Rothschild has Stolen Centuries of Prosperity, Progress, Advancement and Enlightenment from Humankind!

First, he destroyed any trace or evidence of the Golden Age we reached. 

We had already learnt to harness free energy through the ethers in the 1800s; we knew the secrets of antigravity and magnetism. We had invented what looks like a “flying scooter”, which operated freely with free energy harnessed from the air. 

Rothschild sent us back to the Stone Age when we had reached a very much deserved and due Golden Age.

Rothschild slaughtered the true followers of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene.

Let me clarify something Christianity was set up by the enemies of Jesus and Humanity; it was set up by those who killed Jesus, and it was set up with the sole purpose of obscuring and eventually completely erasing Jesus’s teachings. Nothing in the Christian Religión comes slightly close to Jesus’s teachings.

The Christian religión was established by Roman Rothschild agents. To keep humanity bound to Rothschild slavery. 

What you need to know about Jesus’s real teachings is that we are One. You are the Son of God, and you are Christ Consciousness. 

It is through Unity Consciousness that the Veil is removed and that we realise who we really are; we learn that we are blameless, that we have all the power in heaven and on Earth and that we don’t need a person or an angel to die in any cross for any sins.

That God needed us to kill a “perfect one” so we could all “sinners” be saved from God’s wrath is a ridiculous lie! That is not was Jesus is about. First and foremost we are ALL just as Perfect as Jesus and there are no sins that need dying for to make us acceptable to God in heaven, that’s ridiculous! God created us, God doesn’t need Jesus to killed to Love us!

Jesus is about his Teachings of Freedom, not about dying on the cross; the dying on the cross for our sins version is the Pharisees’ version, the fake history version courtesy of Rothschild. 

Please, don’t underestimate my authority as a Christian; I have been a devoted Christian all my life from childhood, ever since I can remember, as if I was born loving Jesus with all my heart. I was the teenager who you might have seen in West London stopping people in the street to invite them to my church. You might have seen me running instantaneous and expontaneous Bible studies back in the day streets, I did this for years! I had memorised sets of biblical verses on topics such as discipleship, sin, repentance, baptism, hell and all that CRAP, which I’d been led to believe was the way to salvation.

I was a devoted, fervent, zealous Christian until I clearly saw that my love IS Jesus Christ and not Christianity.

Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus other than the fact that it was established to confuse us, mislead us and disempower us to erase The Way to Freedom on Planet Earth.

Rothschild destroyed, persecuted, and burned alive those who knew the secrets of The Way.

Jesus came to free humanity from Rothschild slavery.

Rothschild is behind all the evil groups known to man: the Kazarian Mafia, Ashkenazi Jews, the Pharisees, the Jesuits, and Freemason Satanists and more; the Rothschild mafia crime bloodline is indeed behind all these groups across time and fake history.

Did you know your history is fake? Again, courtesy of Rothschild. If you didn’t, you’ve got much catching up to do. Start with Adolf Hitler and then move back in time and history to Napoleon. You will see a striking connection. 

Try not to Google it! Look deeper than that. Google promotes fake history, fake news, and fake all. Yet if I found the Truth, you can find it too. 

Rothschild was allowed to destroy all our progress and prosperity and to exchange our Golden Age for war, famine, sickness and death. 

However, he is no longer allowed because we have had ENOUGH! I’m roaring like a lion when I say the word E N O U G H! Can you hear me, Rothschild?

My question is:

How does Rothschild sleep at night?

After defrauding the entirety of humanity and keeping the Son of God enslaved for thousands of years. Over 6000 years this time around, to be precise.

How do you sleep at night, Rothschild? 

Knowing that your greed and your insanity halted the development of the human Soul towards ascension on Planet Earth. Grave misdoing Rothschild!

I’ll tell you this, Rothschild:

We are coming for you!

And There’s NOWHERE To hide!

Your time is most certainly up!

We are One!