The Gospel of Philip – [page 62, plate 108]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


Those who are born of the spirit know not where they go; the same Breath lights and extinguishes the fire.


Akhamoth is one reality, and Ekhmoth is another. Akhamoth is ordinary wisdom, Ekhmoth is the wisdom of death; to know death is a small wisdom.


There are animals that obey people: the calf, the donkey, and those of this sort.

There are others who do not obey, and live apart in the wilderness.

People work with tame animals to plot their fields, and thus are able to feed themselves and the animals, whether tame or wild.

So it is with realised Human Beings, who work with energies that obey them.

They prepare all things to come into being. Thus everything awakens, and is redeemed: good and evil, right and left.

The Breath leads all things to their repose, it aligns the energies: the obedient, the wild, and the solitary ones.

It gathers them together, so that they are no longer dispersed.


The created one is beautiful and his sons are noble.