Humanity Raises in Freedom to Stop the Genocide in our World

Humanity, Raise in Freedom and Let’s pray for the liberation of Humanity in Gaza.

Let us unite in prayer as humanity so that we might know our power to stop the Genocide of our Palestinian Brothers and sisters, and to end the occupation of the Khazarian Mafia in our World, run by the Terrorist State of Israel. Every day at 7 am or 7 pm, for at least 7 minutes, 7 days a week.

Ishmael and Issac were brothers, sons of Abraham. Muslims and Hebrews are brothers and sisters.

Jacob, who was called Israel, was the son of Issac.

The Hebrews became Christ-ed, Christian, Cathars. Manifesting the Way of Love taught by Christ. The believed in Christ, the Messiah promised to the House of David.

Christ can be translated as Messiah in Hebrew and Syriac, Khristos in Greek.

Not a new “religion” but a new spiritual path, for the evolution of humans. The Way of Love of taught by Yeshua and María Magdalena.



Kristala – Khrist- Allah

The word “Jew” has nothing to do with any of the above. The word Jew doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible or in history until the 1800s.

Our Palestinian brothers and sisters are the direct descendants of Abraham, including direct descendants from the tribes of Joseph and Benjamin, sons of Rachel and Jacob. 

To the Tribe of Joseph, which is the House of David and bares of the promise of the Messiah and is the heir of the Promised Land, born to Mother Mary of the House of David, was born King Yeshua the Nazarene, from Judea or Judah; a geographical area which includes Palestine.

To the Tribe of Benjamin was born the Benjamite Princess Miriam of Magdala, Maria Magdalena. 

The Terrorist State of Israel, who are the Ashkenazi “Jews, the Khazarian Mafia. Who are the people who own your fake “leaders”, the traitors who sell out humanity to humanity slavers? The Globalists. The occupying Rothschild’s mob. You can call it what you will; it’s the same group. It is Babylon.

Babylon conquered and extinguished the lost (ten)tribes of Israel around 800 BC, including the Tribe of Judah, Israel’s fourth son by Rachel’s maid, Leah. The only remaining tribes of Israel are Joseph and Benjamin. 

The Bloodline of Mary Magdalene and King Yeshua spread across Europe through France from the first century. The greatest Humanists and European royals have been removed from your history or brutally demonised because they belonged to the Holy Bloodline, and they killed them all! 

They have, indeed, been “killing them all” for centuries. 

Follow the massacres. Follow the killings, the burnings of humans, the burnings of entire cities. Follow the famines perpetrated against humanity. All the famines we have seen throughout our civilisation have been manufactured to kill humans. Follow the genocide. 

To trace the Holly Bloodline, follow the bloodshed across history. 

And know this: It is the same guy behind all the killings.

Do you understand? The Khazarian Mafia has not finished. Humanity, raise! or they will end us; they will kill us all.

Humanity, Raise in Prayer to Understand the Power of Spirit Within You.

We do not lack a way to stop the genocide currently going on for us to swallow live! We lack nothing. We need vision and understanding of the power within. We are created much more powerful than this. We are much more powerful than having to watch Israel killing babies! We refuse to continue to have children die at the hands of the Terrorist State of Israel. Whatever must be done for this to stop now.

Truth Leads to Freedom

Yeshua taught this: You are free. Free not to obey the mobsters who have the world occupied, free not to obey any person or entity who, you believe, demands or expects obedience from you. Free not to comply. Free not to pay. Free to Be who and what you are created to Be.

Yeshua’s teachings were very inconvenient for the powers that were until now. You are free not to obey any ‘rules’ which you haven’t set up or agreed to in full knowledge. Not by deceit: making you believe it is compulsory, mandated, law.

I do not obey any of the rules set by the Khazarian Mafia or anyone else, for that matter. The Khazarian Mafia, put their rules in place to oppress and manipulate humans and call them laws, bills, legislation, policy. Tons mumble jumble on white paper that, without a doubt, will oppress you and, and make you pay for your existence down to your last breath.

