Listen to me.

Listen to me in the Truth of your Soul.  Listen to me in the feelings of your heart.   Listen to me in the quiet of your mind.  Hear me everywhere.  Whenever you have a question simply know that  I have answered it already.  Then open your eyes to your world.  My response can be in…

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Above All Exercise Your Free Will Always

Your only weapon against the forces of darkness is your own Unique Free Will.  Exercise your free Will at all times! There’s nothing else to do than exercise your Free Will. Open your heart to the power that it is You. Exercise free Will and focus on what you do.  What do those who are Created in the…

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The Way of Love – The Teachings of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene Teach Love

The Power of The Way, the Truth that comes Only through Love and Forgiveness.  When you live as Love Expressed, you can Create Heaven on Earth. It is imperative that you begin with Self Love. Allow yourself all your Love, All the Love there Is. Allow the Love of the Universe to flow freely through…

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Offer Only Love to All in All for All with All. This is The Way.

Allow the Holy Mind of God in You to shine forth into the world. Clear your mind of false perceptions.  Clear your mind; Let there be Light. Let there be Truth that shines with Love on your mind and removes all perceptions based on fear, indoctrination, programming, hurt, pain, guilt, and disempowerment; Clear your mind…

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Re- Programming for Abundance

The way of the processes of the Universe is scientifically exact. Meaning that, in plain, the processes of the Universe are the way things are, laws that can’t be breached. It is simply put, that’s the way things work. One of these Laws within the processes of the Universe is that we attract that which…

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Rothschild’s Geo engineering Weather Manipulation: Rothschild is blocking the Sun so that you cannot Enjoy Summer time ever again.

And you are letting it happen. Allowing it to thrive with your denial of its existence and how it directly affects your life. This is acceptance; it’s “consent” by the deceptive Rothschild’s mafia dictionary: to say nothing means consent. That’s how they have idiotically convicted themselves that you Consent to be a Rothschild slave. Great!…

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Free Will is the Power to do What I Choose

Free will is the power to do what I choose. God has given Free Will to me and She will never take it away from me

There’s absolutely Z E R O way some government, Pope, king, puppet president/prime minister, WEF, WHO, UN, AI human degradation scheme, king, queen, Rothschild slaver or any of their multiple taxation money thieving extortion and coercion agencies; there is no way in Heaven or Earth that any of the above mentioned genocidal scammers will ever take my Free Will away from me!

We are One

Joy is a Path to Heaven

Everything I ever Wholly Desired is Now ready for me to Enjoy. All I need to do is gently unwrap the Present with all the treasures gifted in the life I’m Creating. I use my inner radar: Joy, to lead me in the unwrapping of Joy.

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Paying Taxes and Similar Scams is Dumb and Irrational.

It is an utter joke. He is a Historian! They are telling you what I’m saying themselves. WEF Klaus Swab right hand man. Listen how he mocks you! Every person, every business, every bit of work you do, every effort you make, every impulse from your life force to achieve wealth and prosperity, every single…

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A Woman Sees the Beauty of the Unseen

A Woman Sees the Beauty of the Unseen

… “All things are cyclical.

Including Life itself.

Understanding about the life of the Universe will help you understand about the life of the Universe inside you.

Life moves in cycles; everything is cyclical, everything.

When you understand this, you become more able to enjoy the process. Not merely endure it.

All things move cyclically. 

There’s a natural rhythm to Life, and everything moves to that rhythm.

Everything goes with that flow. Thus, it is rhythm.

For everything, there’s a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.

Wise is the one who understands this. Clever is the one who uses this.

You, people, understand the rhythms of Life more than women.

Women live their whole lives by rhythm.

They are in rhythm with Life itself.

Women are more able to go with the flow than men.

Men want to push, pull, resist, direct the flow.

Women experience it. Then mould with it to produce harmony. 

A Woman hears the melody of flowers in the wind.

She sees the beauty of the unseen.

She feels the tugs and pulls and urges of Life.

She knows when it is time to run and time to rest.

Time to laugh and time to cry.

Time to hold on and time to let go.”

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Losing the Future is a Relief!

Losing the future is such a Relief- I can’t believe how pleased I am. You probably think I’ve gone nuts. Lose the future? I tell you one thing … it wasn’t easy. But I’m so relieved now!  Now I have all the potential. Now I can do whatever I want. Now I can infuse now…

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Oneness – Conscious Awareness Expansion

You are all in that expression now of life, life fully around you. Feel life fully around you. Feel the lift. Feel nature. Feel the God Source around you and within you each and every moment that you can be conscious of it. And the more that you are conscious of it within the moment,…

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Oneness – Conscious Awareness Expansion

“Practice oneness at all times–a wordless flash of awareness as you enter a room. Every time you answer your phone remember that God is the person at the other end or when driving know that God is every other driver on the road. By keeping a tiny portion of your awareness always centered in truth…

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