The Gospel of Philip – [page 55, plate 101]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.

It is not only at the time of his manifestation that he made an offering of his life, but since the beginning of the world that he gave his life in offering.

In the hour of his desire. He came to deliver his offering held captive.

It had been imprisoned by those who steal life for themselves.

He revealed the powers of the Gift, and brought goodness to the heart of the wicked.


Light and darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers and sisters. They are inseparable.

This is why goodness is not always good, violence is not always violent, life not always enlivening, death not always deadly …

All that is composite will decompose and return to its Origin; but those who are awake to Reality without beginning or end know the uncreated, the eternal.


The words we give to earthly realities engender illusion, they turn the heart the heart away from the Real to the unreal. The one who hears the word God does not perceive the Real, but an illusion or an image of the Real.

The same for the words Father, Son, Holly Spirit, Life, Light, Resurrection, Church, and all the rest. These words do not speak Reality; we will understand this one day. When we experience the Real.

All the words we hear in this world only deceive us.

If they are were in the Temple Space [Aeon] they would keep silent and no longer refer to worldly things, in the Temple Space [Aeon] they fall silent.