Above All Exercise Your Free Will Always

Your only weapon against the forces of darkness is your own Unique Free Will. 

Exercise your free Will at all times! There’s nothing else to do than exercise your Free Will.

Open your heart to the power that it is You. Exercise free Will and focus on what you do. 

What do those who are Created in the Image and Likeness of the Creator do? We Create!

Creation is the Power that is in you. Love Created you like herself. You are exactly like God, you are Love. Love is the power of Creation, Love is Creation Love is the Creator, Love is You. That’s where the saying “Love is all there Is” comes from.

Be one hundred per cent in touch with your Free Will, what do you will? What do you desire? Exercise Free Will at all times. Do not sway from your Free Will, do not forsake, betray and dishonour yourself. That is forsaking, betraying and dishonouring God’s Creation. Exercise the Free Will you were Created to enjoy!  

That is the only way to ensure you are safe! That all is and will be well. Free Will is the only way to ensure you get where you want to get. Your destination and your destiny.

Submitting to coercion and tyranny is losing the Real battle. We need to invest in Truth and let it work in Peace. 

You are right! always right with all your choices only as long as you Exercise your Free Will.

If you are a child of God, God created you gifted with Free Will. Don’t reject God’s gift, which is there to protect you, to show you who and what you truly are and to take you in the most exciting and unique journey of power and self-mastery in the awakening to Being a fully Realised Human.

If you are submitting to coercion, acting out of and because of fear, following the crowds to blend with the masses, virtue signalling, adhering to other people’s thoughts and opinions for your life in your life, obeying for the sake of obeying because of programming and tv, bowing down to oppression and dissatisfaction, giving away your wealth and life force to Rothschild, allowing yourself to be forced to do what you do not will to do. If you are stuck in your slave mentality, all your choices will always be wrong always and you will not be safe, and you will not make it through to the next level.

The only way is your way, the way God gave you for you to follow, the way guided by your Free Will. 

With Your Free Will You honour the Unique Creation of God that you are.

If you renounce of your Free Will if you give it up then you have nothing and Rothschild will end you as they self-destruct themselves. Don’t allow the System to destroy you before it self-destructs. Do Not Neglect your Free Will.

Over the past three years, we’ve lived closer to fiction than fact. Upside down and backwards! 

So much has been said, seen, and done! 

Some of us have been shocked to our cores and continue to be shocked with more shocking news they want to squeeze the last sigh out of us by force and deception. They want to remove our Will to live. 

I have felt and witnessed reality bending way out of shape disproportionately morphing in all sorts of previously unimaginable scenarios! The illusory reality we are engaging in at the moment is so horrendously deformed that cannot be put back to how it was. It’s impossible. We must progress onto a new order of Reality.

Heaven on Earth has always been the end-game location for Humanity.

I started this journey saying: I don’t know what to believe, who to believe, what to do where do I turn? Who do I listen to?

I was guided. I didn’t even need to ask, my guidance was long ago planned and orchestrated according to divine timing and unfolding eternally.

I have been guided in the most amazing journey of “full disclosure” of the hidden history of humankind and the current humanity Consciousness high-jacking scam for the enslavement of God’s children.

Now I know a vital and the most important thing that you must get: Above all Exercise your free Will always.