Invest in Truth and Let it Work in Peace

A War on Free Energy

The Voice of God is the Voice of the People. It is time for Truth and Freedom.

Sylvia Johnson

We are mastering our spiritual journey. We have answered Yes! to the call.  We say Yes! to the Truth. We seek to awaken, that is to experience the wholeness of what and who we are: masters at manifesting, unlimited creators, free.  You are Love, created for nothing less than greatness. Our hearts are open, our souls are soaring. We are being guided by Spirit in the Holly Instant. 

See, feel and hear your angels, guides and Ascend Masters as they take you by the hand to Freedom. 

Trust and have Faith. This, our leap of Faith is the bravery to let go of the lies so that we allow the Truth of our Being to expand our consciousness and let there be Light.

We are open and willing on the way, we are becoming fully Realised HuMans. 

Our spiritual journey, with no distance, is in the here and now, the gift, the present, the Holly Instant. Our spiritual journey takes us to the centre of Self that is All. Our spiritual journey Is the awareness of who and what we are in Eternity. 

That is what we Will to experience. We Will to experience that which we truly are here and now on these bodies! We desire to experience ourselves Now as in Eternity.

That’s what we are up to! That’s what we have always been up to. That’s the very and only reason we took this human form.

Then we forgot who we are to embark on the exciting journey of remembering by experiencing it through living the highest expression of ourselves. Through mastering manifesting, mastering our Being. We Will to experience our God Creator powers and abilities fully. Through conceiving, creating and experiencing who we are. 

The Soul conceives the mind Creates, and the Body experiences. 

Forgetting that we are Created exactly like God was part of the plan, yet…

The Greedy High-Jacking of Human Consciousness for Profit might not have been exactly the plan.

I don’t think the highjacking of human consciousness by Rothschild the Ashkenazi was also part of the plan. 

The identity-thieving Khazarian Mafia had assumed a new identity when our brother Jesus Christ walked this Planet. In the first-century Rothschild aka Khazarian Mafia went as far as actively trying to stop God’s prophecy about the King Yeshua of Nazareth from being fulfilled.

Not only that but, the stolen “identity” I’m talking about had been stolen hundreds of years prior by the overthrowing and overtaking of The 10 Lost Tribes by Neo-Babylon aka Khazarian Mafia. Thus the House of David had been successfully “make-believe” usurped. 

It is always “make-believe” when one is actually trying to stop God’s plan, God’s Will and God’s prophecies from being fulfilled. This is what the arrogant insane Ashkenazis don’t seem to grasp. They believe that by simply convincing us of their scam, they can carry on. 

The Israelites in the times of Jesus, who were the descendants of the two remaining tribes, the ones that were not lost the Tribe of Joseph and the Tribe of Benjamin did not have the full story about their father King David. They were living a great violet and brutal deception.

Guess who manufactured the deception? Guess what was being manufactured or distorted? What did they lie about? What did they oppress people with? They distorted and lied about religion. The brutally distorted true Nature of God. For the purpose of HuMan consciousness highjacking for slavery.

Jesus came to show us where Freedom Is.

We are not here to be slaves. 

But please, point to me one human being around you who is not“acting” as if they are a Rothschild slave: bowing to scam legalese, paying taxes, paying for energy and the lot! In other words, paying Rothschild to exist on this Planet!

 It’s bloody blasphemy! This planet is God’s, not Rothschild’s.

If you pay for energy, gas, electricity and water, if food costs you trillions more than planting it or farming it yourself. If you slave away for the right to own property as a HuMan on Planet Earth, which is your Birthright, and not something you have to pay Rothschild for. If pay any of the taxes in Rothchild’s ridiculously long list of taxes he imposes on you. If you pay interest, fees, licenses, and fines or similar scams. If you bow down to the scam legalese system, if you are assisting Rothschild to annihilate Humanity with your OBEDIENCE you need to learn about the Law. The Law of the Land, which is the Law of God which is the only Law that applies to HuMans.

The Law of the Land the Law of God is Do Not Harm. That Is the Law.

