Joy is a Path to Heaven

Everything I ever Wholly Desired and Dreamt of is Now ready for me to Enjoy.

A Pathway to Heaven.

There are many pathways to heaven, and this is one of them.

Everything I ever Wholly Desired is Now ready for me to Enjoy. All I need to do is gently unwrap the Present with all the treasures gifted in the life I’m Creating. I use my inner radar: Joy, to lead me in the unwrapping of Joy.

I choose to unwrap the Present. The gift of Now moment by moment, lead by joy.

To help me unwrap joy moment by moment, I’ll always ask myself at any given moment of now: what will make me joyful now?

I use the radar of joy by indulging in all those activities that bring me pure Joy, often and constantly. You know the ones, so many. We have a large array of things we enjoy. I dive in head first, passionately, without a worry in the world, swinging from one joyful moment to the next as my heart joyfully leads me. For example, now is a screenplay MM and learning property investment strategies and processes; my blog in which I share my spiritual journey, my books, my business set-up, my course creation, my Methods Acting literature creation, pillow fighting with my son, eating delicious chocolates, dancing my Soul and hearts out into the Universe, meditating to Be with my angels, guides and lover, to Be in their presence, to feel them within me, napping in the middle of the day. Crocheting by beautiful pink and purple projects, dressing up. Meeting new people. It is all thrilling, and there’s more, of course. So much more I love doing in Being.

I do things yet, Being me moment by moment, doing whatever I do from my heart, from a fulfilled state of Being, from my inner self. All my “doing” becomes about Being.

Each day I do, first and foremost, the most exciting thing I feel to do. There is where my intuition leads me. Where my Soul wants to Be. What my Soul wants to feel. 

I enjoy it, celebrate it and give thanks for all the joy I’m receiving Now.

As for lack is concerned, I’ve stopped feeling lack as I know it is not Real; it doesn’t serve me, distracts me, causes suffering and pain, drives me insane, it is an insane unreal scenario, it makes me despair and almost fear.

We know how lack feels now; no need to continuously experience it in our minds and heads in the unreal way of time. To stop feeling “lack” and forget it, I put it where it belongs in the bin of unreal things. I don’t allow it to creep back in. I recognised it was an unwanted emotion I did not want to feel. It’s unreal and not helpful.

I feel Reality, and I allow myself to feel Reality. That I can feel instantly in my heart. I don’t need a whole day of egoistic, negative, self-critical screaming and self-loading suffering in my head to feel Reality like it is needed in the case of unreal feelings or emotions based on insanity.

Reality is easily and naturally accessible through the heart.

The cookie: Everything I’ve ever desired and dreamt of is ready for me, and I’ve dreamt many things. This means that I go for any of many dreams at any time Now, and I’m sure I’ll see the unfolding of whatever I choose to manifest now, instantly by divine timing. I will manifest faster as I get more and more used to my new state of Being.

Let Joy be my guide in Peace, as this is The Way.

Through joy by joy in joy and in Peace.

That is the science; that is how it works. These are the processes of the Universe.

Regarding negative thoughts, they can’t be added to the mix.

Negative thoughts; negative active thinking must be relinquished when caught. To relinquish them, these thoughts can be observed from the “watchers” point of view in the light of the Soul. In entire presence and awareness, if desired. The thoughts can then be let go, let to vanish without judgment or bother.

Negative thinking makes the process of creating the life you are creating less joyful, so it goes against the process of the Creation of the Self. 

I may have negative feelings and emotions that pop up here and there while I’m finding my way through to fulfilling all my desires, but that’s because my emotions are my guiding system throughout the journey. I will feel unhappy whenever I’m off track from my Soul’s desired path. So that I can be aware and get back on track.

Low vibrational emotions are to be observed and considered with Love and understanding, not used to tear me down, back up self-hatred, confirm disempowering beliefs, or assist in any other destructive mind/body activity. 

Why do I follow these teachings?

Is it to get the money, the fame, the Love, the attention, the luxury, the lifestyle, the career, the career success, the appreciation. Well, yes! This is what I thought. However, these things are not worth the effort and dedication required for the Mastery of the mind, body and Soul. Sorry! But the desire for money and fame don’t inspire a heart full of devotion to the spirit world I’m a part of. Here I clearly see that money was never what I was “really” after. In my manifesting journey, It’s not a “whole desire” and feels banal. 

I’m not walking my spiritual path to manifest a specific sum of money; the thought of that feels dreadfully empty. There’s got to be much, much, much more than all the money in the world at stake here, where my devotion to the processes of the Universe will take me to. 

Money is just money. 

Of course, I have it and all the rest. Everything I’ve ever dreamt of is ready for me to enjoy now. But unfortunately or weirdly, or perhaps naturally, non of what I’ve ever dreamt motivates me; I see that clearly now. It is not the “things” I want, and not even the “experiences” I desire, that motivate me hardly as much as the unfolding of me. 

It is the unfolding of me of who and what I am; that’s what I’m after.

What motivates me in Truth is The Mastery of Life itself.

Thus I know now that I truly desire to unfold the Master Creator I AM. Mastery itself is what I seek, not as much as Mastery but also the things and experiences that Mastery will bring me.

The fact that I desire Mastery more than anything is why I desire to stick to the process of how Mastery is achieved. To understand the works of the perfect processes of the Universe.

God wills us perfect happiness Now.