The Gospel of Philip – [page 60, plate 106]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.

When he appeared to his disciples in glory on the mountain, he was great, he was no small.

It was he who made his disciples great, so that they would be able to see him in his grandeur. That very day he said in his act of grace [eukharistia]: “Thou who hast united fullness and light with Breath [pneuma], let our image and our angel be with us.”


Do not despise the Sheep, for without him it is impossible to see the door.

None can approach the King while naked.


The sons of heavenly Man outnumber the sons of earthly man.

Though the sons of Adam are many, they are mortal; the sons of the realised Man [telleios] never die, for they are constantly being reborn.


The father begot a son, the son did not beget a son. Who has been begotten cannot beget.

The son begets brothers, not sons.


All those who are begotten in the world are begotten by physical means; the others are begotten by spiritual means.

Those who are begotten by Spirit [pneuma] hope for the realisation of Humanity; they are nourished by the promise of a higher space [topos].


Those who are nourished by the word which comes to the mouth go toward their own realisation.

The realised human is fertilised by a kiss, and is born through a kiss.

This is why we kiss each other, giving birth to each other, through the love [kharis, also grace] that is in us.