Re- Programming for Abundance

The way of the processes of the Universe is scientifically exact. Meaning that, in plain, the processes of the Universe are the way things are, laws that can’t be breached. It is simply put, that’s the way things work.

One of these Laws within the processes of the Universe is that we attract that which we focus our attention on with emotion; fear or Love. Another of these Laws is that we are what we think; we create what we believe.

We have been programmed to become disempowered as human souls and reject our divinity. What the manipulators have done (and we have allowed) with centuries of enslavement and fear-mongering; they have indoctrinated us, brainwashed us into believing in and fearing lack of all sorts. We believe in and fear material lack with such strong conviction, focus and energy, and thus, we create illusory blocks, which reaffirm our false beliefs and hide our awareness from our innate abundant self.

We need to eliminate the programming claiming back our power, which is the Truth of who we are.

It is not that we don’t have everything; in fact, we do have everything already. That is how we were created, with everything, in the image and likeness of God.

The problem is that our true nature has been hidden from us. And a maliciously fabricated false image of who we are, a lie, has been brutally forced-fed onto our subconscious through the perpetrating of deliberate detrimental programming.

We need to remove the programming. Thus re-program. There’s a veil that is blocking our awareness from our own Light.

Our belief systems and our behaviours are the results of our programming. These false belief systems deeply ingrained in us are designed to hide our true nature from ourselves. So to keep us in the dark about our power and trapped in the slave mentality that very much suits the Rothschild agent tax collector, usurer warmonger and food rationer, a mentality of lack, scarcity, war and famine.

The meticulous work of government is a fear culture based on lack, debt, sickness and death conditions that have been maliciously crafted in every aspect of our society for millennia. 

Re-programming for Abundance with Mantras

Mantras is a method that, over time, dissolves programming by re-programming. You are replacing your lack mentality with Abundance Consciousness. 

Imagine the mantra in pictures experiencing and feeling the words, the vibration of your mantra, and begin to learn to “sense” how these words feel on your body when you repeat them. 

Say the mantra with your heart’s emotion, feeling it.

Choose a time/s in the day that goes hand in hand with repeating your mantra, a time that it’s convenient and easy to stick to.

For example, while having your daily walk, while washing the dishes, while in the bath, or while doing any of the simple and everyday tasks of ordinary life

If you believe you will need to remember, stick it on the wall/mirror.

We can repeat our re-programming mantras until we transform our Reality with our new belief system.

Our thoughts and awareness of Truth transform our world as renewed beliefs based on Reality spur behaviours which support Truth; thus, Reality manifests all around us, or rather, to be exact, we begin to become aware of Reality.

Our undesired ” reality ” resulted from thoughts based on false fear and lack beliefs, which perpetuated actions and behaviours that support a false reality, not based on who we truly are. Then, this false Reality is felt and experienced as truth due to the emotions of the ‘thinker’, adding force and strength to the unreality, perpetuating a never-ending circle of falsity which turns habitual and hard to shake. 

It’s only a bad habit, yet we are used to feeling that fear is a justified state of being.

Let’s get into the habit of thinking of what we will and not of what we fear. The key is in our thoughts because thoughts cause our emotions, and emotion is the biggest manifesting attractor.

 We can indeed choose what to feel.

All perceptions resulting from false beliefs make the world we believe we are in because we believe in it; we give it our full support with our fear and lack-based thoughts and our false feelings; they are false feelings because they are not based on our inner Truth. 

We feel these false feelings strongly in our body because our body reacts to thoughts. Yet if we are to search deep within our hearts in the Light of our higher self, we won’t find either lack or fear. 

That’s where we should look for abundance within.

The Universal Truth of the Cosmos

Behaviours which support the false reality we make with our belief in it can produce “random” results at best; false beliefs have us manifesting by default and unconsciously. This is chaos, and thus is the world we perceive all around us.

When we expose ourselves to Truth, we reverse and erase the false belief system’s programming, we become conscious, we become aware, and we begin to manifest consciously. The veil begins to disappear as we remember who we are.

Our desires are safeguarded and ready to manifest in all forms, shapes, and colours in joy and in Love once we shine Truth on our desires. Once we declare with the belief that we can have it all because that’s how we were created.

Our dreams and desires cannot arise while we keep company with the darkness of false negative, diminishing and disempowering beliefs. 

Our desires are indeed the Light. God’s Will. God’s Will for us is whatever we desire, but how do we recognise and live by this Truth unless we believe this Truth? 

Truth doesn’t need your belief to Be what it Is, but you need the Truth to Be what you are.

We need to re-program ourselves into Real states of Being by exposing ourselves to Truth. Truth is Light which makes the dark falsities we have been buried in disappear. 

Re-programming takes practice, persistence and patience. Be kind to yourself, abundance is a natural part of us, of who we are, yet this awareness has been brutally severed through the enslavement of our mind; this was done to keep the Son of God a prisoner in their mind, supposedly “voluntarily” but really, by deception, made unaware of their free Will and their ability to create in the image and likeness of the Creator. 

My Abundance Mantras

I have all the abundance in the Universe because I AM It. Abundance is my true nature.

I align with the abundance that I AM by feeling the vibration of abundance in my body.

Abundance is God Shining in my Heart. I Feel the Light of the Sun shining on my heart. I feel how abundance feels.

Abundance will not be experienced as a difficult achievement because abundance is what I AM.

Abundance is the Expresion and sharing of Ideas. The abundance that I am is my unique Expression.

Abundance Is My Vibrational Frequency Signature. I let abundance Rise from Within me, and I feel my Vibrational Frequency in my body.

Abundance is the Flow of Life within me. I am the Flow of Life Itself. I’m the Flow of Creation.

I’m aware of the Light that I Am. The channels are clear for me to access my abundance.

Abundance is How Vast I Am, Vaster than the Universe itself.

Abundance manifests Now in many ways, including Great Material Wealth.

I’m Manifesting Abundance Now with my Intention.

End Note

The humanity slavers see us as a huge source of abundance, and so we are. They have exploited us so much for so long that they no longer need their slave task force. They are ready to dispose of us all and are openly running a depopulation agenda.

The humanity slavers see us as a huge source of abundance. They know the Truth. The trick was to keep us away from the Truth, and they succeeded until now. Now is when we become aware of the trickery, and we put an end to our own enslavement.

Abundance is the Flow of Life within me. I am the Flow of Life Itself. I’m the Flow of Creation.

What is the price of the flow of life that runs through you? How much money in the bank can equal that? What is the price of Creation? What is the price of the ability to create whatever you wish?