The Gospel of Philip – [page 54, plate 100]

Yeshua, María Magdalena and the gnosis of the sacred union.


The slave desires freedom; the extent of his master’s wealth is of little importance.

The Son, he who is the Son, possesses the heritage of the Father.


To inherit from the dead is to die. To inherit from the living is to live.

The Living One gives us birth and death as our heritage. The dead do not inherit; how could they inherit? If the dead were to inherit from the living, they would live.


Atheists do not die, because they have never lived. Only those who hold the Truth know what life is. They may well fear death, because they live!


The Presence of Christ creates the new world; He brings order and beauty among us; death recedes.


When we were Hebrews, we were orphans, knowing only our mother; becoming Christians, we discover both our mother and our father.


Those who sow in winter reap in summer; winter is this world, summer is the world of Openness. Let us sow in the world, so as to harvest in summer.

To pray is not to prevent winter but to allow summer. Winter is not a time of harvest but of labour.


Without seeds the Earth bears no fruit; indolence is not the Repose and Power of Shabbat.


Christ came to deliver some and to save others. He made strangers his own; in their differences, they manifest his will.