Debt is an Illusion it Doesn’t Exist

Aristotle was an Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath. His writings cover a broad range of subjects including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, drama, music, rhetoric, psychology, linguistics, economics, politics, meteorology, geology, and government. Died: 322 BC (aged 61–62), Chalcis, Euboea, Macedonian Empire. Born: 384 BC, Stagira, Chalcidian League

Debt: Inflation is a privately owned problem.

Let the owners of the problem, the mob who are the Rothschilds and their monstrous creation: the criminal, fraudulent humanity, enslavement, privately-owned -banking system, solve the problem themselves.

Let the owners and creators of this problem, the family who owns the banking system, fix their privately owned problems and leave the rest of us in peace.

I will put not a thought or a penny towards their self-created and self-destructive humanity-slavery scam.

Instead, I will support like-minded fellow men and women who do not waste time or effort, not even a thought or a cent, on bowing to the wimps of an outdated and detrimental humanity-slavery master plan that failed.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

I will support these like-minded men and women in their business and affairs as we rebuild our society and communities in the light of Truth and Freedom.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Together we will build our home, Planet Earth. Mother Gaia is our home.

Our home.

Our choices. 

Our products. 

Our prices.

Or economy.

No Debt. No inflation. Ignore it. Simple as that! It’s not your problem. It’s Rothschilds problem.

We do not depend on their SCAM and do not need to carry on with the role of slaves in their slavery system. Ignore that role! You owe them nothing. 

Yet they owe you EVERYTHING. They owe you; they owe your father, your grandfather, your great grandfather and every single member of your family that came before or after them. They have systematically STOLEN EVERYTHING from us, even from before birth. 

They have stolen our wealth, resources, our health, and our beautiful, vibrant planet. They’ve stolen every drop of our energy, our very Being, by forcing us to be slaves. They owe us everything! 

They have brutally and maliciously manipulated our society, perception, and belief system to keep us in fear, famine, war, sickness, confusion and enslaved in our minds. 

They’ve hidden our connection to nature, our connection to God and our power, and our inherent Freedom from us.

They’ve hidden, manipulated, twisted and told horrific lies about the history of humanity on Planet Earth. 

They’ve erased parts of our history. This was so we remained locked in this eternal loop of zero progress. Humanity can’t learn from mistakes from the past; we can’t learn from our history. The knowledge of it has been denied and replaced with lies. We can’t learn from mistakes we don’t know about.

On the subject of debt and the Rothschilds banks Napoleon Bonaparte said…

Napoleon Bonaparte[a] (born Napoleone Buonaparte; 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), later known by his regnal name Napoleon I,[b] was a Corsica-born French military commander and political leader

Of course, we don’t know that these exact say family bloodlines have destroyed several human civilisations in history due to their atrocious greed. They have removed their tracks from our history and hidden their malicious deeds from our view and records so that they can keep at it for all eternity.

They’ve silenced and killed scientists and engineers that harnessed myriad ways of bringing great prosperity and the end of poverty and disease to our world.

They fabricate a distorted image of society to suit their financial gain. They sell this fake image of what we are as ‘reality’. 

They create distorted illusions about our world to influence our thoughts and emotions to manipulate our will. They use our power and our energy for their profit and our demise. 

They have abused our humanity, our kindness, our Love for each other, our Love for animals and our planet. They take advantage of and exploit our goodwill. They exploit our trusting nature to make us sick, plague our world with disease, poison our land, air and water, and gradually and systematically kill us.

They have robbed us of our health and longevity.

They have messed with our God-given divine DNA.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Watch WEF Klaus Swab right hand man mocking you..

Do you see now why they owe us everything?

Stop bowing to this bunch of criminals. Their time is up.

It is the same lot and their friends who done it. 

The Rothschilds, Rockefeller, JP Morgan and a few other Mob families. With their financial arms such as BlackRock, Vanguard etc. Their mass brutal mind-control tool: Main Street Media, and their agents: unelected people in government. Their killing and thieving institutions: NATO, UN, WEF, WHO, etc.

They are rulers (thieves) in every industry. 

For example, in the case of the East Palestine Ohio train derailment case, they own the train company, the own “official” employees, and the chemicals that were burnt and caused the environmental disaster. They own the decisions that were taken on the day of the disaster. They own government agents and government agencies involved. They also own the plan perpetrated against humanity in East Palestine, Ohio. They own the medium by which they spread the “malicious programming” White Noise 2022. They own the devices you use to watch the programming. They own the platforms where you share or read opinions about the programming.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Stop volunteering to theft.

