The Gospel of Philip – [page 56, plate 102]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


There is a name which is not heard in the world: It is the name that the Father gave to the Son; it is above everything, it expresses the Father. The Son would not be near the Father if the Father had not given him his name. Those who bare this name within them do not speak of it.

Those who do not bare it within them know nothing of it.

The Truth makes use of words in the world because without these words, it would remain totally unknowable.

The Truth is one and many, so as to teach us the innumerable One of Love.


High spiritual powers [arkón] wanted to deceive humanity, because they saw goodness engendered in Him.

They took the name for goodness and applied it to what was not good; words become deceitful, and then are joined to that which is without being and without goodness.

They alienate with simulationsg and appearances; they make a free human being into a slave.


These harmful powers do not want human beings to be saved; they instill in them a taste for sacrifices; people then offer animals to these powers; what was living becomes dead, and their offering becomes a murder. But the Anthropos who offers himself to God can be killed: he is living.