Ways Into Self-Love

Affirmations  Guilt I realise I’m not being loving to self when judging and criticising myself. Or feeling guilty about anything.  Guilt is a familiar feeling I carried along in my life before the awakening; sometimes, I was aware of it, but many times, I wasn’t.  It was a nagging feeling that was always or almost…

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Religion Vs Spirituality

Religion is based on dogma, doctrine and a variety of rules, based on a specific church denomination, based on a set of religious practices, based on what the man or group of men founders of the particular religion wanted to achieve with their religion. God didn’t create any religions. Religion is man-made.

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Imagine you wake up in the morning… You hear a new noise; it’s a lovely noise, a kind of whistling melody; you get lost in the sound. It’s beautiful; it’s not humanly possible; it’s an unprovable sound; the beautiful sound has separated you from the nightmare you usually wake up to every morning, restrictions and…

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Receive and Experience All of Love’s Unique Expressions

Feel the Love others around you are sharing. Do this: Think of a person and then ask yourself, your angels or the Universe to feel their Love, then focus on your body and how this person’s Love feels on your body. Stay there for as long as you like, feeling this person’s Love; notice if…

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Giving is the Same as Receiving

I’m a giver; I’ve always truly believed that. I give everything I can… Until recently, I understood that giving and receiving are one and the same, and I cannot give or be a giver without receiving and being a receiver.

I didn’t often allowed myself to receive other people’s Love, appreciation, good words, compliments etc.

When someone gives to me and I don’t receive, I’m simply not a giver at all. I’m not giving because I’m not accepting their Love, I’m not allowing them to give as they want. I’m depriving them of their wish to give to me. How is that being a giver of me? No matter how much I give if I’m not able or willing to accept and receive just as much, I’m not “giving” and I’m not a giver.

A Message of Love from the One

16.12.2022 21:19 Sophia Love It is the One. You are heading directly towards tumult and what to some will feel like chaos. Know that this is planned. Know that this is necessary and that the outcome favors humanity each and every time. I come to you today to offer comfort. * Hear these words, for they…

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Pages from my Journal: She Moon Love Spell

10th Anniversary

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What Happened to Her? A Big Fat Lie.

My spiritual guide has mentioned a few times that we all have deeply engraved childhood trauma to uncover and release.  I don’t remember precisely any specific childhood trauma; yes, I had an unhappy childhood, I have to say. But deep feelings of unworthiness and being unworthy of Love? Possibly, lots of specifics in my childhood,…

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Everything is Light

I’m very grateful. This interview is a most inspirational listening. Thank you, Nikola Tesla, for helping me to understand the cosmic processes of the Universe.

Your words inspire me far and beyond what I thought possible. I had been eagerly waiting for the surfacing of this interview with good reason. My Soul knew about the awakening it would bring. The empowerment of my Soul, the remembering of the wholeness of what I am, the Divinity in me. My unbreakable link with Source.

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Dios Desea El Paraíso Para Ti

Nadie, nada lo puede oponer el deseo de Díos que es aqui, ahora, siempre. Eterno. “Es hora de despertar del sueño del dolor y la separación, y la humanidad ahora está colectivamente comprometida en hacerlo. ¡No puedes dejar de despertar, porque tu estado despierto es TODO lo que existe!” Nuestro amoroso hermano Yeshúa, también conocido…

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The Lily and The Rose

A Brother to the Milky Way… Blossom of the Mother A Petal, a bud and a stem A leaf, a root, and a seed. Sweetest of aromas live in you mysteriously Asleep in the winter, awaken in the summer. A Brother to the Milky Way, A blossom of the Mother. Accelerate fervent heights of ecstasy;…

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The Path of No Resistance

Master Creation You are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the entire Ocean in a Drop. Rumi What do you want to create? What do you desire? What do you want to see in this life? What is the path to getting what we want? The path I used to choose was as…

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Love is Oneness

“Love is oneness. Those who have attained conscious awareness of oneness and know that the true identity of every life is in and of that ONE, lift and serve by virtue of their understanding that love is the interconnecting energy existing between all expressions of that ONE Divine Consciousness manifesting as many. “ The Acturian…

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Ascension Meditations

Message from Sirius Dearest Ones we know that many of you may be suffering with certain symptoms as you clear the last vestiges of physical, mental and emotional states of your being to allow you to enter the state of bliss known as the 5th Dimension. You are all very close to this state of…

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Dance of Intimacy

An intimate relationship is a dynamic, often dizzying dance of contradictions that is sometimes delightful and seductive, sometimes fierce and combative, sometimes energizing, and occasionally exhausting. This dance requires being able to flow continuously back and forth between opal opposites — between coming together and moving apart, taking hold and letting go, engaging and allowing…

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