Does Rothschild own your existence?

Those useless words are nothing but simulations and appearances; they make a free being into a slave.

The mumble jumble is doing nothing to stop the genocide of children in Gaza. It is not good. Be freely rid of it. These harmful powers do not want human beings to be saved.

I Obey Nothing, No one

I obey nothigh. No one. No one owns me. No one dictates me, No one forces me. No mandates me. My life was given to me. It is mine, it does not belong to anyone else. No one else has a say in what I do with my life force energy. I decide fully what I do with every single aspect of my life.

If you believe you must obey the ‘rules’ someone else puts in place for you, you must then believe, you are a slave to that someone. 

I obey Natural Law and Natural Law Alone. I answer to God and God alone.  

Those who lack logic and common sense, know that Natural Law is wholesome and Real. Rothchild’s money-grabbing, deceptive legalese, scam legal system is fake, humanity-enslaving, oppresive, manipulative, and deceptive. You didn’t agree to this, me neither.

My Authority Reigns in my Life for the Entirety of my Existence – I will incessantly and unstoppably speak Truth.

Police Forces Across the World aka Crime Enforcement Rothschild’s Guard

Rothschild’s guard, who are present in our way of life only to force Rothschild’s tyranny on us, “illegitimately” as no one has the right to FORCE anything on anyone else.

To the criminal police who are here to systematically defraud us, disarm us, brutalise us and TERRORISE us. To all police forces aka crime enforcement, I say:

  1. I do not stand under your authority.
  2. I do not consent to your criminal acts of terror against we the people.
  3. You are FORBIDDEN from coming anywhere close to me or talk to me or address yourselves in any way unless I change my mind.
  4. WARNING to all Police be CAREFUL not to ever touch as little as a hair in my head. You are FORBIDDEN from touching any parts of my body which are mine to decide who can touch it and who can not. I have spoken.
  5. Make no mistake; I will defend myself from your intent to harm me with your brutality and fraud. I will defend myself from Rothschild’s attempts to force his tyranny on me. I will defend myself from Rothschild’s plans to enslave me, terrorise me, brutalise me, exhaust my life force energy and kill me. 

Online Safety Bill aka Attempting to Censor Truth

The thought that anyone can censor God is ridiculous. God is Truth. The Will of God cannot be opposed. The voice of the People is the voice of God. Truth will not be censored, and that is final. 

The online safety bill in my UK and similar Rothschild arm in the world intends to stop the Truth from being spoken and awaken back in human consciousness, for our progress and prosperity as humanity.

The Truth sets us Free

Rothschild wants to keep pumping lies into the collective consciousness to control, manipulate and oppress you perpetually. That will not do. 

Censorship intends to continue to suppress humanity’s evolution by perpetuating their stupid/insane/ridiculous, LIES which are all easily proven FALSE. These lies turn the heart away from the Real to the unreal.

Lies such as the Holohoax and the demonisation of Pacifist Adolf Hitler, who is the most recent True Leader of Humans in our history

Read the Havarah Treaty. Seek out the official documents. Not Wikipedia, not just Google in it! both are Rothchild’s arms. Read the official documents. Start there.

Also, everything Hitler ever said, all of Hitler’s words, everything he spoke in public or I. official meetings is all written down The diaries and memoirs of the closest to him, it’s all available. Start there. It’s all there, it’s all out in the open. True history has always been there for anyone who cares to take a look at the Truth to see and to hear.

Instead of lazily and dumbly relying on Rothschild’s Hollywood, mainstream media and propaganda, learn the Truth. Set humanity free.

Learn your True history, for the love of God! You are killing children in Gaza by not knowing the Truth. 

Stop the laziness and the carelessness. Quite down your fearful, heavily indoctrinated mind and learn the Truth. Let your heart, which is sustained by Spirit, lead you.

Censorship of Truth which is God will not do. That is finished.

Does the Terrorist State of Israel obey any International Laws?

