AI = Artificial Inferiority

AI = Artificial Infinite Inferiority


A note about the ChatGPT Deception:  I ask in advance that you endeavour to apply common sense while reading the following text. Use critical thinking, but most of all, attempt to experience your heart and engage your consciousness intentionally. Allow for the expansion of your awareness. 

Common sense has been systematically removed from the majority of the population on Planet Earth. This results from the attack on human consciousness, which we have endured over millennia. 

Think about it; some people believe they can no longer answer the question: What is a Woman? 

How is that for a “successful” attack on human consciousness?

Our consciousness is the Light in us that contains inner Knowing.

However, it is time to claim back our common sense. All you need to do to claim it back is apply it daily. 

You must look closely at this blatantly ridiculous AI Artificial Inferiority attempted takeover. I’m SHOCKED at how many of you falling for the AI trap set up by the Elite, aka the Parasite Class, the ultimate trap intending to destroy humanity and exchange it with Transhumanism. 

AI is infinitely Inferior.

I don’t know if they use the word “Intelligence” to laugh hard at you to your face as you repeat it as a mantra or what? Come on! They’ve got to be kidding us! 

Perhaps you see Artificial Inferiority as superior to you and your abilities and as a trusted “friend” to take over your business, clients, audience, creativity, the making of You, your Life, your consciousness. 

Great!!! Good for you!!! I’m not interested. 

I know no way in HEAVEN or EARTH AI Artificial Inferiority can even come close to reaching any minute fraction of my God-given creator abilities, skill, talent, expansion, Love and uniqueness. To know this is a fact, I only need to know myself. I know what and who I am.

I’m addressing this post to the human beings that assisted in the shaping of me. 

This is my response to your one thousand emails in which you do nothing but PUSH Artificial Inferiority on me like there’s no tomorrow!

You are Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Film Industry experts in all areas. Marketers. Course Creators. Inspirational Speakers. Business Strategists. Incredibly inspiring, creative, artistic, devoted individuals that have changed the World with their UNIQUE humanity. Their uniquely expressed, carefully and thoughtfully manifested authenticity. Their gift to all, their most authentic selves brought forth intentionally with the desire to inspire others. How beautiful is that! 

Each of their Creations is their gift to humanity, and each gift is a unique everlasting, always expanding expression of Love.

I know these people who I deeply admire and are in my inbox permanently have changed the World. 

You know who you are if you are in touch with the activity in your mailing list. 

I’ve replied at least once to all of you. I’ve bought some and in some cases all of your products. I have attended your webinars. I’ve read your Ebooks. I have read your emails on multiple occasions. I have completed your video series, 7-day challenges, and online courses. I have joined your Facebook pop-up groups. I was there! I’m one of yours!

And boy! Have I learnt, Have I grown, have I changed! Yes! You have made me rich!

I know you have changed the World because you have changed me. You have helped me shape who I am. You have called me higher; you have caused me to reach inside into the most authentic expression of me. On many occasions, you have shown me the way when I didn’t know the “how to”. You’ve done a marvellous thing! You have assisted in the expression of me! For so, it Is! We are One. 

You have lovingly instructed me with your own unique and precious version of what it is to be a human. A gift found nowhere else in this Universe but in You.

And now….

You are PUSHING AI Artificial Inferiority!

Well, now, I pass, thanks. Nice knowing You! I’m very grateful! So much so that I dedicate this post to you.

It is too sad to watch…

If you are like me, you receive about 25-30 emails per day; around half of those emails are from mailing lists I have subscribed to over the years. I have picked the best ones. The most inspiring, the most real, they have stayed in my inbox; I have not wished to unsubscribe because their information and coaching were of great value to me.

Sadly, now all their emails say one thing in unison: You must use AI IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t you want to cry? I do. This is AGENDA 2030, my friends.

All my contacts, sellers, Marketers, Coaches everyone I’ve ever subscribed to is PUSHING AI Artificial Inferiority. This it’s a shame! All these years, I thought these people were intelligent; they were my heroes. I thought they had a capacity for critical thinking and common sense. They stood in my Life as a great force for Human progress and advancement. 

In Creation, no two things are the same; everything is unique. Every one of the 7 billion humans on this Planet is UNIQUE. Also, every animal, every tree, every flower, every leaf. There’s no copy or repetition, only eternal Creation.