You are not required to continue to be scammed not by any means. Stop paying taxes; any tax is illegal unless you volunteer. Stop paying for energy. Energy is free; demand the mobsters release Nicola Tesla’s invention and discoveries for harnessing free wireless energy worldwide.

The technology in which you don’t ever pay a cent for energy has existed for over 100 years! Stop paying for water. Water is the most available resource on our planet. There’s plenty of water a couple of hundred feet below Earth across the planet at every inch. They don’t want you to know that, of course. They prefer you pay for their toxic, poisonous recycled (toilet water, at least in Reading) tap water, from your toilet to your tap filled with chemicals.

You don’t need to keep paying big shops, big supermarkets, big corporations, and their con friends; you don’t need to bow to these con’s highly inflated prices.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

No more buying their poisonous products and paying the Debt produced by their scam-banking system.

Go local. Go to a real human Being and purchase their products. Support your local farmers. They have always looked after humanity; they are connected with Mother Gaia.

You don’t need to pay for, insurance, licenses, fines, fees, court summonings or rulings. They do not have jurisdiction over you. It is a SCAM. You don’t need to bow down to their countless increasing scam laws, legislation or policies. You are free, and you can free your mind whenever you choose.

Do not harm another Human Being. Do not harm another’s property. Do not commit fraud against another human; that is the Law. The only Law, a Human Being, is bound to follow.

From now on, I’ll seek to do business only with those who will not volunteer to theft any portions of their earnings from banks and tax-collecting scammers. 

Be free of them! Shake them off your clothes as if they are dust! That’s what they are. The scam is built upon nothing, a lie, a mere illusion.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Why are you looking at inflation as if it was your problem? You set the price of your goods, not the tricksters. You are in charge of your life, not the deceivers.

Don’t give these tricksters permission to take/steal your home or belongings for non-payment towards their criminal scams and frauds such as mortgages, loans, court fines and rulings, credit cards etc.

They can only continue to steal from you while you give them permission and agree to be conned. You consent to the scam and allow an institution to harm you by taking your money and energy. According to their scam, you agree by simply not disagreeing and consent by believing they have the right to rob you. It is your duty to be robbed due to the programming and manipulation of your mind. 

4 simple steps:

  1. Do not Consent. 
  2. Stop believing they have the right to steal everything you will ever earn. Everything your children will ever earn. Everything your children’s children will ever earn for all eternity. 
  3. Stop giving them another cent. 
  4. Don’t pay any loans or credit. Do not pay for anything that has interest fees attached to it. 

The delusional tricksters have lost it!

They managed to delude themselves with “our consent” generation after generation. Our consent is to rob us of everything and suck us dry of every drop of blood, sweat, and tears. Until there is nothing left of us.

Power has gone right up their heads and exploded. 

How does one sleep at night when they have successfully defrauded the entirety of humankind? Ask a Rothschild.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Why are you thinking about inflation as if it was your problem?

The Rothschilds, Privately Owned Central Bank Debt System FORCED on you to perpetrate and perpetuate your enslavement is not your problem. Not now that you know the Truth.

The TRILLIONS of DEBT CREATED by a Privately Owned Company: The Central Bank is the PROBLEM of the company’s owners, the Rothschilds, not yours!

As far as I know, you do not own any sharers in that privately owned company of SLAVERS who have made their fortune and your poverty by unlawfully enslaving You!

If they had created that huge Debt to help you or by a “human error”, There would be no problem, maybe, no problem at all. We understand, and we would forgive them and keep paying their Debt until we die. Yes?

But they created the Debt (which you are thinking of continuing to pay) to enslave you. For that reason and that purpose only. Making tons of money too, but that wasn’t the purpose. The purpose was to take everything from you and leave you in poverty, dependent or dead. They created the Debt so that there would be a problem, an unsolvable problem for you. 

Now. Do you still want to follow suit? Bowing to their plan and applauding their success? 

The government, their agents and brainwashed evangelists will tell you that inflation is, in fact, your problem. 

What you need to know is that the government has been a for-profit, privately owned corporation for a long time. Receiving monies from you, the public left, right and centre more and more every day.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

The enslavement of the Son of God is a lucrative business for them!

Look at how much they have squeezed out of you and how they hoard it for themselves with the trickster’s use of your brutally conditioned slave mentality, generation after generation. 

Imagine what we, the One, can achieve for Humanity in Freedom once we free our minds from the slave mentality. Imagine what we will achieve for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet.

Imagine how it will be when we begin creating in full awareness of who and what we are.

The slavers have nothing on you. You can be free anytime you choose.

