Rothschild, STOP Geoengeneering! STOP messing with the Weather in England and the rest of the World!

Stop Poisoning us!

This morning at 9am there was a perfect blue sky, not one cloud and no chemtrails planes flying around. I was about to have the have the best summer day, as we all have the right to have. It’s Summer it’s mid August. But no, within the hour Rothschild’s humanity treachery Chemtrails planes started and the sky is now covered with Artificial Clouds! STOP!

I’ve had enough! I want to enjoy summer time! I want to enjoy the Sun!

We have the right to. Rothschild I demand you let us Be in Peace! In the name of God! Peace is our Birthright!

I’m telling you you have gotten CAUGHT! We know what you are doing. We know what you are up to. You are not deceiving us or fooling us anymore. You are FORCING your deception against our Free Will to our faces with our Knowledge, not with our consent by lies deception. You are resorting to FORCING your Unreality, your deception, your enslavement system, your artificially fabricated matrix AGAINST our Will and with our full knowledge of all your CRIMES. That’s against the rules and it’s not going to do! It will not do Rothschild!

You carry on and you are going to be kicked out so far away out of this Universe that you won’t know what’s hit you, and no, it won’t be to become “a fallen Angel” in another planet like you are ARROGANTLY claiming through the deceived Secret Space Programs community.

You Rothschild and gang are one big, fat delusional crew.

WARNING: Stop messing with the weather on Planet Earth! It is not your planet to mess with!