Transgressions Against Natural and Divine Law must be Brought to Justice and not funded!

Rothschild’s [The World Occupying Khazarian Mafia], their transgressions against Natural and Divine Law must be brought to Justice! and not further fuelled, encouraged, funded, and paid for perpetually with your own Life Fore Energy. Stop Paying and Obeying for your own destruction.

You are funding your own destruction!

How stupid is that? Instead you must defend yourselves: Stop Paying Tax, any sort or form of Taxes! Stop, Paying for any bank charges, Stop paying for anything, from your Mortgage to late credit card, fees it’s all a Rothschild SCAM.

Your HOME Belongs from the second you move in, by natural divine Law, it belongs to you not to Rothschild, are you aware your mortgage money goes to Rothschild Private back accounts for his private expenses? Stop paying Rothschild for a mortgage on your God given shelter/home/house/mansion/farm/ on planet Earth! Wherever you live, it is your birthright to have a home on this Planet if you were born on this planet.

It is your home not Rothschild’s.

Rothschild claims ownership of the entire Land on Earth, and he forces us to pay him for our Land! how disgusting is that? Gaza is just a mini model of what Rothschild has been doing, and wants to without your knowing to all the people of the ENTIRE WORLD!

Stop paying for Energy, Water, Licences (anything the “government” forces you to pay do not pay) STOP PAYING! Do not obey Rothschild’s Fake laws or shit legislation Crap!

IGNORE IT! It’s all False, fake, an illusory Matrix, which you FEED with your BELIEF in it and your Support for it. STOP your support of it! It is not the Law! Legalease – the legal system and Legislation is created for your demise to further OPPRESS You and Enslave you!

STOP Obeying!

You need answer to no one but God.

STOP your slave behaviour towards Rothschild! It is close to being disgraceful. He does not own you! Please, have some self-respect. The government does not own you. it is not even government, it’s an occupation! The entire world is occupied by bloody Rothschild! How dare the Mafia tell me what to do! I will not none of it!

Put and end to the Enslavement of Humanity, please, will you? Starting with yourself! You are destroying humanity and our World by Paying and Obeying the Khazarian Mafia that has occupied, our planet and our consciousness!

Stop Paying and Obeying. Be the Liberator of humanity!

Tags: Tax, Forced Taxation is an Act of Terrorism, Stop Paying Tax, Stop funding our own destruction, Energy is Free, Stop paying for Energy, Primary Water, Learn About Primary Water, Water is God Given and it is Free! Stop Paying Rothschild for God’s Water!

You are So very Afraid to Stop Paying and Obeying because your Consciousness is Rothschild OCCUPIED!

Be afraid if you wish, although there is no need to: no one can prevent you from not paying and not obeying. Your free will is yours! Be afraid, if that is important to you: your Rothschild infused fear for mind control!

Fear is the precise tool used to Defraud You! Stop Paying and Obeying, Stop going along with this, 6000 years of Mafia Oppressed Humanity Stop killing us All! Stop Paying and Obeying! Stop now!

This one here, Sylvia, unknowingly acted as a slave, as she thought that was the right way of acting all her life – That is is so NO MORE!

I am not a Rothschild, Slave and I will NEVER be Rothschild will make ZERO further money out of my God given energy and life force.


Rothschild will have no benefit or profit out of my God given existence. I know he is getting all the money CHARGED to We the People Perpetually on my name for my house! This soon will STOP I will give Rothschild NOTHING out of my existence! not voluntarily, not by force or violence.

Rothschild uses, not just filthy deceitful mind control and propaganda to force behaviour, Rothschild also uses violence to Force the Sons and Daughters of God into submission to him, the slaver, what a disgrace. Grow up
People! Wake up Beings! What Rothschild does is a TRANSGRESSION of Divine Law and needs to be brought to Justice, further funded! Stop funding Rothschild’s destruction of our world and our way of life.