It’s all in your mind; it’s an illusion, false, fake, smoke, paper, the magic trick of a fraudster who made you believe that he made money appear out of nowhere and has had you frantically paying ridiculous ever increasing amounts of interest on their zero value, zero effort, zero nothingness scam since.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Your belief in and your support of the fraud make the fraud work. Take that off, take your mind off it, and we have nothing but what we had at the beginning: smoke! Nothing.

Nothing but a fraudster telling you a lie which you believed. Do you still believe it?

You act according to your beliefs, which have made you a slave through your own brutally conditioned mind, thoughts, and beliefs that dictate your behaviours. 

Imagine what we could achieve with the mare Thought of Freedom. True Freedom, and not the fake-Free we thought we were. 

God Created me by holding me lovingly in Her mind. She thought me into Being. I AM a loving thought of God eternally placed in Her, forever with Her. She is Love, I’m Love expanding and encompassing ALL.

All Creations are Whole Desire Ideas, Thoughts that expand and grow unlimited when shared freely in the universal flow of Creation. 

You are a Loving thought in God’s mind endowed with all the attributes of God capable of infinite expansion of Love and all its attributes, abundance, joy, peace, Freedom, creativity, and all that is Reality.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

You have nothing to do with the deception and illusion of Debt.

Let them, The Rothschilds and their friends, the stakeholders in their scam network, keep their illusion to themselves and their privately owned problems too!

They must not dare continue to force us into slavery!

We, the people, run the world, not them; we run 100% of the world with our choices and thoughts. We are letting them direct our choices and thoughts.

The slavers are a group of less than 0.1% of the population. They will not continue directing our choices through deception, extortion, threats, coercion and lies, fraud and scams. Not by any means of any sort, for that matter.

That’s the business model of the ones playing your rulers: deception, extortion, threats, coercion and lies, fraud and scams.

You have chosen to go along because you were deceived into believing that it is compulsory to be a Rothschild’s slave. Now you know that it is not compulsory to be a slave. What do you choose? Freedom or Slavery. It is time to make a choice. You are choosing slavery by not choosing.

Please note: Fear doesn’t qualify as a backup, excuse or pretext for your choices.

Fear is no excuse. They have nothing on you, we caught them red-handed, perpetrating a scam against humanity. It’s time to stop being afraid of these murderous bullies. Let’s do that for our children, shall we? Let’s be brave for our children.

You are no longer deceived unless you close your eyes to the Truth.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Why do you think about a debt that has nothing to do with you. Why are you worrying about paying that Debt? Or …

  • Why do you see the banking system as something you must personally suffer and make amend for when you didn’t create it?
  • Why do you see Debt as “real” (created out of thin air) and your fault when it is a trap purposefully set for you to fall into and never come out of?
  • Why do you seem to believe that bankers own you and that their fraudulent products (loans, mortgages, credit) are your friends?
  • Why can’t you see that Debt is slavery?
  • Why can’t you see that the debt system you live in wasn’t created by mistake or miss calculation; it was created to make you what you are now without knowing it. A slave?
  • Why can’t you walk away from it, turn your back on it? Stop complaining? Their debt creation for your enslavement is no longer your problem now that you know the Truth. Or is it?
  • Would you instead continue slaving your life away? 
Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

I will tell you one thing. I am not a slave, and I will not pay money towards someone or something I do not choose not ever again. Never not a cent. If you disagree, please note that I do not care about your thoughts on how I live my life, and your opinion and your emotions will not be a factor in how I live my life.

I won’t pay for scams such as taxes, and I will pay zero. Can you hear me screaming Z E R 0? because I’m screaming it out loud and clear.

What you do is your choice. What I do is my choice. Nothing comes between my will and me; my life was given to me, not Rothschild.

Debt is created by the banking system with the sole purpose of enslaving you and making themselves filthy rich while at it. But make no mistake, becoming rich was never the purpose. The sole purpose was to enslave you.

To have you working, paying, and worrying. To have your children working, paying, and worrying. To have your grandchildren working, paying and worrying. How long were we going to let this go on? Come on! 

Why do you look at inflation, the Debt created by the owners of the privately owned central bank across the world, the Rothschilds? Why do you look at this if it is your Debt?

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

It is not your Debt; you are the Son of God.

That money was always Smoke False based on nothing, but on that, If you are a Rothschild, smoke, paper, and money are the same thing. If you are a Rothschild, you can make as much smoke paper as you want out of thin air and call it money, and you can make the entirety of humankind perpetually pay for that smoke, pay for it with their real blood, sweat and tears.

The money is created solely to enslave you, to CREATE a Debt that you will never be able to repay. Did you create the Debt? No.