You have a slave mentality if you do not honour your God-given Free Will. God Created you Free.

What is your journey? what do you will to do? What’s the highest vision of yourself you can imagine? What do you desire to experience? That’s what you are here to do.

Connect with your Higher Self for guidance

Your Higher Self is the part of you that is eternally in the presence of God. One with God. This part of you is the whole of you. What you experience as you, your body and mind is not the whole of you. 

Your Celestial Team are your Stars. 

You star family. Your Angeles, guardians, guides, protectors, your ancestors, your stars are your celestial team.

Look at the Starts. 

When I was little, in a clear night sky, we could see billions of stars from anywhere in the world, even from my balcony in Valencia, Spain. There were so many stars that it was impossible to count them all. Layer upon layer, billions upon billions of stars.

Does anyone remember this? 

It wasn’t that long ago. At the time there were sayings concerning God and the stars and the Universe. Sayings related to infinity and eternity because of the large number of light beings in the night sky, sayings about God’s love for us concerning the stars. 

Does anyone remember these sayings?

Humanity is in a deep state of imposed amnesia.

If you do remember, do you ever wonder what happened to the infinite number of stars in the night sky of planet Earth? 

What happened to the stars in our sky is Geoengineering, Chemtrails, weather modification, blocking the Sun and all the other atrocities that will soon come to light. The atrocities by the Terrorist State of Israel and their gangster puppets across Organised Crime Establishments posing as governments. To know who all these “people” are by name visit the internet website of the World Economic Forum. They are perpetrating monstrosities against us and against Mother Gaia. Going as far as removing from our sight anything that can remind us of the Divine, God, our True Nature, the Stars, and the Universe.

I will not shut up about this. I will speak it out persistently. It is our right to defend ourselves against delusional plans. We the People have a voice and it is the Voice of God. Let our voice be heard.

The fact that an infinite star-filled sky on any given night from any location on our Planet Earth sounds more like a myth than a fact is evidence of amnesia. The fact that the chances your children will be seeing an infinitely star-filled sky tonight are thin, is unfair. This fact clearly shows that this is by design in keeping with the Transhumanist agenda. They think they can eliminate all life from planet Earth. They are attempting to completely remove all that is Real, such as Love and even the stars from our Consciousness.

Our Divine Nature

Unless we do something, we’ve been severed from our very physical connection with the Universe, which is our Divine Nature. They have cruelly removed our ability to “see” the Universe right there, every night like we used to. Because the Universe reminds us of Who We Are, What We Are and our power. And Rothchild’s slavery would be completely gone out of the face of the Earth, our conscious awareness, the moment more humans become conscious of the TRUTH. That moment Rothschild will vanish from existence as soon as Truth raises to the surface of human consciousness.

As a child I used to count the stars looking out the window from my bed instead of counting sheep, to fall asleep. As a child, I instinctively knew that if I stared at the stars for long enough I would be given some kind of message, secret or revelation. Something would be whispered to me in the wind if I was patient enough.  

Little did I know that my stars were sending me messages, secrets and revelations whether I was patient or not, they were watching me from the stars and also here, right here with me. They are my star family. We are a team. That’s how it’s done. We, HuMans experience life and they, our stars, guide us through our mission and destiny on this “tricky” Earth plane game.

Asking your Celestial Team for Guidance.

Connect with your stars. Your star family. Your guides and angels.

Some of you think that this is difficult or supernatural. You believe you can have faith in it, but you don’t believe you can experience this connection with your Celestial Team. Well, You can. Your desire and your intention to have, feel, see, hear and receive their help is all you need to see, how they have never left your side and how you are One with Spirit, One with your stars.

If you feel you need to be more active about connecting with your Divinity simply pray. Sometimes we might be unsure of how to pray. 

The Lord’s Prayer is the blueprint Jesus left us, for us to understand what prayer is and what is prayer for. The Lord’s Prayer is coded, it gives us the direct pathway steps to the Kindom of Heaven within. 

