The Gospel of Philip – [page 57, plate 103]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


Before the coming of Christ there was no bread in the world. In paradise, there were many trees to feed the animals.

There was no wheat when Christ, the fulfilled Human, came; He brought bread from heaven so that humans would know a human food.


The high spiritual powers [arkón] thought that it was through their power and their will that they did what they did; but it was the Holy Spirit which, through them, worked it’s own desire in secret.

The Truth is sown everywhere, existing since the beginning; some see it at the time it is sown, but few still see it at the time of harvest.


Some say that Mary was impregnated by the grace of the Holy Spirit, but they do not know what they say.

How could the Feminine impregnate the feminine?

Mary is the virgin silence [parthenos] which no evil power defiles or distracts; she abides as the immaculate silence, incomprensible to the Hebrews, to the apostles, and to all those who claim to be sent.

The Teacher would not have said: “ My Father who is in heaven,” if he had not being engendered by another Paternity than the one he had from his earthly father.


The Teacher said to his disciples: “ … Enter into the house of the Father, but bring nothing and take nothing that is there.”