No, the Terrorist state of Israel kills children and babies, while, your puppet politicians fake-force you to obey legislation dictated by Israel.

No. Israel doesn’t obey any international laws; it has never done so. Israel sets the law and the scams that go along with it, and no one objects.

Every other country has to obey international law; if they don’t they get sanctioned to death. 

Not Israel.

Not only so, but the countries that Israel doesn’t like at all, get sanctioned to death even when they obey international law. So who is forcing everyone but Israel to follow their oppressive enslaving laws and systems?

Logically, it must be Israel. The Terrorist of Israel is the headquarters of the Khazarian Mafia.

I know that “logic” is a concept, that many people alive today, cannot grasp. Logic has been removed from the collective consciousness. The same applies to common sense. 

Every individual who wore a mask for longer than a day doesn’t have an ounce of common sense in their consciousness. A day, being generous. 

One with common sense would notice the stupidity of the act within minutes because of the breathlessness, fatigue, difficulty focusing and concentrating, irritability, rising anger and a constant yet subtle state of fear.

If not, one with common sense would notice, within hours, the nastiness of permanently placing a mouth wrap that accumulates vast amounts of filth between you and the air you are trying to breathe. Failing that an inability to smile all day long should be sufficient for one with common sense to see the insanity in the “mandate”. A mandate courtesy of Rothschild.

Do you believe you are mandated to obey insanity? You do, and it’s laughable. 

To those who still say: I was doing it to protect others. I reply: I’m not talking to you. This post is not for you. This post is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Yeshua taught this: The Kingdom of Heaven is within in you, which means all Truth, all power is within you, all abundance, all love, there is a place of no lack, within you, that which you can manifest here and now.

You might ask, how do I do that? How do I get all the power? All abundance, how do I get to a place of no lack? My answer is: you must find your way. The way is within you. Ask for help from Spirit.


The fact that we are created free and that freedom is an inherent quality in the fabric of our being has nothing to do with religion. The way we were created and the power we hold within have nothing to do with religion.

Religion has always been the Khazarian Mafia’s weapon against humanity. Religion is one of their many tools to divide us, deceive us, and control us.

Religion does not speak Reality.

The teachings of Yeshua have all to do with creation. His teachings are about the nature of Spirit and God’s natural processes for the functioning of the Universe. Yeshua taught Natural Law.

The Face of the Earth is Occupied by those who Steal Life for Themselves.

The Khazarian Mafia have wiped Natural Law out of our field of vision with programming and poisoning. They have hidden Natural Law from our consciousness and replaced it with lies. A lot of lies, pure deception, the opposite of Truth, because Truth leads to freedom. They’ve pushed us away from Truth by force and with bloodshed. They have murdered many who knew the Truth and wouldn’t budge.

These acts of Treachery are against Free Will; the Law in the Universe set by God. Know that Free Will cannot be trespassed. You are Free.

They have done this with brutal fear-based trauma mind control programming and all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable poisoning. The Globalists have worse in store for you if you were thinking of continuing to “consent”.

Knowing Who You Are

You are not a slave to Rothchild or Rothchild’s money or Rothchild’s products; products which he created to enslave you with his deceitful systems. His enslaving banking system, and his one billion other scams, use our entire infrastructure, our way of life, our resources, our individual life force energy and the collective consciousness to perpetrate his tyranny against us and then kill us all too. The Khazaria Mafia has weaponised every aspect of our existence against us.

You are not a slave to money aka Rothchild.  

Furthermore, you are not a slave to anyone who demands money from you. Our natural resources, such as energy, water, land, food, medicine (food and medicine grow on the floor), everything we need to survive is free it’s given, it is ours.

Freeing yourself from your own programmed and heavily indoctrinated with fear-based trauma mind. The brutal mind control perpetrated massacre after massacre, generation after generation. The Khazarian Mafia has “killed us all” in every one of our incarnations.

Access the Power of Truth within you and Free Yourself. You must rid yourself of the obedient robotic slave mentality you live submerged in.

