Losing the Future is a Relief!

Losing the future is a Relief

Losing the future is such a Relief- I can’t believe how pleased I am.

You probably think I’ve gone nuts.

Lose the future?

I tell you one thing … it wasn’t easy. But I’m so relieved now! 

Now I have all the potential. Now I can do whatever I want. Now I can infuse now with all the Love, Light, freedom, Truth, joy, and abundance. I can do that now and only Now.

My power is not in the future. My power is here and Now.

The energy I can shape and modify to my liking with my thoughts and emotions always exists now.

The past and the future are not real, strictly speaking; therefore, projecting our energy onto none existing “places” is exasperating, at least can be detrimental and even destructive.

I’m not saying we don’t exist in different dimensions or timelines. But we are talking about the One on this dimension and this timeline.

Only Now is Real. I can harness the energy within me that I need to create the life I desire Now.

Losing the future is a Relief

Losing the future, where I used to put all my thoughts, hopes, fulfilment, happiness, and dreams, is a great relief. 

I have no power in that place now. Why would I put everything I need energy I need to create there? And hope one day I’ll arrive there and all my dreams will have come true? 

We never arrive in the future, have you noticed? It is always Now. Now is the time to create the life you desire with the power of your thoughts and emotions.

Losing the future is a relief. A great relief not to ever have to think about the future again – my ego is terrified right now. “What crazy, crazy nutter you’ve become!” she screams faintly. She doesn’t want to lose yet still more control over my thoughts, especially not my thoughts about the future.

She is losing the battle; I’m listening to Spirit, not her. Her voice is ever faint these days.

Losing the future is a Relief

I’m so relieved; I will never think about the future again.

I will never again pretend or go by the belief that all my treasure is in the future.

Now it’s what matters.

My thoughts, feelings, joy, Love, abundance, fulfilment, and dreams matter now, and it is now that I can access all things. 

Let’s start there. Let’s start now, followed by feeling, followed by thought. Let’s access the energy within us that shapes Creation now. Let’s become increasingly aware of the Loving energy in our hearts. The energy of our desire, our whole Creation.

Let’s feel and experience the energy that creates worlds now as we learn to shape our dreams into reality from energetic to tangible. It’s already within you; it’s always been there; the difference is that now we are focusing on the place where the goods are, within. 

Before, we looked to the past, the future, people and circumstances outside ourselves to have our dreams and desires fulfilled or not, depending on how optimistic we were.

Losing the future is a Relief