Freedom is your Only Option

Freedom is your Only Option

You must awaken to the knowledge that you are Free. You must live your life fully exercising your Free Will.

If you don’t, rest assured, the lair, mobster slaver, Rothschild has plans for you. Plans which are fully documented, and have thought out and developed over hundreds of years. You can read all about these plans online … (Agenda this and Agenda that!).

But know this: Rothschild’s plans leave with no option but to OBEY.

These plans go against your God-given inherent Freedom and undermine your inquebrantable Free Will , to keep you in slavery as you are now. You are deceptively “consenting” to be Rothschild’s slave with your fear and refusal to awaken to Truth.


You owe no obedience, energy or labour to no person, establishment or institution. On that note: energy, water, food and Human land and housing on Planet Earth are Free. If you paying, you are paying Rothschild the lair, the mobster slaver, in perpetuity, for what God gave you for Free at the dawn of Creation. Is Rothschild god? No, Rothschild is the one who has the Face of the Earth which, is Human Consciousness Occupied.

The occupation is the viral plague of fear that inhabits your Mind, eg: you become fearful at the thought of stopping paying Rothschild the billion long list of Tax you pay him. eg: you are afraid of Rothschild’s crime enforcement guard: the police.

You must awaken to the knowledge that you are Free

You are Life, you are Love, you are Light, you are Truth. You are Free. You have All the Power when you choose Freedom.