The Gospel of Philip – [page 61, plate 107]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother; the sister of his mother; and Miriam of Magdala, known as his companion [koinonos]; for him Miriam is a sister, a mother, and a wife [koinonos].


Father and son are simple [aplous] names;

The Breath is a double [diplous] name, for it is everywhere: above, bellow, in the visible, in the invisible.

Spirit [pneuma] becomes manifest when descending, and unmanifest when ascending.


The saints make use of harmful powers.

These powers are blinded by the Breath to believe that they are using it, whereas they are working for the saints.

One day a disciple asked the Teacher a question about the state of the world.

He answered him: “Ask your mother; she will speak to you of what is other [allotrion]”


The apostles [apostolos] said to the disciples [mathetes]: “May our offerings [prosphora] contain salt”.

They called Wisdom [Sophia] “salt”.

Without it no offering is acceptable.


But Wisdom is barren without the Son. Hence salt is only a trace.

What nourishes them is the Breath [pneuma] and its offspring are many.


What belongs to the father belongs to the son, but while he is still young, he is not entrusted with all that is his. When he is mature, his father gives it to him.