The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilisation

A War on Free Energy By Lisa Renee of in July 2021 Dear Ascending Family, As the ascension and disclosure experiences are becoming more amplified, we are slowly starting to recover The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization, which reveals highly refined periods of living in harmony with natural laws, to promote beautiful and healing…

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My Struggle


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The Myth of Overpopulation Explained in 60 seconds.


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EUROPA – The Last Battle

Watch: Europa – the Last Battle to learn about our real and recent history.

About the “Jews” in Europa – The Last Battle

Judah – Jew – Jewish. The sons of Judah were called Jews. Like the sons of Benjamine were called Benjamites

The Tribe of Joseph was and is the heir of Israel and the bearer of the Blessing of the Messiah.

All propaganda fabricated by the insane breed, parasite class, is for the purpose of humiliating us. We have been deceptively and humiliatingly saying that our “King” is the one who sold us into slavery.

Humiliating us with propaganda is the sidekick. There’s nothing more damming to HuMan nature than forcing them to constantly say and repeat blatant, filthy humiliating LIES about Self.

The brainwashing, applied with violet trauma-based mind control techniques and technologies the Khazarian Mafia uses against humanity, has the purpose of and is highly effective for high-jacking human consciousness, sending us down to the lowest realms of unconscious Being, living in fear.

These fake Jews who did sell us into slavery to the forces of insanity went as far as attempting to stop God’s prophesy about the Christ.

The Israelites of the time of Jesus thought they were “Jews” they thought they were the House of Judah. They thought they were the stepbrothers who sold them into slavery. See! The handiwork of Rothschild in the times of Jesus.

Do you think Jesus knew this? Yes, he did. He came gifted with the awareness needed for his purpose and mission. His purpose and mission was, is to show us how to Free ourselves from Rothschild. And he taught accordingly.

Jesus’s teachings were and are about Freedom which is Reality Truth leads us to freedom and Love is why we chose Freedom. All of us that are Love choose Truth, we choose Freedom. We chose Reality. We choose God’s Creation.

Not Rothschild’s insane, illusory for -‘his’-profit dream world.

Jesus DID NOT teach:

“Let me die in the most ludicrous, humiliating and bloody way because you are such sinners and God can’t come up with a better plan. That is fake-Jew bullshit.”

Jesus taught
Truth for Freedom
Truth & Freedom

Because of Love, with Love, for Love, in Love.

Jesus came to teach the Truth so we can be free. If you want to know what Jesus taught about how you Free yourself. Seek it in.

The Kingdom of God

Jesus came to teach about the Kingdom of God
how you access it here and now.

The Kingdom of God is coded in the Lord’s Prayer.

It is Time for Truth and freedom. –
Maria Magdalena

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The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus taught that we can have anything we Will by thinking it! Sounds familiar? Jesus taught the Law of Attraction.

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Invest in Truth and Let it Work in Peace

The Voice of God is the Voice of the People. It is time for Truth and Freedom.

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The Devil in Blue…

My sons wrote a song about it what happened on 6th July. ELGabi – Devil In Blue (feat. Amado) ELGabi – Devil In Blue (feat. Amado) ELGabi Amado In Truth, Love, Light and Freedom.

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Why are we and have been allowing the Ashkenazi Jews and Israel the the biggest Terrorist State to Destroy our Planet and annihilate Humanity?

Stop the genocide of humanity by these “Jewish” terrorists! Why are we and have been allowing the Ashkenazi Jews, Israel the the biggest Terrorist State in the world to destroy our Planet and annihilate Humanity Because of the Holocaust? Because of that fake, over used, over tired, emotional, with zero evidence of it ever happening…

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Above All Exercise Your Free Will Always

Your only weapon against the forces of darkness is your own Unique Free Will.  Exercise your free Will at all times! There’s nothing else to do than exercise your Free Will. Open your heart to the power that it is You. Exercise free Will and focus on what you do.  What do those who are Created in the…

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Rothschild has Stolen Centuries of Prosperity, Progress, Advancement and Enlightenment from Humankind!

First, he destroyed any trace or evidence of the Golden Age we reached.  We had already learnt to harness free energy through the ethers in the 1800s; we knew the secrets of antigravity and magnetism. We had invented what looks like a “flying scooter”, which operated freely with free energy harnessed from the air.  Rothschild…

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