When I was a child the Lord’s Prayer was common knowledge. Anyone who could count to 10 also knew the Lord’s Prayer. How many of our children and young people know it nowadays?

Connect with your stars through prayer, desire, Will and intention. Your angels and guides will help you uncover and express your gifts, powers and abilities to manifest your creations, to experience the highest vision of yourself. 

Your angels will guide you in learning to relinquish the unquenchable destructive thirst of the ego. An illusion that is so powerful that can even kill you “in the game” because you have given it all your power. The ego is that part of you that bases all your choices on fear, it supports unreality and keeps building on the illusion, the false reality currently high-jacked and manufactured by Rothschild.

Step into Reality and leave Rothschild’s illusionary world behind you. You only need to allow the Light of Truth to shine in your consciousness. Be brave and have faith. It does feel precarious at first. Of course, it does! Because we have been blind all our lives and now we see. 

Bottom line it’s up to you: You continue in the illusion, which is this deception, coercion, and extortion the “pay- Rothschild” slavery model or you step onto Reality which is the “Jesus Freedom” live your Life model, as Jesus said.

Yes! Jesus said Reality is Freedom.

You didn’t know that did you? Hah! There’s a lot Jesus said you don’t know about.

You have to choose: Love or Fear?

 If you don’t choose the Transhumanists will choose for you, wait! the Transhumanists have already chosen for you, they have picked your path. To know what their plan for your life is go to Agenda 2030. In this case, when the choice has been made for you and you don’t agree, you simply say: No thanks!  It is called Free Will.

Fear, also known as Death is the belief in Separation

The collective Ego, Molock = Irrational collective behaviour. Insanity, what most call evil, is based and fed on the fear-backed belief system we are forcibly and by design enslaved this fear-based belief system also exists by choice, we have collectively allowed “this” to happen.

We can reverse it, nullify it or bin it! anytime we chose too.

We defeat insanity, fear, Molock, the collective ego, evil, satan, the Ashkenazis, the WEF psychopaths, all the same thing, only their expressions and manifestations vary; we defeat Molock by knowing that separation is not real. Simple as that, lol.

The ‘unreality’, the matrix, the image of the world they’ve put out there to control and manipulate us is not Real. It’s as fake as Hollywood.

By stepping into freedom and power with the Will to spiritually evolve, for our well-being, progress, growth and joy, happiness and Love’s fulfilled. We begin to live as Love manifested as Love expressed. As what we are. We are divine perfection in form.

Dare to taste Reality and enjoy Love in Eternity here and now. Have faith in what has faith in you.

Deprogramming is necessary. The Rothschild slavery brainwashing runs deep. We defeat darkness when we see that darkness is not real. 


Turn on the light!  

Open to Truth, allow the Light of your Inner Being which is the Light of God to shine from within you onto our Planet. 

The ego “made” illusions of “what life is” is based and fed on judgment, complex false belief systems and erroneous perceptions that support death because it’s backed by fear we “make up” this illusion to appear in our experience with the power of our thoughts. All thoughts are creative. 

Fear and the ego are not real, they are not a creation of God. They are an image, a picture, a lie they are illusions the voice of the ego and the substance of fear seem very real to us because we believe in them with all our being. Our belief in them makes them appear real because we say so. We have that power! We fervently support it with all our might, our energy in all its forms, thus we make the “illusion” seemingly super powerful and overwhelming. 

Yet it’s “made up” by a free Will split mind (split mind: confused, deceived) that chooses to support the fear-driven irreality presented by the ego – the ego which is a “made-up” image of self at different, to defend ourselves from separation at levels of existence. We fearfully bow to unreality instead of opening to the voice of Spirit which leads us to Reality, the Kindom of Heaven.

When the powerful HuMan focuses and invests all the creative power of their thoughts in a fear-based belief system run by manipulative controllers, guess what happens? 

Just look around. 

Everything Rothschild has used to manipulate us and enslave us is an Illusion – Not Real – It’s his version of your unreality, which he has manufactured for his benefit. Is your supportive and endorsing enslaved perception that keeps this unreality, this artificial matrix, appearing in your Life.

