Let’s Get Organised and Arrest All these Anti-Human Agents, Starting with everyone with a Mention on the WEF Website.

He is a Historian! They are telling you what I’m saying themselves. Watch WEF Klaus Swab right hand man mocking you!


They want to kill, dehumanise, remove our Souls, remove our connection to our power and to God, and merge whatever is left of us with machines for their absolute, unquestioned control and our total demise.

I don’t want to be killed, and have the right to defend myself. I don’t want my children killed; I have the right to defend them.

Technocrats, Big Pharma, corporate greed, anti-human, anti-planet, anti-life agents posing as “government” across the world are destroying our planet, our lives and are perpetrating genocide against humanity.

They are full on, and they want to kill us. We have the right to go into the councils, Parliament and All public Institutions, remove and then arrest all these fake politicians who do not serve the people, who have turned brutally tyrannical who have deceived us in insanely detrimental ways and want to kill us.

Deception, fear-mongering, disease, famine, war, repression, poverty and the systematic removal of freedom are the tools used against us to kill us.

We, the people, have the right to defend ourselves against genocide. Let’s remove all these people who play ruler yet only want to kill us. Let’s do this today! All we need to be clear about is that we, the people have all the power. They do not have the right to control us at all. They do not have the right to kill us abusing the authority we have given them. I hereby remove the authority we trustfully gave them. They do not have authority. They do not have the right to kill us or do to us whatever they please. They do not have the right to use us for their own gain.

Planet Earth is our home, and we have the right to live happily and freely. Please, let’s do this for our children, please. Let’s give our children the chance for a good life.

There will be no good life for anyone while depopulation plans proceed. We need to get organised and start arresting these murderers. Enough is enough! Their time is up.

We are one.