Love’s Uniqueness Expands Eternally in Creation

Creation is the everlasting, eternal expansion of infinitely unique expressions of Love.

I won’t compare what I’ve described above, Creation, with AI Artificial Inferiority. I will not disgrace this piece of writing so. 

AI Artificial Inferiority exits out of a tiny fraction of you, that fraction which they call your “DATA”.

How much DATA have you donated to the Internet so far? Your personal details and forms you’ve filled in. Your browsing history and browsing preferences. Specific profiles in all different types of accounts. Shopping lists, shopping preferences. Regular commentary on Facebook, tweets here and there. A bunch of emails with thoughts, ideas, opinions, and information. Some of us have donated a lot of our knowledge to the Internet. We have donated the written or visual expression of our dreams, hopes and desires. On many occasions, we have donated our opinions and our beliefs. Sometimes we have donated our imagination. 

However, AI Artificial Inferiority is incapable of grasping what imagination is; AI operates in an infinitely lower and inferior order of Reality.

AI Artificial Inferiority cannot imagine what you are; thus, if it can’t even imagine what you are or grasp your power, how do you believe it can compete with you in any way, form or manner? And even be more than you!? Ridiculous! AI doesn’t have the capability of imaging anything, let alone creating. 

You are a Creator. Whatever a machine is in comparison to you is irrelevant because it cannot be compared to you.

AI can’t grasp the magnitude of what you are. 

You are Life force. Consciousness. Light. Love. Truth. AI Artificial Inferiority can’t grasp any of that, let alone copy or imitate it.

What and who you really are is completely meaningless to AI; in other words, AI doesn’t even understand what you are. AI Artificial Inferiority has no Knowing; it doesn’t understand Truth.

Artificial Inferiority is oblivious to Reality. 

I’ll tell you how much you have donated to AI: not much at all because Artificial Inferiority can’t grasp much! It’s not human! There’s no Life force in it. 

If we want to put it in the context of percentages, you have donated not even 0,000000000000000000000001 % of the magnitude of what you really are. 

But with that,  Artificial Inferiority AI takes that “nothing” fraction of you, your DATA and copies it, re-copies it, imitates it, re-imitates it. Most importantly, AI mixes your DATA with the WEF’s Agenda 2030 lies, deception and the takeover system of beliefs, ideology, mind control and mind abduction for the violent destruction of human consciousness. 

AI Artificial Inferiority shakes all that up and presents it to you as “high quality and highly original content”?!

buaaaaaahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (hysterical laughing) 

And you are falling for it!

AI is YOUR DATA shitted on by Annus Swab, stirred, and fed back to you and your children, my friend.

Wacht the ruling Parasite class Industries HUNGRY FOR YOUR DATA

Are you watching?

For instance, the NHS will not be treating you in person any more; all they want is your DETAILED DATA about everything personally medical that happens to you. Be shocked by the questions you will be asked when you use their app and fill in their forms, hoping to get medical assistance. 

Also, watch Apple! Hahahahahahahah! 

It’s ridiculous! I have to laugh!

The next generation of Apple phones includes a Dairy! App for you! A Dairy that you fill in every day with all your DATA. And, and, wait! Your photos! Apple will apply automatic timelines and stories to your photos, telling the “story”, in other words, telling you what’s going on in your life or making it up in accordance with your photos (I’m dribbling!). And also, there’s a “friend psychologists” App that comes ready to use. You can tell this new friend everything. Anything that’s on your mind! Chat to this app! No need to be lonely if you have your phone. Type in DATA!

Also, companies like META are creating a digital version of you. An Artificial, Infinitely Inferior version of you.

Artificial Inferiority uses your DATA to fill its Infinitely Inferior Internet of Things. Lol! And you are sucking up to it like it is progress! Come off it! You are falling for it, you fool!

What ChatGPT does is search for people’s content over and across the Internet, mix it all up shits on it with mixes it with World Economic Forum, Bill Gates dogma, indoctrination, confusion, non-existent opinions, pro-death, anti-life destructive ideology, lies, deception and most all brain maiming confusion for our children.

Then AI presents the above cocktail Molotov as original high-quality content. And you believe it?!! What a SUCKER! Sucking up to the Elite, aka the Parasite class, are we?

