Usury has been FORBIDDEN on Planet Earth for Thousands of Years!

Usury has been FORBIDDEN on Planet Earth for Thousands of Years! 

What is usury?

Usury is the method employed by Rothschild to implant in you the false belief that you are in debt.

Usury is the method employed to make you think that you owe Trillions of money to Rothschild. To make you think that you owe your very life force existence to Rothschild.

Usury is the method employed to force you to believe that you have to pay for your life, that you have to pay Rothschild for your right to live on Planet Earth where God put you. You have been forced to believe that you have to pay Rothschild to live in the home God created for you free of charge. 

Usury tools of enslavement include but are not limited to…

Credit Cards. Interest Rates on Loans. Bank Charges. Mortgages, Debt-Based Central Banking, Inflation…

Usury is combined with other Rothschild scams such as Government, the government’s role is to oppress you! Can’t you see that? Forcing you to inject poison into your body and robbing you of as much money as you would give them, Threatening you with robbing your belongings or commit you to prison if you don’t pay the Mafia abominable Rothschild!

Imposed Taxation is a Criminal Offence. It is an Act of Terrorism: Affidavit. Why do you Consent to it? Why do you volunteer to theft and murder?

Please note, they are not merely offering this poison. They are pushing you forcing you to agree to poisoning yourself! They are doing this left, right and Center.

They are pushing poisonous injections aka covid-19 vaccines at airports where AIRPORT STAFF CRIMINALS, acting as mercenaries in no man’s land are force vaccinating and force PCR testing non consenting humans beings (huge breach of FREE Will) that have paid to use the Airport Services not to be forced POISONED! STOP using AIRPORTS. Travel across the world independently and FREELY

Legalese, Taxation, Paying for Energy (when energy is FREE) and, of course, the crime, corruption and degradation of the human soul that goes on behind the scenes, perpetrated by Rothschild & Con. Co. Your so called leaders their fake media vomiters and their delusional greedy and dumb technocrats.

Let’s not forget that you are FORCED to pay for filthy, poisoned recycled TOILET water for you to drink it all nicely up!

My friend, there’s water 300 meters down under Earth across the globe! This fresh drinking underground water is infinite! It’s always been created! It doesn’t run out that’s how God set up. Because believe it or not, God knows what he is doing.

When a device that easily indicated where to dig for water was discovered centuries ago, Rothschild accused the discoverer of witchcraft! How very convenient!

Why would Rothschild do that? Because Rothschild wants you to pay for his filthy fluoride-poisoned toilet water, and he wants you to drink it up.

This toilet water packed full of fluoride serves Rothschild nicely because fluoride solidifies your Pineal Gland. Your pineal gland is your inbuilt, natural direct connection “device” with divinity, an antenna which connects you with the Mind of God.

Do you think Rothschild is doing this deliberately? Poisoning our land, air and water for a specific reason? I think human slavery is his reason. And I believe you are following suit and supporting Rothschild by paying. Stop that please! Stop supporting humanity’s demise and degradation, please!

These criminals need to be Stop and arrested. We the People have the right to defend ourselves when they are Openly trying to kill us all!