Their Magic comes with rules and with a catch. 

They can only do the Magic trick of making money out of thin air, which is smoke paper, zero value, nothing; they can create that nothingness and give it to you only if you produce your signature, your promise to pay. But they do not have jurisdiction over you. So you are signing on behalf of your straw man/woman who you will know exists and will always believe that is you until now.

They do not have jurisdiction over you. They made a deal with a straw man/woman.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

The Scam

You, your straw man, you in their legalese, agreed to have your unique signature stamped on their scam.

Your signature gives them permission to enslave you. Your promise to pay guarantees profit, which is used as a commodity. 

Without your signature (a promise to pay), creating money out of thin air would be pointless for them. The money for them to get their scam right needs to be: 

  1. Debt.  
  2. Attached to Human Being. They don’t have jurisdiction over human beings, so they hide the fact that the human is signing on behalf of their straw man/woman, the entity created in the human’s name by the parents without the parents’ knowledge of it (deception) when they “registered” the birth of their child. 
  3. The human agrees to pay back with their life force energy (work). 

Now here is the catch:

  1. You will pay up to times times times times eternally more than the thin air smoke valueless money which cost the Rothschild nothing. The main thing for them is that it takes you the whole of your life or more to pay. Also, you are their slave for the rest of your life.
  1. You will not pay out of thin air for what costs you nothing or what you produce magically.
  2. You will pay with your sweat, your long hours, your early mornings, your lack of living, your lack of enjoying your life and fulfilling your purpose. Following your passions and desires. You will pay at the expense of not spending time with your family. You will pay with your Real life force energy, effort, and hard work. This is not the way you were created to exist. This is not how we are supposed to live. Not at all.
  3. You will NEVER stop paying. 

That’s the SCAM!

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

Rothschild creates Debt for free as if Magic costs them nothing to enslave you. You pay their Debt with your life force energy for the rest of your life and your children and grandchildren. 

The Law of the God says

Do not harm another human being. Do not harm another’s property. Do not defraud another human being

They haven’t defrauded another human being but all human beings. No wonder why now they want to end humanity quickly before anyone realises.

Oops, a little late for that!

The Rothschilds have defrauded the entirety of humanity. They have defrauded the Son of God for millennia. They have broken the Law of God, the Law of the Universe, to a large magnitude! Old-level Large Scale fraud perpetrated against 9 billion people or more! The Son of God.

Make no mistake, they have nowhere to hide.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist


Don’t pay towards any more fraud. Brake free in your mind that’s the only place where where slavery chains exist.

Do your own thing with your funds, your monies, your wealth. Think about your abundance for the well-being of your loved ones, family, and communities. Do not give the fraudsters another cent.

STOP thinking about inflation.

STOP thinking that’s is something you have to suffer.

STOP paying for your enslavement.

STOP paying taxes and any other of the above-mentioned scams.

Are you afraid? You shouldn’t be; you are the Son of God who has been unlawfully deceived into slavery.

Debt is an Illusion It doesn’t Exist

I tell you who is very, very afraid: Rothschild.

Don’t fear being thrown in jail for refusing to be a conned slave who pays taxes. That’s a lie. That’s part of the deception that’s what sets their fraud in motion. They don’t have jurisdiction over you. Your fear is all they’ve got.

You see, your fear is what oils their monstrous murderous thieving bulling machine. Your fear sets the machine in motion and also sustains it. Guess what happens when you take your fear out of the equation?

Without your fear these insane breed is out of business. Fear and coercion are intrinsic in their business model. They are incapable of running legit businesses. That’s the reason why you will find that the largest organised crime establishments are governments across the world. They’ve been infiltrated and taken over by those delusional bloodlines.

When I say organised crime I mean: Drug trafficking (not marijuana, that’s a plant) Human Trafficking. Black markets of adrenocrome, weapons, organ trafficking, depopulation (mass murder) via, plague, poisonings disease, war and famine. These are the activities your governments engage in, that’s how they make their money for their masters.

That is the reason why 800.000 children disappear in England alone every year and 2.5 million world wide.

They keep you afraid to keep you controlled. 

The fact is that any person or institution that forces you to pay tax ( no matter how many deceitful, threatening letters they send addressed to your straw man/woman) is committing a crime.

Fear won’t cut it not anymore. Fear can’t be a barrier when you know the Truth. Stop supporting humanity’s enslavement.

You either support Rothschild’s enslavement of humanity, or you Don’t. Those are the options; you can only pick one. If you don’t pick one, it will continue to be the one already picked for you.

We are One!