A good sign that you have freed yourself and that you no longer consider yourself a slave by acting like one is when you stop paying. 

You STOP obeying. Who are you obeying, by the way? A bunch of genocidal lunatics? You STOP funding Genocide. 

You STOP paying for Rothschild’s scams: Taxes, the billion-long list of taxes you pay, it is miles long, it’s laughable. 

Stop paying bank fees, registers, insurance, permits, certificates, licenses, fines, loans, and credit cards. 

Stop paying mortgages, for your homes, stop paying for gas, electricity and water, all these are yours by birthright. 

Stop paying for Human Housing, or feeling forced to obey Rothschild, the fake state/government, because you live in Human Housing.  

Stop paying pensions. Your pension money has been stolen. Even the money you will pay in the future towards your “pension” has already been stolen. All these are slavery scams, created with the sole purpose of enslaving us by forcing us to believe in the scam, forcing us to believe that it is real and also that is law. 

All you need to do is stop believing in it.

The Great “delusional” Reseat is the intent to convert Planet Earth into a worldwide slavery state. But make no mistake, what they’ve got planned is infinitely worse than slavery. Removing all natural and organic life from the face of the Earth is their delusional plan. 

Slaves are what you are now if you are still “working” to pay for any of the listed above.

Social Housing is Human Housing, it is not council Housing or state housing. The entirety of the Land on Planet Earth belongs to the People in full, free of charge, and there’s plenty of Land for each of us to have a mansion.

The land on Planet Earth does not belong to government or state not an inch of it. It belongs to Human Beings only. It does not belong to the mafia charging you for your existence in perpetuity. 

The face of the Earth is occupied. 

Food is the only thing you are legitimately paying for because of convenience. Convenience has turned deadly. They are taking our conveniently accessible fully supplied supermarket and grocery food out of the picture. Another manufactured famine is next on the globalists’ list. 

Food and medicine grow on the floor free of charge. It is now that we have to put our deadly convenience aside and start growing our food and medicine again. When you eat fruits and vegetables you peel and you chop now add one more step: you start collecting all the seeds.

Read about food control 

They have stolen our Land and our houses and homes again, and again, and again and again the next generation too!

Take the land Back! Don’t pay taxes, mortgages or any money to Rothschild or the government whatsoever for your existence. Find the land you love anywhere on Earth that is Free, no other Human Being has claimed first and take it. It is yours. You don’t have to buy it from Rothchild’s mob.

The Land on planet Earth belongs to humanity, to humans and not to the Khazarian Mafia. 

Knowing the Kingdom of Heaven is Within Us

Knowing the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. As above so bellow. We have the power to bring heaven to earth in this life and these bodies. That is what Yeshua taught.

We must find our power now. It is a matter of life or death and not a matter of religious thoughts, beliefs or ideas. We must stop the killing of our Children, the children of Humanity in Gaza.

Let’s Raise in prayer because children are being killed by the Terrorist State of Israel, backed by their boss, the world-occupying Khazarian Mafia; we are lost and helpless; they are killing children to our faces! 

We are all screaming in unison to stop the Genocide in Gaza, and the Terrorist State of Israel doesn’t stop killing children! They lie and laugh at us life! They call us ‘hate marchers’ because we want them to stop killing children. 

The lunatics. The traitorous “leaders” in the West or anywhere else are not stopping the genocide. No one is stopping this.

We do not know our True Power and thus are not accessing our power, and children are dying. We must learn now and stop these killings unless anyone else has a better idea that will stop these killings. 

We must raise. FREE ourselves We must stop the Terrorist State of Israel.

Find the Kingdom of Heaven, the God within us, know our Power and stop the Genocide currently going on in our World.

Humanity, Raise in Freedom and Let’s pray.

Let us unite in prayer as humanity that we might know our power to stop the genocide of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and end the occupation of the Khazarian Mafia, with their headquarters in the Terrorist of Israel, in our World. Every day at 7 am or 7 pm, for at least 7 minutes, 7 days a week.