The Gospel of Philip – [page 58, plate 104]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


Yeshua is a hidden name, Christ is a manifest name. Yeshua cannot be translated into any language, His name remains Yeshua; Christ can be translated as Messiah in Hebrew and Syriac, Khristos in Greek; each according to their tongue.

The Man of Nazareth is the visible of the invisible.


Christ contains all: man, angel, mystery, Father.


Those who say that the Lord first died, and then was resurrected, are wrong; for he was first resurrected, and then died.

If someone has not first been resurrected, they can only die.

If they have already been resurrected, they are alive, as God is Alive.


No one hides a thing of great value in a vase which is too visible; treasures are hidden in inconspicuous pots.

So it is with the soul, which is precious, and incarnated in perishable matter.


Some fear being revived while naked; this is why they want to be resurrected in their material body; they do not know that human beings are naked with or without matter.

They who make themselves simple to the point of nakedness, are not naked.

Neither flesh nor blood can inherit the Kingdom of God. What is it that cannot inherit?

It is the flesh and blood with which we identify; that which will inherit is the flesh and blood of Christ.

He said it: “Those who do not eat my flesh and do not drink my blood have no life in them”.

What is his flesh?

His flesh is the Word [Logos]; his blood is the Breath [pneuma]; whoever welcomes the Word and the Breath has truly received a food, a drink, and a garment.

I pity those who say there’s no resurrection.

The flesh does not resurrect, but what is it that can resurrect, so that we revere it?

The Breath [pneuma] animates the flesh [sarx]; there’s also this light in the flesh: the Logos.

What you say, you say in a body; you can say nothing outside this body.

You must awaken while in this body, for everything exists in it: Resurrect in this life.