Why is the whole World Afraid of the Bully Terrorist State of Israel!

Why is the whole World Afraid of the Bully Terrorist State of Israel! Have we not learnt better than to be afraid of f*cking Bullies?!



We want Freedom. We demand that the Terrorist State of Israel, leaves us, the rest of the world in PEACE for fucks sake!

Why is France crime enforcement aka Police brutalising we who stand with and for Palestine 🇵🇸 We want a Free Palestine! Why is the police tear gassing us in France?!!! And all over the world? Because the Police Force across is indeed, Rothschild’s Private guard, use to induce TERROR upon We the People.

Enough Terror!! It’s enough!

Israel’s propaganda and manipulation are wearing thin. While they are destroying Gaza, Israel is currently the most ridiculous propaganda spectacle in the world! It’s embarrassing. Who do they think they are fooling with their super filthy lies?

Why isn’t Gaza and the Palestinian people being liberated! Why aren’t being Freed from oppression. It’s been 75 years of terror! What the heck is wrong with this world!

Who is standing for humanity? What country, what leader of a country is Human leader of Humans who stands for Life and Peace?

Why isn’t Rothschild letting us live in Peace? Please! When is their war Mongering and Destruction going to end?

Who will put a stop to these bullies, who have the entirety of humanity taken hostage?!!!

Who is is going to liberate the human Race from the filthy banking hand of Rothschild the humanity slaver!

How much longer are we going to swallow injustice, destruction, cruelty?

Look at the disgusting lies Israel Talmudist fanatics are telling, they are using “babies” to terrify us, to make us sick! Look at what they are saying about babies? How can anyone be so sick!

When are we going to MOVE! People are dying!

They have been “ killing us all” for centuries! When will they stop killing us?

I condemn every leader on Planet Earth who could be liberating Gaza yet they are doing nothing. Because you are condemning the entirety of humanity to perpetual slavery by the hand of filthy Rothschild and his Terrorist State.




PATHETIC CNN REPORTERS CAUGHT LYING ONCE AGAIN, THIS TIME IN ISRAEL – AN OCCUPATION, NOT A COUNTRY – is this how they intend to carry on brainwashing the population? PATHETIC!

ISRAEL HAMAS – Israel Created Hamas like they did create ALL the Oder Known “terrorist” groups to cause disruption, chaos and War on Planet Earth, because that is all they do, they want the destruction of all of us. War, poverty, famine, plague that’s all they want for ALL of us!

Gaza is just a “model” example of what The Terrorist State of Israel is DOING with the rest of the world. They are doing this to all of us. Rothschild believes he owns your house, your land, all tax paid by all of HUMANITY goes to Rothschild’s private POCKETS .

Yes, if you are paying for a mortgage or if you live in social housing, Rothschild has the firmed belief that you own him your life and you must pay him for your Shelter. Your mortgage money goes to him. All the money Rothschild extorts from we the People to pay for “Housing Benefits” to pay for houses/flats that have been built and paid for long ago! Rothschild charges us PERPETUALLY for what it isn’t his to charge for.

He didn’t lend you the money for your house, he didn’t build or pay for the Social Housing you live. Your house is yours by BIRTHRIGHT from the moment you moved in. Free of charge. The supposed “lent” money is yours, it was ALWAYS Yours.

Yet Rothschild is changing Humanity perpetually for our Land, Our Homes, for the ABUNDANT SHELTER GOD CREATED To GIVE Us For Free.

Now Hamas has turned against Rothschild the Humanity SLAVER, who has his operation base in Israel, and Hamas has Turned Humanity LIBERATOR!


“A new poll this week showed that support for Israel is cratering among young Americans. There has been a staggering collapse in support, support for Israel’s recent actions in Gaza fell from 81% among those over 65, to just 27% among the 18-34 demographic.

Today, a leaked document was released which revealed there is concern in the US military that soldiers are no longer willing to fight Israel’s wars.

This is a potential disaster for Israel, since it is hugely reliant on support from the US. As we saw this week, polling in countries like China is firmly on the side of the Palestinians, while in the past polling has shown people in European countries also side more with the Palestinian side than the Israeli.

