The Way of Love – The Teachings of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene Teach Love

The Power of The Way, the Truth that comes Only through Love and Forgiveness. 

When you live as Love Expressed, you can Create Heaven on Earth. It is imperative that you begin with Self Love. Allow yourself all your Love, All the Love there Is. Allow the Love of the Universe to flow freely through and around you, as that is The Way.

Why does The Way teach Love and only Love?

Because it is a nice eerie new-age peace-man jolly thing to do, and “Love one another” is written in the Bible. 

No, those are not the reasons.

The Way teaches Love, because, Love, Self Love, Loving, and feeling Loved, experiencing Love, living your life as Love expressed and most of all, knowing that you are Love, thus Love is the truest and most genuine expression of You, will raise your vibrations to the frequency that matches that of the perfect flow of the Universe, Truth.

Do everything in Love, and thy shall be made perfect.

Thankfully, some of Jesus’ teachings did make it to The Bible!

That’s where the saying “Love is the answer” comes from. 

When you choose Love, you open to, become conscious of, and you live in the Light of Truth. You become the physical embodiment of Truth. Truth sets you Free. You can reflect Heaven on Earth. 

Love is the frequency that matches your True Being because Love is precisely what You are. Love is who You are. At the high vibrational frequency of Love, we become aware of our eternal, unbreakable connection with Source God. We finally experience the Kingdom of Heaven within ourselves. Never for a second have we ever been separated from God. 

When we live at the highest Love vibrational frequency, as Love expressed, we are able to see and understand the next step: To Create Heaven on Earth here and now. 

To expand your awareness of Love and how it flows freely through you and all around you, forgiveness is of utmost importance.

Yes, I know we don’t particularly like to “fully” forgive “really” absolutely “everything”. We like to hold on to our grudges; they give us a false sense of power “over” and identity, the power of the victim, which is no power at all. We feel safe holding on to scars and pain, “victimhood” makes us feel we deserve something! A little something, at least. Oh, poor us!

And thus, we forfeit everything!

If we only knew that we already have everything because we deserve everything and will never be satisfied with anything else, then we wouldn’t attempt the futility of exchanging everything for “a little something.” 

We choose the disempowerment victimhood to “at least deserve a little something!” when we choose to hold on to the hurt of the past. 

Perpetually starting into our hurts fills our being and life with fear-based manifestations. Holding on to the darkness of the negativity of judgment, guilt, condemnation and lack of forgiveness, we “overlook” Reality. 

To tune in with Reality, simply stay connected with Love.

Instead of closing our eyes because we believe in what is not there -darkness, pain, hurt, the past, the world of Illusion made out of fear- we must open our hearts because we believe in what IS. Love. Truth, Reality, God’s Promise, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is in You.

So, why is forgiveness so important? Simply because judgment and holding grudges keep you in a low vibration. Also, forgiveness kills two birds with one stone, to put it bluntly, or you can always go to “A Course in Miracles” for a detailed explanation. 

But to put it bluntly…

First, you can only be judged by yourself; God doesn’t judge you, let alone anyone else! If not even God judges you, let no other being do so, or if they do, you shouldn’t care at all; it shouldn’t affect you in the slightest.

All judgement which leads to guilt, which arrives in condemnation, which brings more fear and enforces the dream of separation, is self-imposed. All the judgement you feel against yourself results from your own thoughts, perceptions and choices.

Thus you can only be judged by how you judge; judgment exists only in your egoic mind. When you do not judge and simply forgive all. You not only experience your invulnerability – no one can hurt you – but also become aware of your sheer guiltless, Holly, You. You forgive All, and you are forgiven of all simultaneously, by You and All, which is the same. We are One.

You offer the gift of Freedom to All when you Offer it to Yourself, and vice-versa. These “seemingly” two different actions are One and the same thing. We are One.

Stop judging others, and your self-judgment vanishes, and a HUGE load instantly lifts off your shoulders. You experience your guiltlessness and invulnerability. And you Feel free, and you are Free to Be.

You allow yourself to Be.