They have painted an illusory picture of a world which doesn’t exist. The legalese scam language together with all its scam rules, and the legal system itself, are a very good example of a fake reality based on deception, coercion, tyranny, extortion, violation, degradation and corruption. Not real, not a Creation of God. It is an illusion which you believe in and with that, you give it power over you, because that’s what legalese was created to do.

You believe in the legal system and the police force aka crime enforcement, tribunals, policies and legislation etc etc etc as if they were real. Furthermore, another example of Truth replaced with illusion, you believe the “law” dictated by Rothschild and his gang of criminals is the law and thus we live by it, thus we are enslaved by it, thus you bow to it for your demise and degradation.

Do Not Harm is the Law.
Do not steal or damage another’s Property.
Do not commit Fraud against another lying about them.
That is the Law.

None of the Rothschild scam bullshit legal system deceptive coercion money grabbing crap is the law.

Another detrimental illusory unreality is that in which you are mandated to pay taxes, lots of taxes, constantly and for the rest of your life even before you are born and throughout all of your reincarnations, whether you’ve lived 100 or 1000 times you will pay taxes throughout each one of them with you God-given life force energy. That is not reality! It’s a lie, you are not mandated to pay anybody for your existence on this Planet but you believe it you live by it. You live in a detrimental and degrading illusion. Which is doing you not illusory harm, but real harm.

 Tax is another word for labour, if someone forcibly takes your labour and gives you nothing in return for it, that’s called stealing, it is called slavery. 

Reality, Heaven, “The Promised Land”, God’s Creation supports life and is backed by Love. You co-create Reality and manifest it in your experience with your thoughts. You manifest what you believe.

Heaven and Love are Reality, ready to be enjoyed and to be used as your playground for creating. Heaven is God’s Creation for you, Love is what God created you as. Choose to experience Love, which is Truth which is Freedom.

Those that have ears let them Hear! Those that have eyes let them See.

Truth doesn’t need my help or your approval to Prevail. Truth is All there’s. All you need to let Truth shine in our Planet is to cease applying faithlessness. Truth calls in all the Faith that Is. Truth shines when you stop denying it with faithlessness.

Start with Your Free Will and Your Birthright to Be

As we have supported fear and its terrors with almost every drop of human blood, sweat and tears with our imagination and with all our mighty energy for thousands of years we have made “hell” a very real collective dream. Haven’t we?

It is the hell we are experiencing currently and for thousands of years past. Life is not supposed to be this shitty. Let’s just be honest, “this” is hell… our world … wars, famine, disease and constant crimes against humanity. This is the “upside-down”, yet Heaven is only three inches above, you need to raise your vibrations with the Love that comes from non-judgment and forgiveness. That’s the antidote. 

Your star family will guide you helping you connect with your spiritual power. Your star family will show you the way to healing past wounds, hurts, pain and trauma. 

Step one of the process and the only step you need to begin with is Self-Love and Free Will. Honour your Free Will, stop submitting your God-given Free Will to bullies.

Apply tons of Self-Love to You.

Open your heart, feel your Love in you, feel how large it is, it is infinite, it expands eternally and envelops all. See you lovely, treat you kindly, Love you, hug you, kiss you. Whisper your loving thoughts about you and for you, to you. Wish you well. Trust yourself. There’s Truth in you as you are Truth. Rest in you. Rest in your divine Soul. Rest in the comfort of your blessed heart. Rest in Love. Rest in your Being. Being in Love, Peace and Laughter. 


Be … Still … Know … You … Are… Love.

The pure energies of the Love You Are raise your vibrations right up when you let them freely flow through You, now in the gift, the Holy Instant, the Present. Allow the Mind of God in You. The Holy Spirit’s guidance, allowing only the …

highest thoughts, those that contain Joy, the highest words, those that contain Truth, the highest feelings, and those that contain Love. That is the Mind of God, everything else comes from other sources.

Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walch.

“This year Invest in Truth and Let it Work in Peace”.

Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles.