Rothschild’s Geo engineering Weather Manipulation: Rothschild is blocking the Sun so that you cannot Enjoy Summer time ever again.

And you are letting it happen. Allowing it to thrive with your denial of its existence and how it directly affects your life. This is acceptance; it’s “consent” by the deceptive Rothschild’s mafia dictionary: to say nothing means consent. That’s how they have idiotically convicted themselves that you Consent to be a Rothschild slave.

Great! If that’s what you want. If that’s what you choose, or if that’s what you are happy for someone else to choose for you. But wait, take a look at what you are consenting to. If you are in the least interested, that is!
I do not Consent to the Weather Manipulation on my Planet!

Today is an early summer day which should be hot or at least warm, and so it was this morning at 4 am; however, now, at 2 pm is cloudy and cold.
I was planning on gardening and a garden party today! It’s my right to enjoy the Sun!
Yet Rothschild has other plans for us; he plans that we die!

Let God’s t Sun Shine on God’s Planet, Earth.

I demand you Stop manipulating our Weather! You fucking Rothschild! Your fucking time is up! You fucker!