The Gospel of Philip – [page 59, plate 105]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.

What is his flesh?

His flesh is the Word [Logos];

his blood is the Breath [pneuma];

whoever welcomes the Word and the Breath has truly received a food, a drink and a garment.

I pity those who say there’s no resurrection.

The flesh does not resurrect, but what is it that can resurrect, so that we revere it?

The Breath [pneuma] animates the flesh [sarx]; there is also this light in the flesh: the Logos.

What you say, you say in a body; you can say nothing outside this body.

You must awaken while in this body, for everything exists in it:

Resurrect in this life.


In this world those who wear a garment are more precious than their garment.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, the garments are as precious as those who wear them, for they are immersed in a fire and in a water that purifies all.


That which can be visible is visible; that which is secret remains secret; yet certain secrets are revealed.

There is living water in baptismal water, and a sacred fire in oils of anointment [khrisma].


Yeshua did not reveal himself as he is in reality, but according to the capacity of those who wanted to see Him.

He is the Unique for all, yet to the great he appeared great, to the small he appeared small, to the angels as an angel, to human beings as man.

The Logos is the secret of all. Some who know themselves have known it.