Make Your Warmongering Western Politicians Shut their Mouths and Let There Be Peace!

Let these Rothschild agents in their Time is Up. 2000 years Overdue!

Have you heard the word Peace come out of the mouths of any Western Politicians once?

No, you have not because they want war! So that they can keep thieving all of our Wealth and resources and kill us while they are at it.

They are doing this as if it is for you. Your government representatives who work for you, who must reflect your desires and work towards accomplishing your wishes, are saying that you want this permanent war that has been their business model for over millennia. 

Is that so? Do you want war? Do you wish for your own destruction? Do you wish to put all your energy and resources at the service of death, famine and sickness?

Do you?

If not, why do you allow your representatives, your bloodthirsty politicians, these criminal liars posing as an authority? Why do you allow these warmongers to scream WAR! WAR! WAR! On your behalf?

Why don’t you remove them from their self-proclaimed authority seats? Stop paying their wages. Confiscate from these lying thieves everything they have stolen from us from We, the People of Planet Earth.

Why don’t we send them to prison for their crimes against humanity? Why do we allow them to keep the war going on our behalf when we do not wish for the war to go on? 

Make the warmongers Western Politicians Shut their Mouths and Let There Be Peace! 

No institution can force Free Independent People into War. 

Furthermore, ALL of the Wealth and the resources on Earth belong to us, the people. Wealth and Prosperity on Planet Earth belong to Pro-Life human beings who are living and breathing and Sovereign! Because that is God’s Will. 

Let’s take back what is ours. All of it! Let’s do it now!

The Wealth of our Planet does not belong to Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Annus Swab, Macron, Larry Page, or Trudeau! BlackRock members or any such CRIMINALS who are less than 1% of our population. They are simply a thieving gang of deluded parasites. 

Our planet’s Wealth does not belong to any of these HUMONGOUS, DISGUSTING PRICKS! 

Inhuman Bastards who have systematically STOLEN everything from us! They have attempted to suck us dry of our life force energy, and now they are openly killing everybody!

What the hell! 

Seize everything they’ve stolen from us and send them to prison! What are we waiting for!?

We must raise and stop them by simply saying No! Rejecting all their lies, rejecting everything that comes out of their mouths. Rejecting their increasing INSANITY in all areas of our society, from all areas 

God is on our side, not theirs!

You will not be able to recover the loss of Life perpetrated by the gang of criminals and mafiosos mentioned above over many centuries across the history of Humankind. But, please, let’s stop them now! Enough is Enough. They are attacking Human Consciousness! They seek to eradicate all progress humanity has made from the beginning of creation. 

Artificial Inferiority

They plan to put AI: Artificial Inferiority, in place of God’s creation.

For all of the ignorants out there who are dribbling all over the AI shiny deception, let me tell you this: AI has nothing to do with intelligence. In case that’s not obvious to you due to the brainwashing, it should be called AII= Artificial Infinite Inferiority.

And they are succeeding because you are a sucker for the Elite, aka the Parasite Class.

You allow it, and with the power of your free Will, you grant them permission to destroy you by sucking up to AI. By listening to their lies and believing them, by participating in their plans, injecting yourself with poison because they say: “protect each other,” and you go and fucking believe it. You volunteer to your own destruction when you continue to pay taxes to these Criminals.

Don’t pay another penny unless you are a coward.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. You must answer to no one but God! 

We are Free

We are One

As with every war! All manufactured for the destruction of Humankind.