Thank you, God, for creating me Free!

Manifesting all my dreams, passions and desires, seeing the magic and the beauty with my every breath and every step along the path; it is a Blast and Easy as Pie!

Now, only now, I can access all my creative freedom. Now that I know I am Free. Now that I know my Father. I know my Father has already given me everything freely from the day He created me. 

Life is exhilarating, exciting, full of potential, with unlimited possibilities for growth, creation, the eternal expansion of Love.

Life, Love, God; Gifts us with the fulfilment of all our desires, all that evolves from the heart of a Free Human; The power to create like God, abundantly, everlasting and ever-evolving, in growth, in wealth and in prosperity for the Free Human.

That is the Reality of Life. 

You will know this when you know you are Free. Until then, you know nothing about life. You haven’t the slightest idea of what is to live life.

Life is lived as fulfilled Humans: Freely.

Currently, you are living as if you were slaves. While you do that life will never come even close to the shadow of what it is in Reality, not for you, not while you keep your slave mentality.