Be the highest, most beautiful, most inspiring, most delicious and most fulfilling version of yourself. Be whatever you desire. Now you know the Truth. You know you have everything … Let There Be Light! 

You see the Truth: in Reality, we are invulnerable. No one can hurt us because we are created in the Image and likeness of God, and no one can hurt God. In Reality, no one is guilty of anything. We are Holly. No one ever was guilty. Least of all You.

How does that feel? Well, that’s the Truth.

This is a game we are playing…

The name of the game is: Learn The Way to Create Heaven on Earth. That is, learn to comfortably and lovingly step into your Real You, live as Love Expressed and be True to the highest vision of yourself. 

In other words, experience the Kingdom of Heaven within You. 

What’s experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven within yourself? You may ask. Well, it is exactly that; Knowing that God is in you. Heaven is in you. Knowing that you are the Power of Creation. Knowing that you can create whatever you want in this life in this body. Heaven is available Now! We don’t have to wait for the afterlife.

You begin to experience the Kingdom of God within You when you open to Love and Truth. 

Knowing the Truth. How do you know the Truth? The Truth is what IS beyond the dark veil of illusory negativity, make-believe unreality. Darkness is fake; turn on the Light!

Let There Be Light! 

Let There Be Truth!

Let There Be Love! 

And you will see that darkness has no effect because when set against the Light, it doesn’t Exist. Turn on the Light, and you will see that you have always been in Heaven. 

Raise your vibration to the highest Love frequency you can imagine and desire.

When we choose to remain in the low vibrational frequency of fear, which expresses itself in many terror-driven ways, we live a false reality far beneath, below, and infinitely inferior to our greatest potential in this life.

Why is this so?

Because it is how it works. It is the processes of the Universe; you cannot live in fear, disempowerment and slavery and expect a life of great Love, fulfilment and abundance. It is senseless. Is it not?

It’s truly insane, but that is what we have been doing for millennia. 

Easa, Yeshua, Jesus Christ, your Loving Brother, the Son of God, came 2000 years ago to lead people to Freedom. It wasn’t a freedom too far away from the actual yoke of oppression from tyrannical, money-hungry, political and religious rulers. In fact, it was exactly that freedom, freedom from bondage, slavery, oppression, draconian rules, forced taxation, the degradation of the divine feminine and with that, war, poverty, famine, sickness and death, all nicely packaged as “The Warth of a Vengeful” god who wants you to shut up, not even attempt to think, just obey.

A typical Rothschild deception!

Yes, people desire freedom from oppression, yet people need to set themselves free in their hearts and minds. This can only be done individually; that’s where the saying “no one is coming to save you” comes from.

Yeshua came to teach people how to break free from bondage, the bondage of the Mind that was firmly engraved in the Spirit due to centuries of hate, dogma, indoctrination, cruelty, tyranny and slavery, bringing misery, poverty and darkness to the people. We volunteered for this situation in which we are struggling. We could have always chosen freedom. Luckily, we can still choose freedom, and we have done so. The Teacher is here to lead us on to the completion of what we started 2000 years ago.

Our forefathers were indoctrinated with strict dogma filled with hatred, intolerance, judgment, prejudice, condemnation, and guilt. Not only this, but they took these horrendous belief systems and used them as enforced law, calling it godly, believing it “righteous” government, religion and the enslaving banking system were tightly embedded with fear base dogma and indoctrination under the pain of death. 

This faulty belief system based on fear, condemnation, guilt, sin, hell, sacrifice, and the cross! And all things bad and negative, punishment and an angry hopeless god who has to kill the “only” perfect son he managed to create to save all the imperfect ones. That’s the rest of us, worthless sinners! 

Come on! How can any of that be godly! It’s a ridiculous story created with one sole purpose. It is but a thick black smokescreen, a veil that blinds us from Reality, Love.

Self Love begins with allowing yourself to be as God created you: Free. 

By allowing Truth to touch your heart, you let there be Light.

That’s where the saying “The Truth Will Set You Free” comes from. 

You can never stop being what you are, but you can hide from the awareness of what you are simply by remaining in the frequency of fear and focusing on fear. 

Let there be Light, Love and The. Truth Will Set You Free.