Israel has received $158 billion in direct aid from the United States, though this leaves out many of the other ways America financially assists Israel, such as the billions America spends on aid to other countries to bribe them into friendly relations with the Zionist state. The US also consistently uses its UN veto powers to protect Israel from resolutions, and has blocked international investigations into Israeli war crimes. This is not to even get into the Zionist-led wars the US has fought on Israel’s behalf.

So how could this happen? Even if the whole rest of the world was against the state of Israel, it seemed US public support was always something they could count on. They had the university system, the media, organisations like the ADL to censor their critics, and lobby groups like JINSA, the Zionist Organisation of America, and AIPAC, one of the most powerful lobby groups in America. It also had ardent Zionists leading other powerful foreign lobby groups like the Council on Foreign Relations. And yet support continues to collapse.

The reasons for this are threefold, and in each case, the Zionists have no one to blame but themselves:

First, the changing demographics of the West mean that there are more Arabs and Muslims in the West who see Israel as a state that has had an adversarial relationship with their people. The Zionists help bring this about by supporting mass-immigration into the West, and silencing anyone critical of with smears like “Nazi”.

Second, the left of today will never side with Israel, because they see it as a settler colonial state, and with the oppressor/oppressed binary they view the world in, they will always side with the perceived oppressed. There is no way to win this battle for the Zionists, they can talk all they want about Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East, the only country to protect gay rights, but people see the footage of them bombing children, of settlers stealing the land of Arabs. No nuance will save them, and once again, they only have themselves to blame.

Zionists promoted this anti-colonial, oppressor/oppressed lens to leftists through the media and university system. They saw it as a useful way to turn people against European history and transition European nations into migration states which would be easier to control. In their arrogance, they thought people would see Israel itself as a plucky, oppressed underdog, rather than the expression of Supremacism and oppression that it is.

Third, for the first time ever Israel is losing support among the right. Even if Zionists lost the left due to the anti-White narratives they promoted, they could always count on the support of the right. No more. The member of Generation Z in the West who gravitate to the right are no longer interested in neoconservatism, Reaganism, or Christian Zionism. They are concerned about the rapidly changing demographics and attacks on their identity they are experiencing, and therefore they increasingly view foreign policy through a nationalist or isolationist lens.

Viewed through this lens, it makes no sense why the West should continually sacrifice for this statelet in the Middle East which gives us nothing in return but bad will from the rest of the world, all while Zionists censor us for moderate opinions and call us Nazis for trying to protect our own borders.

Not only this, but with the internet it is now easier than ever for young conservatives to learn about the crimes of the state of Israel like the USS liberty, and the capture of their own government by Zionist lobbying.

And the thing about all of these trends? They are all destined to continue. The right is not going to stop abandoning Reaganism for nationalism, the left is not going to stop taking an anti-colonial lens on international affairs. Zionists will try everything to turn this ship around – the atrocity propaganda, censorship, making bargains with nationalists in the west, but I firmly believe this trend cannot be turned around.

In an interview last year, former Israeli PM Ehud Barack was concerned about Israel entering its 8th decade, pointing out that no Jewish state lasted beyond 80 years.

Albert Einstein was originally skeptical of the Zionist project, writing that “My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest.”

With the world now exposed to the brutality of Israel, their flagrant disregard for international law, their willingness to dehumanise their enemies and engage in the most barbaric forms of collective punishment, and the hypocrisy and bloodlust of Zionists in their own countries, Israel appears to be on a one way path to being discredited on the world stage.

The Zionists could have avoided this. They didn’t have to promote anti-White narratives so hard in the media and education system. They didn’t have to support a mass-immigration. They could have allowed European nations to maintain their own homelands and identities without being smeared as Nazis. They could have allowed free speech in our countries, instead of Zionist organisations like the ADL aggressively censoring even moderate conservative voices.

Instead, Zionists have shown that they don’t care about us. Like Ben Shapiro saying there is a “latent Jew-hatred” in the West while demanding unlimited support for Israel, right up the point of nuclear war, they think they can berate us and treat us with no respect while expecting us to give them unlimited support as they commit war crimes agains their neighbouring peoples.

Perhaps the day will come where they realise they should have allowed moderate voices like me to speak and advocate for my people without smearing me as a hater, a “disgusting antisemite” as Jonathan Greenblatt called me. Perhaps they will see that people like me were the first to warn them their belligerence and arrogance would come back to bite them. I doubt it. But I know one thing with certainty – the course they are on now is unsustainable.”