are powerful…

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This Method Shows you How to Manifest Fast

Vibrational alignment is critical in manifesting. Feelings are vibrations. Vibrations are energy when your energy matches the energy of what you want, what you want will come to you. Whatever you focus on with belief and emotion for a prolonged time will come to you.

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16 Quotes from 100 Secrets that will help you Live from your Higher Self

Writing these stories reminded me that my life happens for me – no one else.

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