Governments, Politicians and the rest of the Parasite Class on Planet Earth, I am Free!

Governments of Planet Earth, together with your humanity enslavement arms, terrorising methods, such as your legalese fraud system, your Rothschild debt system and the Rothschild “guard” known as the police force, I am Free.

I’m done with your enslaving scam.

No government, no technocrat, no politician, or no police no Legalese representative has any claims on my life. They have no say whatsoever on what I do with my life and with my body.

They will not control any aspect of my existence, not now not ever. I say No to their plans for me. No.

I am free

The times these governments and politicians treated me like a slave are over! They do not own me, they have no say, none at all in my life!

Their fear and terror driven brainwashing weapons against humanity. Their manipulation, deception and coercion. Their monopolisation of our survival by stealing all of our planet’s resources to enforce slavery. Their harassment and threats. Their mind-control, surveillance wannabe state. The Forcing of We the People, the Son of God into submission through fear and terror, this government’s business model – is old!

This business model is outdated. It is retired. It does no longer budge. It will not do.

I refuse it! I reject it!

It is done!

You will not oppose my Free Will in my life for my Being; it is unnatural. I follow and abide by Natural Law, and Natural Law alone. I answer only to God and to God alone.

Governments, you have been caught enslaving the son and daughter of God, openly! for all to see, by force and with violence.

Not only, has the Rothschild system enslaved the children of God for 6000 years with the deceptive method to manufacture false “consent” through fear and terror, but it has also continued to perpetuate the forcing of the children of God into submission with violence. The Khazarian Mafia does this acting against Natural Law, the Law of God, the Law of the Universe, for as long as we “willingly” allowed it.


As we can see, those of us with eyes to see, that have been deceived into slavery.


I do not consent and now you (parasite class, wanting to take over my life) know it. Your false, deceptively manufactured “consent” is NULL.

My life is mine and mine alone.

Trying or attempting to force me against my will to do or be anything I do not will is a CRIMINAL Offence. It is Harm and Intention to Harm a Living Breathing Human Being.

It will be dealt with as such.


Government has no say, no part, no benefit, no profit and no claim upon my existence, none at the expense of my God given life force.