Or did you think that Artificial Infinite Inferiority “creates” high-quality original content, businesses workflows, marketing material etc., out of nothing, all by itself? Magically!? You need a lot of dumb faith to believe that.

AI needs to be programmed and taught. It can’t create anything. It can only make copies of copies of copies, imitate, imitations of imitation, with the added bonus that it is infested, plagued, and savagely mixed in with Agenda 2030.

There’s absolutely nothing original or high-quality about AI. There can never be and never will be. Simply because that’s not how Life works. I’m not talking about the general sense of what Life means. I’m talking about the deeper sense. What makes Life, Life, what makes you alive. The power of your breathing. The aliveness in you. Your existence. Your reason for being here. The true expression of who you are.

Try asking AI what the meaning of Life, as I explain above, is. AI doesn’t know! It cannot grasp it.

So, if you depend on Life for your existence, AI is not what you should look at next in your life.

AI is death, not Life; it is Transhumanism; it is the eradication from Planet Earth of humanity and all that humanity represents. It attempts to destroy all natural biological life forms and put Artificial “botchery”, Inferiority, and malicious synthetic biology in place of God’s Creation.

That’s delusional; the Parasite Class are a bunch of lunatics! Thinking they can replace God’s Creation with botch Artificial Inferiority

They know they can’t do that. It’s impossible! But they also know that all needed is to convince you they can do it.

You are not only consenting and volunteering to the WEF’s plan. You are evangelising for your own destruction with AI and sending me multiple emails per day asking me to join you in this foolishness!

I’m a Human, and I like it. 

You can’t program AI with or teach AI what makes you Human, what Life is or how to Create. What do you expect AI will do for you? Please specify. I’m genuinely curious.

Artificial Inferiority can never replicate what gives you the ability to be inspired, think, imagine, dream, and manifest your greatest desires to Create in the image and likeness of the Creator. This is obvious! I don’t need PHD on Common Sense to get this. Do you? 

Having said all the above, it would be ok if we could state that “AI won’t be progress or advancement for humanity but the opposite, yet it won’t do any harm; it might even be fun and cool.” 


AI is a WEF tool. A Rothschild tool. An Anus Swab tool. A Bill Gates tool. An Human Consciousness enslavement tool. They are PUSHING, and in the same breath, they are normalising Bioengineering and secretly illegally harvesting human DNA using vibrational frequency tuning for brain manipulation and mind control. 

AI is the humanity slavers’ ultimate botch tool for Transhumanism.

Artificial Inferiority is botchery! Machine learning does not sound like something that can “create” high-quality original content. Or create anything, for that matter. Please refer to the part I ask for common sense to be applied while reading. 

Yes, AI is a botchery like everything these lunatics do.

Do you know what their bioengineering is based on? Do you know what their science is for “making” lab-grown organisms, “new” lab-grown Gates’ patented unholy, unwholesome lad-grown substances for you to consume, substances that do not come from nature yet you are expected to eat it! 

 Do you know how what they call bioengineering works?

The “science” is all about selecting a bunch of genetically modified bacteria, mixing them together and seeing what happens over time.

That’s botchery.

The information is out there in decades-worth papers, studies and peer reviews. Detailed descriptions of all their processes. They don’t do anything without telling you to your face. It’s all there in plain sight. 

They assume you are not going to bother educating yourself. They don’t believe you will get informed before you buy your Bill Gates lab-grown meat and serve it to your children for dinner. 

AI is what that nutter Annus Swab’s Assistant of the WEF says is going to use to hack your brain, remove your free Will, and embed you with the machine. Also, that’s how he will gain superpower, god-like powers! He says this loud and clear repeatedly. He says he will even create the AI religion for you to have faith in Artificial Inferiority. 

Yeah, that bad! They want to remove the humanity in us by using their spiritual beliefs! Hahahahahahahahah! It couldn’t be more twisted. Lol, you can’t make this shit up!

A tool PUSHED and used by this particular class, the Elite, the Parasite Class. I would not trust it to be harmless. Especially now, given that Parasite Class is currently openly depopulating Planet Earth. 

You are so eager to quickly switch your humanity for Artificial Inferiority and to swap your Creations for shitted-upon copies of “NOTHING” I have my doubts about whether you are still able to apply common sense, or perhaps not; perhaps you are thrilled, excited and can’t wait to leave common sense to Artificial Inferiority.

We Are One!