Offer Only Love to All in All for All with All. This is The Way.

Allow the Holy Mind of God in You to shine forth into the world. Clear your mind of false perceptions.

 Clear your mind; Let there be Light. Let there be Truth that shines with Love on your mind and removes all perceptions based on fear, indoctrination, programming, hurt, pain, guilt, and disempowerment; Clear your mind off the weight of the past and clear it of fear of the future for past and future are not. Reality is Now.

Offer only Love to All in All for All with All this is The Way. The Way to Creating Heaven on Earth, it is Love! Love that comes Only through non-judgment and forgiveness.

Reality is You, Your life force, Love, Here and Now, Reality is in the Present, and it’s Eternal. 

Stop judging yourself. Forgive yourself. See yourself as you are: Guiltless and Invulnerable, and thus do to others as you do to yourself. Forgive your brothers and sisters. What you do for others, you do for yourself. Forgiving others and forgiving yourself are but the same. One can’t be without the other. 

To experience the Power of Love, Source, God that you are raised to the frequency that Creates worlds, offer only Love to All in All for All with All this is The Way to creating Heaven on Earth. 

Do you want to be forgiven? 


You are forgiven! Furthermore, you were never guilty, never have been, never will be.

Do you want to feel forgiven?

Then simply give forgiveness, and you will experience the blessings of your gift of forgiveness.

“Those who have learnt to offer only healing because of the reflection of Holiness in them are ready at last for Heaven. Their Holiness is not a reflection but rather the actual condition of what was but reflected to them here.'”

Jesus Christ – A Course in Miracles –

“Reflect the Peace of Heaven here and bring this world to Heaven, for the reflection of Truth draws everyone to Truth, and as they enter into it, they leave all reflections behind. In Heaven, Reality is shared and not reflected by sharing its reflection. Here, its Truth becomes the only perception the Son of God accepts, and thus, remembrance of his Father dawns on him. He can no longer be satisfied with anything but his own Reality.”

Jesus Christ – A Course in Miracles –